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    CCM Tacks
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    Warrior Alpha AK27 SL
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    STX Surgeon 500
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    Bauer RE-AKT 75
  • Pants
    Easton Stealth 65S
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    Easton Stealth 65S
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    Easton Stealth 65S
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    Easton Synergy HSX
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    Warrior Covert QR Bag

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    hockey, film, and the great outdoors
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  1. I wish they would, because of how close 50 to 55 and 70 to 75 are, even though there is a diameter change. But 65 would be a happy middle ground.
  2. It will feel stiffer, but that's because of leverage, as mentioned above. There is no 65 flex stick.
  3. It's wicked fun for sure. I couldn't really see it visually, but I could tell when I held it. The new grip is incredible as well.
  4. Went in to the Hockey Monkey in Irvine. The Alpha is a beauty. Wish they had demo sticks to shoot with, but that'll be a few more weeks. Definitely feels like the lightest on the market, and they have the price at 269, not 300, which was also a plus. Strongly considering getting myself a super early Christmas present
  5. It would be if it's an Alpha dressed as one of those. There's a diagram of the difference between the taper I believe in Warrior's site.
  6. Launch has been delayed to August 4th due to increased demand.
  7. Ah, toe curves, the reason I pass on so many nice sticks on eBay :(
  8. No, the Dynasty line is being phased out. It will just be Covert and Alpha.
  9. Can't wait to hear your thoughts! Can you offer any insight as to how the kick point compares to the CCM Ribcor line or the QRL?
  10. Bummer, I had hoped it would be a lower kick than the QRL. Oh well, guess I'll pick up a Super Mac Daddy instead.
  11. https://youtu.be/1gJo9S7L1-M Skates coming this summer. Finally, the pump is no more.
  12. Nice Triggers, pro stock or retail?
  13. I wouldn't say that any curve is necessarily better than another, but you will most likely have to adapt your shooting style as you switch between curves. I have been playing for fifteen years and prefer shooting with mids and mid-heels. You should also be aware of stick lie, depth, and the face as you go between curves. I tried shooting with a True MC and hated it, but in theory it's the same as a Warrior W88 or a CCM P40, which are the two main curves I'm using. However, that may have been due to lie and kick point instead of the curve itself because I later modified the stick to a Bauer P88 curve and still don't like it. I never had any success with the Easton Sakic, but again, plenty of other people have and it's personal preference. My advice: if you find a curve that you enjoy, don't drop the extra money trying to switch curves to shoot with the same specs as your favorite player. If there's a Hockey Monkey around you, I also recommend asking to use their shooting lane and you can try all the demo sticks they have in there as well. Good luck to you :)
  14. The MC2 is listed as like Bauer PM9, whereas the TC3 is listed as being like a CCM Euro 20 curve.
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