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    Bauer Supreme 190's
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    CCM Tacks Pro Stock Stefan Noesen, Bauer 1X 77 Flex P14 Pattern
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    CCM 4 Roll Pro
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    Bauer IMS 11.0
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    REEBOK HP PRO 7000 Anaheim Ducks
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    CCM 1899 Vintage
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    Easton Pro
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    Bauer Vapor x80
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    Graf Wheelie Bag

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  1. Don't now what hand you're looking for or what flex, but this is basically a P08 with a G3 flex profile (same as Ovi pro stock sticks) in an 82 flex. Just got one myself and if it's different from a retail P08, I can't tell, look identical.... https://www.prostockhockey.com/hockey-sticks/player-sticks/right-teemu-pulkkinen-total-one-mx3-82-flex-stick/
  2. Scored a Getzy MX3, Vatanen APX (A26) dressed as an APX 2, and a Palmieri Nexus 1N. And also got a new logo practice jersey in grey with the Sponsor patch on the shoulder. Sale was way more crowded than in years past and prices went way up. And for some reason, right handed sticks were like 50 dollars more than lefties which was lame. But I was happy with what I got. Hoping they have the secondary equipment sale after training camp like they did last year.
  3. I went out and bought the RBZ 100's over the Memorial Day sale weekend and experienced the same sensation of the boot pushing into my arch. It wasn't unbearable and the clerk told me that from his experience, once this skate is baked, the fit is pretty much perfection. Being that this was like a 700 dollar skate and it was on sale for less than 200 bucks out the door, I figured I'd give it a try. So I bought them and had them baked and the clerk nailed it. It was almost like a Transformer, the boot completely remolded itself to my foot perfectly. Didn't know a hockey skate could fit like that unless you went the custom route. The only hiccup (if you can call it that) is that the holder and steel felt foreign to me the first few times I skated on them. I'm sure I could get used to it, but I'm contemplating having the Tuuk holders from my Vapors put on these RBZ's. I've seen quite a few NHL players run that combo, and while I am in no way shape or form near good enough to even compare to those abilities, I figure if it works for them, it might work for me.
  4. Keep an eye on their Twitter, that's usually where you'll get notified first. Last year I almost missed it because I was waiting for an announcement on the teams website, but it came across in a quick Twitter message. If I hear anything I'll post it here....
  5. Thats a great life hack right there...
  6. Comparing it to my other retail sticks, I'd say it was a 5 or 5.5. I play a little more upright and it works great for me...
  7. I just picked up an APX Pro Stock in an 87 Flex with a P28-ish toe curve. The name bar says PHILLY. Is this just a team stock stick from the Flyers or is it a players nickname? I thought maybe it was an old Kessel twig, but every pic I can find his name bar reads KESSEL, plus the flex is higher than he would use. Not a big deal, gonna use this gem on the ice, I just thought I'd get the background on it if anyone knew....
  8. I bought that same stick from the same site. I love it! Only bummer is they're all gone and nobody else really makes that curve in retail sticks. The toe curve with a square toe is absolutely perfect.....
  9. Epic photo of me in the box. Probably for tripping.....or retaliating for being tripped....
  10. Oh hell no. I woulda hit that dude on my next shift. That wouldn't fly with me. Cuz you know if he would've broken it, he woulda skated back with the 2 pieces like, "sorry dude, I grabbed your stick by accident".....
  11. Had the luxury of sitting behind the bench at a Ducks game and Getzy was using the new Vapor 1X (or at least dressed as such) and I'm about 95% sure he's using a P28, the toe had a fairly serious hook to it. But then I've also seen his sticks in the team store for sale after games, and it was pretty much a P92 as far as the toe was concerned, but the heel looked much flatter. Maybe he is experimenting with curves? I just wish he'd pick a curve and shoot the freaking puck. One more cutesy pass attempt to Perry thru the crease and I'm gonna throw up......
  12. I've been using them the last 4 or 5 games and i like them. Took a few slashes to em and they do help. WOuldn't say it's the same as a solid slash guard, but the flexibility and comfort are nice.
  13. I just picked up a Dennis Wideman Nexus 8000 with the code RB7. Loved the curve and squared off toe, kind of reminds me of what Captain In-KANE-O uses. Not sure if RB7 is an 8000 or 1000....
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