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  1. Just picked up a par of Bauer Apx iceskates. I have two different frames to choose from. 1) Bauer Magnesium (from Rx-60's) 2) Mission Vanguard Alu (standalone frame-set) Feel like I'm more on my toes with my current Rx-60's, than with my old CCM 10.0 + Misison Vanguard conversion. Is that because the Pitch is different between the frames, or because the pitch is different between the boots (or maybe both)? Also would the pitch with the Apx+Mag setup be the same as the Rx-60, or do I need a heellift/shim?
  2. Do the newer tackimacks (with a solution) stay completely glued at the top of the stick? I've tried tackimacks 3 years ago, really liked the grip, shape and feel, plus there was noticeably less wear on my palms. Only problem was that the top would loosen (80% of the tackimack would still stay glued ) since I hold my pinky finger over the top of the knob.
  3. If I purchase the Dolomite (fused), I'm guessing the stick easily could be converted to a taper shaft, after the blade breaks? If that's the case, I'll definantely consider ordering some sticks.
  4. I have a narrow heel and wide forefoot, so this is music to my ears. ;-) How high is the arch?
  5. I'd like to see specific photos of the curves on your OPS, if any of them are different from standard retail curves from the other manufactors, and photos of shafts/blades (if they exist?)
  6. They have done the standard shaft (instead of US tapered version) thing in Europe for the last couple of seasons. The tapered market is really slow, mainly because of pisspoor selection, so from a buisness standard point they choose to make a standard shaft with the top-model graphics. Rbk does the same thing as far as I recall.
  7. Damm I thought the 5 lie p92 was gonna became a mainstream curve, but it's only offered on the x-60 stickum senior model and through the BauerID program as far as I can see. Is there anyway to get bauer p92 5lie replacement blades, I can't justify money for a OPS with my breakage rate. I currently play with a Warrior "lie 4" draper, but have had shitty durability with the dolomite HD blade, so was really hoping / looking forward to the 5 lie p92. :-(
  8. Gaborik's 2nd shot was not weak at all, lightning fast release as usual, vintage Gaborik. But yeah Caps are gonna fail again this season, due to the lack of defense and a top-tier goalie (both varlamov and theo are under 0.900 atm).
  9. Who is the blues guy, all the way to the left, with the awesome Stash' on the picture?
  10. Yeah that frame is way too big for the boot. Wheel placements looks a little too forward as well, but I'm guessing they simply couldn't get the mounting plate to fit any further back if they tried to, due to the wrong chassis size.
  11. LOL best respons I've read this side of New Years on MSH. I'm gonna remember that one. :D
  12. They don't feel too bad, but I'm not completely sure, I honestly have a hard time telling, since I'm currently suffering from the placebo effect of the frames visually being a little too forward, making my judgement bias....
  13. On the subject of custom skates... How big a differential do most of you feel is acceptable in terms of frame placement on the boot? Just had some v10.0's converted with a Vanguard frame, and I feel like the frames are close to a ½inch too forward on the booth. When I say "feel" it's in visual contrast with frame placement on stock Mission skates. I know it's okay if the frame isn't absolutely perfect down to the last millimeter, heck even stock icestocks have ever so slightly misaligned holders, but when is too much too much?
  14. I can't remember, but seem to recall there were some problems with converting Bauer skates due to the outsole. But is this only the case for One90's, i.e. are there no problem with converting Vapors?
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