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  1. Yep, it sure did. I was very confused on Monday when I got the FedEx notice of a package coming from Montreal. I had completely forgotten that I won the hat.
  2. Here is an Ovi Pro Stock vs. an Oshie Pro Stock. The Oshie I believe is a regular P08. They start the same but Ovi's twists/opens up at the toe.
  3. Hahah noted, though don't see these going anywhere :-)
  4. I was surprised/happy with how snug they were for 14" gloves. I'd say they fit closer to 13.5" which is perfect for me.
  5. Awesome gloves. I actually just got a pair of these exact gloves this past weekend and love them.
  6. Pretty excited about these
  7. Yes, I am in a D width 68K. I think the newer Ribcors are wider than the previous generation but I never tried those so I can't say from personal experience.
  8. I had the same issue with the Nexus in terms of it being great for my forefoot but too big for the heel. I'm in Ribcor 68Ks now and I feel like it's perfect. It is nice and tight on my heel and works great for my forefoot.
  9. Did you bake the 70Ks? I will say on my 68Ks the fit and feel pre and post bake was fairly dramatic. They felt ok to me pre-bake but post-bake they really shaped to my foot and felt great.
  10. For those using Step Black Steel on their Sparx, does it require more passes on the first sharpen to get the edge set up than regular steel? I've got fresh Step Black that I'm going to be sharpening for the first time today so just trying to plan for how many passes to make. On fresh LS3 steel I usually do 10 and then put market on the blade and do 2-4 more until it's completely gone. Any one else have other experiences worth sharing?
  11. I hope it works out but I know I wouldn't accept that issue with the carbon fiber on a skate at that price point. Hopefully they are able to make things right for you.
  12. As a quick update since I’m sure everyone is on the edge of their seat, the 68Ks felt great on the ice. Seemed to have the perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility for me. I felt no discomfort in any of the spots where the supremes were killing me The heel lock and wrap around the rest of my foot felt spot on. Now I just need to decide if I put TUUK edge holders on them with step steel or just get step for the SB 4.0 holder.
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