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    Bauer Vapor x7.0
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  1. i see alot of different opinions on these curves and was just wondering if anyone went from a p92 lie 6 to a p29. since the "lie" seems to be up in the air. So is the P29 a Lie 5 or what?
  2. After seeing a couple guys take a puck to the face recently I've decided to switch to a full cage for the first time. I'm not sure if the color/finish really helps with visibility. I've heard white is the best for blending in, anyone have experience with this? All help is appreciated.
  3. Anyone know the actual release date for the Bauer speed plates 2.0?
  4. How's the 1x Lite holding up? I've heard a couple reviews of the them breaking after a month.
  5. How did you like the 1X lite before it broke? and do you think its suspect to break or just a random occurrence?
  6. In the market for a new stick and was looking for any type of review on the new CCM Trigger 2. I know there were some blade/toe issues on last years models. I've watched the youtube "CCM" rep reviews and they all say it has been addressed, but would like some feedback from someone who isn't paid to sell product. Thanks
  7. I'm 5'6" 155lbs. Cutting down a SR stick to fit my height just wasn't working, making them to stiff. I switched to intermediate 60 flex with 1" cut off and it was perfect. i have a Bauer Nexus 1000 INT 67 flex im looking to sell if you're still looking. Only used it in two games
  8. I have a wider forefoot but a high arch. I heard the supremes are more generous in those areas.. Any truth to that?
  9. If you had a choice which line would you chose? Or which line do you prefer? I've read the reviews, watched videos on both lines of skates. But Id like to get some real perspective from players that have used or tried them.
  10. I've skated CCM my entire life and decided to make the switch to Bauer. I went from CCM U+ 07 to Vapor X70 and I'm having to worst time with the transition. I constantly feel unbalanced. I know brands will differ with stiffness, boot height and pitch. Anyone else have this issue? I've had them since February but stopped skating with them back in July. I skate twice a week. I've baked them twice, wore them around the house. I know the old saying is "just keep skating, they'll break in." But just looking for a little help, maybe a couple tips. Thanks!
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