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  1. I have the Pro 15 as well. My first pair of pants were Warrior DT1's. The construction and protection were awesome, but I am 5'9, 180lbs with a 33 waist, and the mediums were kind of short and tight because its they provide a "euro" fit. Then I moved to a pair of Bauer X100s in a Large. These pants fit awesome in waist and length, but you can tell that the construction and padding weren't as high level as the DT1's. The X100s are perfect for D league or C league games where there is minimal contact and slap shots are not allowed. Basically they will take care of you for normal falls during the course of play and minor play around the boards. Then I saw the Pro 15s and had a store credit to burn. I got these in a Large because the Medium went up to size 33. Even though I am a 33 waist, I wanted to err on the side of getting something that could at least go to a 34 because who knows when I may put on an inch in the future. I also like my pants loose fitting and a baggy. Even though I am 5'9 and the length minimum says 5'11, after reducing the extension loops, the pants fit right at my knee caps like they are suppose to. THESE PANTS ARE BOMBPROOF. I have been hit with wrist shots, slap shots, rubbed off into the boards, and have run into an opposing player full speed because he had his head down, been pushed into the side of the net while battling for loose pucks etc and have felt NOTHING. I mean not even a bruise. These pants are the real deal. My only grip is that they might be a tad bit heavier than some of the less protective pants, however, when you take a nice slap shot to the thigh or hip and skate away like nothing happened, you will be thankful. Also, the Pro15's provide the best kidney area protection I have seen. If you get these, you will never have second thoughts challenging that shooter from the point with a body block...trust me...
  2. I am around 5'9-5'10 and 180-185lbs and have a 33 inch waist. Got the Pro 15 pants a week ago and have played in 2 full games...I came from Warrior Covert DT1s (medium) which IMO were too tight and too short. Then I moved to a pair of Bauer Vapor X100s (Large) which felt good and had the room and length, but felt really flimsy and just not very durable, however, the did their job and I never felt at thing while blocking shots or falling. Finally, I got a gift certificate as a gift and purchased the Easton Pro 15s (Large). Even though the Large is listed as 34-36 inches at the waist, I opted to go this route because the Medium was listed at 32-34 inches at the waist and since I ordered them without trying them on, I wanted to error on the side of being a little bit bigger because I love the roomy fit vs the tighter tapered fitted feel. These pants are BOMB PROOF. I love them. I am a size 33, but when I tighten these up at the waist by cinching the belt as far as it can go and lacing the front up through the top laces which connect to the kidney pads, they fit perfect. So I would say that at the waist, the Easton Pro 15s fit true to size. The large is slightly roomy on me in the rear, however, the room allows for maximum movement and freedom if you like the roomy traditional fit. These pants are nice and are probably going to be my last pair for a long long time. Hope this helps.
  3. Mine look the same, coming up on a year of having them, I play 2-3 times a week...the boot is not separating, no damage other than cosmetic...
  4. Helmets: Bauer IMS 7.0 w/ RBE III i2 cage & Easton E400 w/ CCM FM 580 Shoulders: Bauer Vapor APX Elbows: Bauer Vapor X 7.0 Gloves: Easton Pro Shin Guards: Jofa 3176 & CCM RBZ Pants: Easton Pro 15 & Bauer Vapor X 100 Skates: Bauer Vapor APX 2 Sticks: Warrior Dynasty AX1 ST
  5. Is the only difference between the two models the D30 smart foam? Or are there other structural difference as well? And if D30 is the only difference, do you think its worth the extra $60? Thanks.
  6. ok...I am also hearing that even though the APX2 is tighter at the waist and hips, its opens up at the thighs, but its more of a Euro cut which is still tight...now I am thinking about looking into the Nexus vs Pro 15.
  7. Thanks for the feedback...I would have thought that the Pro15s would have offered more thigh room because its being marketed as having a traditional fit while the APX2 are said to have tapered fit. I should be trying both on very soon, Im curious to see how they fit.
  8. I currently wear a pair of Warrior Covert DT1s size Medium. I am about 5'9, 185. I am looking for some pants with a little bit more room around the thighs. Does anyone know anything about these Pro 15 pants? Assuming I like the fit of both, what pant do you think is better overall? Thanks.
  9. as a winger at the face off, should you automatically be crashing in towards the face off on drop and then adjust to where the puck is heading or should you react to where the puck ends up? I guess my question is should I already instinctually be heading in towards the face off circle as the ref is dropping his hand?
  10. is this because the belt doesn't tighten up or does not stay tight? does this mean the only thing keeping them up on you would be the laces? thanks
  11. I cant seem to find any reviews on the Easton Mako Pants. Anyone wearing these or know anything about them? Are they worth it? Thanks!
  12. any more tips for 3 on 3 hockey played on a small mini or studio sized rink? its 3 on 3 with goalies. No icing or offsides. No tagging up. The game does have a ref and penalties are enforced by penalty shot. Thanks.
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