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  1. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=clear+gel+grip+tape&ref=nb_sb_noss Something like this might help depending on how sticky the reusable adhesive is. That might mike your insole similar to Bauer's grip insoles
  2. I’m looking to get a new pair of shin guards and am having some trouble deciding. I was originally looking at a set of Bauers, but I’ve heard some people have had durability issues with them. I tend to block shots frequently, and have had knee problems so I need good knee protection. Any ideas on what top of the line shin guards would be the most protective?
  3. So I took a hit last night and landed with all of my weight on my left knee. It left me with a pretty huge bruise and pain when I walk. I have Easton Stealth 75S II shin guards which don't seem to have very good knee protection, and seem kind of narrow. Any recommendations on shin guards with wider, better knee protection?
  4. Helmet: Easton E700 Shoulder Pads: Warrior Dynasty AX LT Shin Guards: Easton Stealth 75S II Elbow Pads: Easton Stealth 75S II Pants: Easton Stealth 75S II Gloves: Warrior Surge Skates: Bauer Nexus 5000 Stick: Bauer Vapor 1X (102 flex, P92)
  5. I think most shin guards offer the same in protection as far as what the shell is made of. It's how the inside of the pad differs that will make the difference in protection for hits like that. You want to minimize your knee from hitting the back of the knee pad. My shin guards are Easton Stealth 75S II and they have a big thick removable liner with a donut hole for your knee cap. I've never had any pain after taking hits while wearing them. They look really big on my legs because of how thick the liner is, but the thickness of the liner is what helps absorb the blow so your body doesn't. I don't have any experience with any of the shin guards you listed, but I know that most of the people on here who have the Easton Makos love them. The Ultra Tacks look like they would be really protective, and based on the pictures it looks like the D3O is a bit recessed so your knee cap would only come into contact with it on big hits like the one you had. The MX3s I can't tell by the pictures if your knee is actually resting on the hard cap, but Bauer is a good brand.
  6. I think he needs a new pair of socks, lol.
  7. Well, I did the chat thing with them and they said there's nothing they can do for me since the size I bought is out of stock. Nevermind the fact that when I originally sent them an email a week ago, my size was in stock. When I pointed that out they said no because I used a 10% off coupon. Oh well, I'll just shop at other hockey stores. IceWarehouse has always taken good care of me.
  8. HockeyMonkey is starting to make me mad. Almost every time I order something from them, either the price drops or a coupon comes out. I've emailed them every time and asked to be reimbursed the amount, but they always say they can't alter past orders. They're the only company that does not honor their own prices within 30 days, so I finally decided to call them on it, and asked either to get the reimbursement for shoulder pads that I just bought, or to let me know how I can return everything I've bought from them within 90 days (a couple hundred dollars worth). They called while I was gone on Friday to talk about the order, so I'll call them this week and see what happens, lol. BTW, I wasn't mean or disrespectful in the email. I just get tired of getting taken advantage of.
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