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    Nike Quest Shadow inline
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    TPS Tri-Core w/ Nash TPS blade
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    Sherwood T90 Undercover Black
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    CCM V8
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    Reebok 20k
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    Inline only now, was playing rec ice until the birth of my little girl. Don't like the attitude surrounded by ice
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  1. 2.5-3 seasons on a set of wheels?! You’re doing well! I’ve got a work colleague in Vancouver and have got a deal from the guys at coast to coast so getting him to bring over some wheels. Bargain compared to the UK. Set of grippers and a set of Konixx +2 for around £80 compared to around £140. I’ll take a punt at that price!
  2. Thanks for the advice and replies. It's exactly what I thought. I need a hard wearing 78a or a good 80a wheel.
  3. Ice court surface. They're tiles, not sure what they would be comparable to in the states?
  4. Hi guys, I'm about 300 lbs and been using the yellow grippers for years and years but seeing if there is anything else out there that I can give a go and won't break down? With the different materials and stuff now since the grippers came out I don't know what will last? Cheers
  5. Mission Soldier pants, had them since 2010/11 in plain black........love them! They are still in great condition except for the velcro shin strap. Also got some really old retro/vintage Mission pants that are huge, even for me! White and blue they are but can't remember what they are called, had the huge nylon panel on the front of the knee shin part. I tape mine with clear parcel tape.
  6. How do you find the n7000 skates? Thanks
  7. I would be up for giving it a go but being in the UK I can't get it done. I don't know how that would help with the position my ankle, tendon and calf alignment. It seems a lot of people's problems are with edges but as I'm not playing ice anymore I don't recognise that I'm having that problem.
  8. Great detail. What I got from that is that putting a wedge between the boot and holder solved the problem? Do you still use orthotics?
  9. It's a problem I've been having since young but only just taken notice of it now. The fold has been happening on previous skates but I didn't think anything of it. I play inline now but played both ice and inline and could never workout why the top of the right ice boot irritated the top of my ankle to the point of blood until recently. These skates were my first pair in 4 years so the quality and stiffness between the 2 were a lot and when you see the boot start to fold you know there's a problem. I'll try and get a picture tomorrow of the boot so you can see and better understand. Your idea sounds great for adjusting but what about equipment rules, would it break any?
  10. I've just read through all of this and it's interesting if a bit overwhelming and technical. My right ankle pronates.....bad. I'm on my feet all day for and work and can see the wear on the soles of my boots so fitted orthotics of the shelf and it seemed to work. The reason it highlighted the problem was I got a pair of rbz's and thought great I won't need another pair of skates ever but they've started to breakdown. I done loads of research and wear orthotics in all my footwear now. But I can't get the skates right and stop them breaking down on the my right skate. The breakdown is coming on the outside of the eyelets. The boot looks like it's folding at the ankle and I can tell it's wear I push off and my ankle pronates. I've changed my lace style and tightness, I've shimmed front and back just slightly the outside of the boot and use suppoted insoles like super feet and for a time the ccm inner soles with wedges. It's definitely got better but then I notice the breakdown on the skate again and don't know if what I'm doing is right. I wedge the front and rear of the innersole. I'm thinking of measuring how far my heel lifts before my tendon is straight and using that.........just want to make the boot last. Seeing a physio soon and seen a podiatrist about issues that I think are linked to poor biometric alignment. I've read other threads on here and will be watching this one closely.
  11. I know this is a long shot. I'm in the UK but have travelled to Canada with work a few times. Last time I was there a couple years again I got the stable26 socks. 2 things......have they gone out of business? And... What are the alternatives? I love them and have really odd feet so find it really hard to get foot heel lock without them but can't find them anymore. Have to keep repairing the ones I have. Thanks!
  12. Check the forum for the conversion thread........loads of info on there mate.
  13. With the current model, I want to know more about width and how they thermo mould? I want to try but not when I can't try them on....
  14. Thanks for the reply! I'm currently in converted Rbz's so would just get the boot but I'm a EE fit and a big one at that across the forefoot. How do they mould?
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