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  1. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=clear+gel+grip+tape&ref=nb_sb_noss Something like this might help depending on how sticky the reusable adhesive is. That might mike your insole similar to Bauer's grip insoles
  2. I’m looking to get a new pair of shin guards and am having some trouble deciding. I was originally looking at a set of Bauers, but I’ve heard some people have had durability issues with them. I tend to block shots frequently, and have had knee problems so I need good knee protection. Any ideas on what top of the line shin guards would be the most protective?
  3. Do you know if Supreme goalie is the only line in the testing stage of this next iteration?
  4. I've seen quite a few goalies wearing these 2S models. Is there any info on these? I guess that's how Bauer is going to update the line names: just add one to the number.
  5. I have Warrior QR Pro gloves and AXLT shoulder pads. I love them both, and the Polygiene liner works really well. My shoulder pads never smell bad, and they're really protective. The kidney/rib protection seemed better than other brands. I still wash my gloves every couple of games, but they normally don't smell bad.
  6. They look like they're more beefed up than the APX2, but it's hard to tell just by the picture. Would you pick them or the APX2, or would you just stick with your Pro 15s? I can get the Pro 15s for cheaper, but I'm more concerned with protection than cost. These are the GX's. Thanks man http://www.hockeymonkey.com/equipment/ice-hockey-pants/ice-hockey-pants/sricehopa/easton-hockey-pant-synergy-gx-sr.html
  7. They're still releasing products under the Easton name though.
  8. So I've been looking for some new pants and saw these on HockeyMonkey. The weird thing is they just came out, they're already on clearance, and HockeyMonkey is the only site that has them. Does anyone know what the deal with these is? I had my choice narrowed down to these and Bauer APX2's, but I don't know if I would have any trouble with warranty on these if they already stopped making them, and I haven't seen any reviews on them. They look pretty well made, but I'd rather not just go off looks.
  9. I've currently got Easton Stealth 75S II pants, and am looking for some pants with better protection. I've been looking at the Ultra Tacks and Nexus 1000, and can get each of them for roughly the same price. Does anyone have any experience comparing the two pants? Also, is the liner in the Ultra Tacks as good as the Thermo Max in the Nexus 1000? I couldn't find much info on what it is. Thanks
  10. So I took a hit last night and landed with all of my weight on my left knee. It left me with a pretty huge bruise and pain when I walk. I have Easton Stealth 75S II shin guards which don't seem to have very good knee protection, and seem kind of narrow. Any recommendations on shin guards with wider, better knee protection?
  11. Super Tacks didn't fit and Makos didn't fit after baking. I ended up getting a set of Nexus 8000's
  12. Hey guys, So I'm looking to get some new skates, and I'm trying to find something with the forefoot and toe box profile of Nexus, but with a narrower heel. Are there any skates that match this?
  13. Yeah, my heel does move. I tried to alleviate it some by heating that area and squeezing it in.
  14. There's no way to actually fix the pronation. I use superfeet insoles with some extra arch support added to decrease the pronation and I have added shims to the holders.
  15. I'm pretty sure. My toes brush up against the front cap when I'm standing up. The Nexus might have too much volume, but they were the only ones that fit my fit without squeezing my arch. The outline of my foot is like the red piece below.
  16. So, there's a couple of questions in here, but I figured it'd be better to not make multiple topics. I have severely flat feet and when I tried on skates to buy my first pair, the Nexus line seemed to fit the best so that's what I got. Fast forward two years later and now it seems like my Nexus 5000's are breaking down. Because I pronate so much, it's caused the boot to buckle in on itself on both outside walls. Over the past year, I skated about 3-4 times a week. I'm 6'4" and weigh about 210, so I'm thinking I need to increase the stiffness of the skates. I don't know how stiff different levels of skates can get because I've never been able to try on a pair in store since I wear size 12s. I'm open to try other brands, but the Makos I think will be too narrow for my feet, and the CCMs I don't know if any of the lines fit the same as the Nexus. Do the new Ultra Tacks line fit similar to the Nexus? The fit profile says they're contoured, which would make me think they fit more like Supreme, but the measurements are the largest out of all three CCM lines. If I have to go with the Nexus, I think I would need something with Curv composite. I don't know how the stiff the pro level tech mesh is, but I'm assuming it would be similar to what I have. -Based on the pictures and other info, do you think I need a higher end skate? -Do any other major skate lines fit similar to the Nexus?
  17. I'm looking at getting a new pair of gloves, and two of the pairs I'm looking at are Bauer's Vapor X100 and Warrior's Covert QR3. The X100's seem like they're a bit better, but if the liner still tends to stink, I'd probably prefer the QR3's. I have Warrior's AXLT shoulder pads which has the Polygiene liner, and they don't stink at all (pretty remarkable). I haven't tried any Bauer products with the Thermo Max liner. Anybody have any info on these two?
  18. Hopefully this might help some. Both of my ankles collapse which causes me to overpronate a lot. This caused me to have the same problems: always on inside edges, bottoming out when trying to stride forward, etc. Superfeet yellows helped a little bit, but what has seemed to work the best is by having my skate shop insert shims in between the holder and boot of my skates on the outside edges of each. This pushes the outside edges down and inward to make the skate more level on each edge. I can make another picture to explain it. I think he ended up using an old plastic container (like a milk jug) to cut up and make the shims with.
  19. Does anybody have a picture of the new stick?
  20. So why not just wear tech mesh vapors? Marketing?
  21. Could someone explain to me what's the advantage of the V cut X Rib design Nexus? Are the skate dimensions still Nexus dimensions, or are they Vapor dimensions?
  22. Why don't you guys just use GroupMe? It's basically a group texting app, but you can create an event and every person in the group can reply yes or no and it shows in the results.
  23. The Bauer full shield fits, and so should the Bauer combo and the Tron Combo.
  24. He's saying that because you reposted that picture. Why do you have to be such a jerk on here?
  25. I noticed this last night at the Miami (OH) game. Louie Belpedio with the Supreme 1S skates and stick. I had to get this pic from a USA game to show the skates. Oddly enough, he was the only one that I noticed wearing the 1S's. Everybody else wearing Supreme's were wearing MX3's. I wonder if since he's also on the USA team he gets special privileges for stuff like that.
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