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  1. Only 3 games so far with the size 6. I've had about 10 hours in the TF9s in total, but the other hours were experimenting with other bigger sizes, and those were a ballgame of different problems dealing with the fit of the boot. Now that those were mostly addressed I was hoping to focus on the fine tuning of them, just been a little difficult to find ice time. Didn't think it would be so hard to adjust as I've been in makos for a long time, but just not over the past few years as I was in my super tacks. I will have to try and get to more ice times and ODR
  2. Another game on my TF9's, and I'm happier with the fit of the boot, but for the life of me still haven't adjusted to the pitch and/or profile. Almost feeling like being in a 254 holder now is also throwing me off. I definitely feel too much on the toes, at 2 points yesterday I even hard toe picked into the Ice just going forward stride causing me to trip. Gonna give them another go tomorrow in a game but then unfortunately I don't have much for hockey in the next 2-3 weeks which eats into my 30 day trial. Just cannot decide what to do....shim fronts? Prosharp profile stock steel? Switch to my CCM 263 holders and already profiled steel?
  3. I tried out the 6.0Rs on the ice after having started with a 7.0R, then a 6.5R. I thought there was no chance 6.0 would've worked, but even with only 1 bake they were near perfect. Maybe 1/4 size too small still if anything (expecting them to open up a tad more with a 2nd bake and usage), but overall this was the fit/feel I was expecting to get. No more forefoot slop, still the same great heel lock, and nice ankle mobility. For reference, I was a 7.5D mako II, and a 7.5D super tacks. Definitely not in the norm I'm thinking to have dropped 1.5 sizes, but if anything I would say don't be scared to keep trying smaller.
  4. Yep I feel you there. Especially having had makos in the past, which were probably some of my favorite toe boxes around. I'm glad the trues have no issues around the heel and ankle, i find exactly what you said about the forefoot and agree with your points. It does feel closer to what I was expecting in the 6R, but then the length may not work haha
  5. https://goo.gl/photos/P5HG1KWKy3xp4Tc38 Hopefully this shared link works?
  6. As an update to my tf9 fitting scenarios, here's where I'm currently at now again. Coming from super tacks 7.5D most recently, and have had 7.5D mako 2s in the past. First tried the 7.0R TF9s. Fit felt great upon initial bake. Once on the ice, fit felt instantly sloppy and felt like I had Kleenex boxes for skates. Went to the 6.5R. originally thought there was no way I'd fit in them. They felt perfect out of the bake, and pretty good on the ice, but still felt like there was a touch of negative space around the forefoot, and being fully tied in and equipment on, felt like I still had room on the length. Overall, still a big difference over the 7.0s. A couple skates with those on the ice and I was still convinced I should at least try 1 smaller just to rule it out. Grabbed a pair of the 6.0R TF9s yesterday and baked em up. Following the instructions and leaving the top couple eyelets unlaced, they felt too small upon baking, however I knew this story, I knew that they would give me more length once cooled and fully laced. As I sit here now with them on and fully laced and sitting, the length is good, maybe a hair too small. Standing up, I'm definitely into the top cap a little too much, however when knees bent and over the toes in skating position, toes pull back and I would describe it as "perfect" fit. The forefoot negative space feels better in the 6 than the 6.5 and I like the hug everywhere else in the boot, I've just had such a hard time deciding on the perfect length. I'm leaning towards staying on the 6 now just because I know the foams should break in even more and give even slightly more length. Should I give any thought as to the too small fit standing up straight? Or only just trust that the fit is good on skating position? And is there any worry that I'm way off the end of the footbed?
  7. The time for tf7 and TF9s according to the sheet that came in the box is most definitely 6 min, it's the customs that are 10 min bake times. The section for home bake said to use 180° (200° for a shop skate oven) I'm assuming due to the fact that they don't want you to overbake in an oven that isnt as well controlled. Your cookie sheet and towel method sounds fine to me, however, you gotta preheat and also leave the oven on in my opinion. The reduced heat and time already takes into account variances in home baking equipment. Did them one at a time as well.
  8. Iirc it should be 180° for 6 min. Shop directions were 200° for 6 min, that's what I did as I trusted my convection oven at home. On another note, I ended up returned the 7.0R TF9s and doubling back to the 6.5R. after game 2 in the 7R's, it just felt like my feet were swimming in the boot. 6.5 felt way too small even post bake, but once actually laced and on the ice, felt much different than just standing around at home. Even then, I do wish the forefoot were still a little bit tighter but I'm not sure much could be done about that. Still, I have no issues with the heel lock, ankle flexion or anything, that's all great, but the review is still out on these until I get a few more skates in. I think the stock pitch and profile is something I'm still getting used to, so not only is the boot way different than I'm used to, but also adjusting to a new profile again
  9. It's weird, I never had that experience with my makos. I trust this sharpener but this was quite a bit different feeling. But you're right, at this point I think I'll need to experiment with a few hollows first as the least invasive steps first. The reason I'm a little more concerned/annoyed is that I just ordered a sparx which is being delivered today and I ordered my normal 7/8" ring....so it'll suck if that is gonna go useless and now I gotta order a 1" or 1-1/8" or something right off the bat haha
  10. Got my TF9's out on the ice today for an open skate quickly over lunch. My first thoughts, pretty comfy boots, but I was pretty thrown off by the ROH. I used the same sharpener i always go to and have had good success with over the last 3-4 years. We put on my preferred 7/8" ROH on there, albeit on the TF9's its just on the stock profile. I'm coming from same size steel, but step Blacksteel in my Supertacks with SB+4.0's. Those are profiled with a maximum edge 981 profile, triple radius which ive found ok, never really tried anything else to be honest though. Stepping out on the ice, the aggressive pitch didn't bother me at all, i've had grafs for a long time and makos for a long time, so no problem there, but the issue was that these definitely did not "feel" like a 7/8" ROH. The sharpener is telling me that he for sure did them at 7/8", and that it is the stock profile of the Onyx steel that is making it feel like it has more bite, as there is more blade to ice contact than i have with my supertacks. Is this a true thing? i know you can't really "tell", but just by feeling the edges with my fingers, it almost has quite a distinguishable grab when running fingers perpendicularly over the blade edges as compared to what they feel like on my steps. With that being said, i'm not tied down to the max edge profiles, and a bunch of shops around here do have prosharp machines, so i may give a prosharp profile a go. I mainly play defense and my skating game is more linear and top speed than agility/quickness, any starting point for prosharp profiles to recommend on the onyx? Coles notes: I guess my biggest question right now would be, could the profile have THAT big an effect on the ROH/bite feeling in regards to stopping? It was borderline chattering almost on the onyx
  11. This is where I picked up my TF9's last Friday....my "effective" price was $370 CAD incl. Tax. I say effective because I still paid $530 at the counter, but will be getting back around $160 in Canadian Tire money (which to me Is as good as 1:1 real money). A bunch of triangle offers all lined up for 1 day, couldn't say no!
  12. Makes sense. I don't think I'll have a problem with the pitch of the holders as i actually had really positive experiences with the CXN holder as well. I guess it makes sense to give it all a try first and modify as needed. Excited to get these things on the ice!
  13. Yep I think the 7R are gonna be perfect for me. I just got off the ice in my super tacks (haven't had a chance to bake or sharpen the TF9s just yet), and while unpacking my bag I dug out my 7.5R mako2s just to try em on again. With feet after a game (swelling), the broken in 7.5R makos are *almost* perfect. Toes just a tad more pressure than "feathered, almost like If I had customs they would be 7.75s. so if the tf7s are 3/4 bigger than the comparable mako2, Im shaping up to be real happy with these. On another note, has everyone been sticking with the shift holder and onyx steel, and more important, is anyone skating on stock true profiles? Whatever it may be? I've toyed with the idea of getting CCM sb4.0 holders put on so that I can use my black step steel which have a ton of life left, and are currently a max edge 981 profile (which I hear is a Hudson V from here). My skate guy says I should sharpen up the true skate as it is and give it a try and see if I want to make a change though.
  14. i did read your previous posts about the sizing especially compared to makos, it was very helpful for at least getting me into a starting zone. I came home with the 7R. i know they don't tell the full fit story without baking, but just shoving my foot into the 6.5's without laces, i could get my foot in, but my toes were actually curled and jammed into the end. Unbaked, my toes are still hard up against the toe caps in the 7R, flat, extended foot/toes. Does the insole sizing have any bearing on helping to choose the right size? i'm actually overhanging the 7R footbed by a little bit.
  15. I think I'll be picking up the TF9s today, prices are too good to pass up. The tf7s are really cheap too so that decision is hard to make, but I think I'll go for the tf9. Originally a mako and mako 2 user, then went to super tacks. I don't mind my super tacks, but nothing beats how the mako 2s felt. Im on the fence with size though, 7.5R in the mako2, pre-bake testing on the TF9s lead me to believe that post baking they would be great. Just don't know if I should even toy with the idea of going to a 6.5 though.
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