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  1. 6'2" 210ish and I use 75 flex low kick toe curve. My shots aren't the hardest but I release them quickly which works for where and how I play. I get a heavier shot with a stiffer flex and more modest curve but I can't load and release as fast so it's a trade-off.
  2. I think the sizing changed slightly from Reebok Ribcor to CCM Ribcor designs but not certain. At any rate, I went from a 10 in 20K to 9.5 in 50K but I think the 20K were too big(long) to begin with. 50K is supposed to have less volume(hard for me to say since my 20K were at least a half size too large) and the boot is definitely more narrow(I had to punch a spot in the right forefoot of my 50K whereas never had an issue with 20K). I always used the pump in my 20K and I never pump my 50K; just seems to fit my foot better in the heel ankle area so there's no need for the pump. I still classify myself is a beginner but I skate much better in 50K than I ever did in the 20K so I'd say that performance is at least comparable but, again, it's difficult to say when going from an over-sized to appropriately sized boot. Also, my 20K steel was rounded off to banana blades. Going to steel with an appreciable heel/toe took a couple of skates to adjust.
  3. I always assumed that the main difference between Youth and Junior/INT/Senior sticks was the material(fiberglass and "lower quality" resins vs CF and "better" resins). My Son uses Easton Youths and I don't think the construction of his GX is anywhere near the same as my CX. For one, it seems like his stick is actually heavier than mine even though it's much smaller. Interesting topic. Curious to hear more about it.
  4. I play my E28s at stock length(64"?). I'm 6'2" and play D so the length is good for me. No issues snapping off the toe on the rare occasion I'm up on the rush and the extra reach is handy for poke-checks. Mostly passes from the blue line with some wristers peppered in.
  5. It's rec league, ffs. There's always going to be little hacks and shoves but dropping the gloves? No. Just, no. I'll second the point regarding the increasingly litigious nature of our society. "Payback" could very easily bite you in the ass. Should you actually hurt someone, a penalty or suspension would be the least of your worries. In my experiences, the "has-beens" conduct themselves respectably. It's the "never-weres" that you've got to watch out for.
  6. I'm not the most qualified person to tell you what to avoid since I've only ever used CCM shins & elbows but I feel like it's probably hard to go wrong with Bauer, CCM, Warrior, etc. provided that it's sized appropriately. You can shop marked down/clearance stuff and find good deals on "last season's" product. I wouldn't buy top-tier equipment at first because it'll be overkill for a novice/I-league and your preferences may change. I've replaced most of my protective equipment over the few years I've been playing as I've become more experienced and learned what I do/don't like.
  7. I learned to skate and then play in my thirties when my kid got into hockey. Get on the ice as often as you can. Public skate is good but, personally, I'm much more cautious when not in pads so it's harder to push myself to work on a particular skating skill since I don't like falling on the ice. Games, drop ins, etc. help identify my shortcomings and stick and puck is where I work to improve them. Working with an instructor is something I wish I'd done. I didn't have an experienced skater/player helping me so some skills took longer to develop than they probably should've. Good luck and have fun!
  8. Seems like if you're ordering custom skates you should be able to get the holder you want. Is the Step holder the same rivet pattern as Tuuk & SB?
  9. I'm looking replace my Eastons with something that plays similarly. I assume there're no graphs for Easton since they are no more. Does anyone who has played a CX and any of the graphed sticks have any insight as to which would be to closest flex profile to a Stealth? http://twu.tennis-warehouse.com/learning_center/hockeyflexprofiles.php Thanks
  10. 2 Do you guys play in Richardson or...? MCHA or SSHL?
  11. Is there a specific value that I can request for profiling that would approximate the feel of Superfeet? +X degrees, millimeters, etc? There are limited options for sharpening around here(with varying reputations) so I'd like to know exactly what to ask for to see how they respond before I left them start grinding. Thanks!
  12. Is the 17 1N already out? I'm always behind the curve on these things. Ultimately, it's difficult to make a useful recommendation without knowing what you do/do not like about your current sticks, what sticks you loved, the kind of game you play, etc.
  13. I've skated with Yellows for several years. Recently got new skates and while they fit perfectly with stock insoles, I feel like I'm going to fall on my rear. So, I put the Yellows in and my balance was restored(feel more on my toes) but the boot doesn't feel like it fits as well now. It's as if my heel is raised and can't lock in as well as it does with the stock insole. Is there anything I can do to get the same "on my toes" feeling that I get from Superfeet but without Superfeet? Thanks!
  14. On normal days breakfast is usually a milk, peanut butter, oat, banana, vanilla whey protein smoothie; eggs and oatmeal if I have time. Lunch is meat, a carb(pasta, rice, quinoa, potatoes) and some kind of veggie or salad. A little caffeine and BCAA before the gym with whey protein post-workout. Dinner is the same as lunch and then cottage cheese with blueberries/pineapple before bed(ice cream if I'm feeling frisky). On game days it's basically the same but I have a fruit smoothie(only fruit & water) before I head to the rink and a mild pre-workout(caffeine & BCAA) before going on the ice. I'll have a second, smaller dinner when I get home. If it's a late game then I'll have a granola bar or something between first dinner and game time.
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