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  1. While I agree with you that the scanning fitting process looks a little funny while the fitter is doing it, does it matter if the resulting scan is accurate as a result of the utilized 3D mapping technology? I was surprised how accurate and detailed the 3D model of my foot appeared after undergoing the True scan, and the fit in at least my personal experience exceeded my expectations and was dead on. What I was told about the CCM technology is that it is done with feet elevated off the ground while the customer is sitting. Not sure if this is to map the bottom of the foot as well, but I'd be more skeptical of a process like this that doesn't account for the difference in shape your foot takes when all of your body weight is put on it. Based on your description of the pro, I'm guessing he is sponsored by CCM and wondering if they used this tech for the ill-fitting skates in last year's playoffs? Can you comment if said pro is in this year's playoffs to narrow it down, lol?
  2. I just got a pair of True skates and was taking to the store manager when getting them baked about the custom AS1. He said the full custom option from a scan will be available to consumers but will be more expensive, like $1300-1400. Not sure how accurate or final this is though.
  3. Got my skates a week ago and had a chance to use them for the first time on Saturday - these skates are unbelievable and worth every penny. Absolutely no negative space anywhere in the boot, and the difference from my Vapor APX2's is like night and day. I should preface this by stating that I have extremely flat feet and somewhat wonky ankles as a result that are probably contributing to the huge benefit of custom skates over retail, but my only complaint is that I didn't take the plunge sooner.
  4. I had (or have) this same problem. I played a lot of roller hockey growing up but have only been ice skating for the last year and some change. A lot of the other mechanics transferred over pretty well but stopping was a completely different beast. Only recently have I been able to start stopping on my right side pretty well. There are a lot of great YouTube tutorials but to echo what others said, nothing substitutes quite like practice. Working on T-stops separately was also helpful for me to get a feel for that outside edge. The progress will come with time if you stick to it!
  5. Appreciate all the feedback! Yesterday on the way home from work, I stopped at a smaller local shop, and to my surprise, they had a pair of the True gloves in my size as well as the the Warriors and the STX Surgeons (300 not 500, so not sure comparing apples to apples with others in terms of top of the line). Tried them all on, and the Warriors were far and away my favorite of the bunch. The Surgeons were nice but maybe a touch too restrictive whereas the Trues felt like they had a lot of slop, with the thumb feeling especially off. I would definitely opt for Pro Stock if going with the Trues as I could see that zipper easily causing problems down the line. The Warrior QRL Pros were just about perfect for what I'm looking for and needless to say I'm a COnVERT (horribly lame pun intended - sorry, couldn't help myself).
  6. @Santos L Halper thanks for the insight; I also saw a review on a site commenting on the lack of zipper durability. From my perspective, it seems more like a gimmick that doesn't appeal to me. I'll check out STX also, but did you try on the True gloves or get an idea of fit from the people you know who owned them?
  7. I'm looking to update my gloves (currently in Easton HSX Synergy), and I'd like to try another brand this time around. I love the anatomical fit of my current gloves, which I found better for me than Bauer's equivalent 1s and also found the 1x to be too loose. I've read good things about both the True XC9 and the Warrior QRL Pros, which especially get a lot of love around here. My problem is that I haven't found anywhere locally yet that have the Trues in stock to try on. The quality seems to be roughly equal for both, but my main concern is surrounding fit between the two. Has anyone had experience with both and can speak to which provides the snugger fit throughout? I'm not as concerned about the Z-palm technology in the Trues and value fit above all else.
  8. Appreciate all the input - will stick with the regular Step and upgrade later down the line, especially if there's a long lead time.
  9. The plot thickens... I called VH/True, and they confirmed that Blacksteel is not an option directly from them through the ordering process. The woman I spoke to also stated that they don't even carry any Blacksteel at the moment, but that I could order it from Step directly. @Sniper9, was the form you saw from True or developed by your LHS, and was it a Pure Hockey location by chance? I'm wondering if that's something they offer as a local option, similar to local installation of Tuuks and LS steel if you forgo the Step/True holders.
  10. Yeah, I saw they are available for purchase now at HockeyMonkey, but it would be nice if I could customize and receive them as part of my order rather than buying aftermarket. I sent an email to True just now to see if there is any way I can upgrade as part of my initial order - we'll see what happens.
  11. Alright, took the plunge during my lunch break today - thanks @Nicholas G and @IPv6Freely for your tips. I provided all the issues going on with my feet/ankles, but it was pretty clear from the scan how flat my feet were in addition to the problems that has caused with my ankles. The technology developed for the scan was pretty amazing to see in person, considering how accurate the resulting 3D model appeared. Now the waiting game begins! Is upgrading to Step Blacksteel no longer an option after the True acquisition? For some reason I thought it was available with the Step holders for an upcharge but was told that only the standard Step runners are available.
  12. Thanks for the info!! I stopped in at the location to check out the skates in person, and they told me the manager who wasn't there was the only one qualified to do the scans. Good to know the scans are held to high standards.
  13. Thinking of taking the plunge after reading all of the reviews, positive and negative. I have flat feet with very narrow heels and after being in Bauer Vapor APX2s for over a year which have been the best retail option I've been able to find, I still have issues with getting instep soreness when lacing up tight enough to get solid heel lock, due to my lack of arches. My question to the group is if anyone here has ordered their Trues from Pure Hockey in Northbrook, IL on Pfingsten and how you would rate your experience doing so? There are a few other retailers in Chicagoland, but this location is the closest to me. Appreciate any and all insight!
  14. Thanks a lot - it definitely helps. I'm currently recovering from a sprained ankle and want to give it some extra time before skating again. I'll take your advice and wait for the Comp since it sounds like it's an overall improvement over the CA5 from every aspect. Thanks again.
  15. Hey Justin, I think my initial questions may have gotten lost in the shuffle a while back, but I had asked what the difference is between the CA5 skate and the upcoming RPD Comp? A lot of my questions have been answered now that the specs are available, but my main one still hasn't - can you comment on the build quality and fit/comfort of the CA5 vs. the RPD Comp? I read the heritage of the Comp is the CA5 but with the lower price point I was curious if the materials are a step below what was used in the CA5? I'll be using mainly outdoors and am debating whether to commit to a pair of CA5's or wait for the Comps. Thanks for your help.
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