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  1. not fair :( EDIT : you are from the uk arent you?
  2. Roller Skates: Nike Roller Daddys Ice Skates: Easton Synergy 800C + Vapor XX Gloves: Easton Synergy Elbow pads: Jofa Shoulder pads: Bauer Vapor Shin Guards: Sherwood Ice Pants: Sherwood Inline Pants: These Metallic purple ones :S Helmet: Nike 4000 with bauer true vision cage Ops Stick 1: Bauer Endure P92 Naslund Ops Stick 2: Rbk 5K Pronger Ops Stick 3 : Rbk 4K Pronger
  3. Kid in Celtic top? Where? Ooft, good dekes. Goalie needs work on his glove hand but good moves playa. i think you mighta thought i was canadian... anyways just this place in East Kilbride, Glasgow. P.S Check You Pm Box :) thanks.. i had to show a little imagination in that video :lol:
  4. heres a vid of me playing streethockey. its over a year old so i am quite small there. Goalie isnt spectacular but hey.
  5. My sis has got the digicam in the US so i wont be able to take pics of my equipment til October or November :(
  6. not feelin' the black holders
  7. JR i think you should show us all the gear you have, might need a few disposable cameras though ;)
  8. Nah I had this one back in 'Nam Squirt ;)
  9. That Sounds Good. need to be somewhere in the middle for everyone really. Would be interesting :)
  10. Its In London England You Have Few Players :o
  11. Theo Sweet Hands.. Must Be That TF1 ;) Kubs.. why where you playing a russian team? a tourney?
  12. crutesie

    Bauer Endure

    Bauer Endure Left Hand P92- Naslund 77 Flex I'm 5''6 10st (shooting forward) BLADE - The Blade is one of the best parts of this stick. you can feel the pucks slightest movement on your stick, it is a perfect length of blade and the curve is great. 10/10 FLEX - The flex is a 77 but it feels more like a 90. i am normally used to quite stiffer sticks and dont like having a 'noodle' flex but this stick is a comprimise - you get your usual feeling and you get a little torque which i have never really had on a stick. 8/10 STICKHANDLING - You can feel the sticks slightest movements and has a great feeling when stickhandling.10/10 SHOOTING - When slapping the puck with this stick it just literally flies off your stick and goes direcltly where you want it to. Wristers it also goes exactly where you want it to and you dont need to get it off perfeectly to get a good shot with it. 10/10 Durability - i have used this stick in a rollerhockey tournament and a training session. i have started to notice cracks down the lower shaft but obviously wont affect perfomance. 7/10 WEIGHT/BALANCE This is one of the lightest and well balanced sticks i have used. 9/10 OVERALL - 9.5/10
  14. Sorry.... Just everyone seems to be taking things so seriously :|
  15. okay smartguy, is this photoshopped then? I post a topic and some idoits think they're detectives from CSI.... I was only joking dont forget..... I was kidding. AND.. Bend From The Knees not the waist when your skating.
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