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    Sherwood T120
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    Reebok 4 roll pro stock with shot blocker, Warrior Franchise Pro Stocks
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    Jofa 690, Reebok 11k VN
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    Reebok MHP1053, Reebok MHP7000
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    Reebok 6k pro
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    Reebok 20k pro long
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    Reebok 19k pro
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    Mile 40, Saskatchewan (via Northern Ireland)
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  1. I got a job via an agency, told to turn up 0700 Monday morning. I turn up 0635, no-one there knew I was coming. I get sent to the canteen, I sat until 0800, no one came to see me. So I got up and left. The agency calls me, I tell them what happened, get told to go back. So, I go back out, around 0930. Yet again I'm left standing like a spare prick. Eventually around 1100 the boss comes to see me and shows me to my machine. I work the whole day until 1900, get told to come back on Tuesday. Show up on Tuesday, all is ok. This morning, the agency calls, how did i get on etc. "So you're in again on nightshift tonight". Er, no, no one told me. I haven't gotten a chance to get rest. Told them I couldn't do it, I needed more notice than a few hours. Am I being unreasonable?
  2. Are you unconsciously curling your toes inside the skate? I had a terrible habit of doing it and found Powerfeet inserts and Superfeet yellow really helped.
  3. Perfect, the other half lives in Van!
  4. Are the 70 cut similar to the MHP7000? I really like the Euro cut
  5. I have a 58 goalie cut Reebok Edge i picked up from the CT Whale sale, might be an option for you if like me you find player jersey sleeves a bit tight.
  6. That's great to hear! Now if they could cure mine I'd be forever grateful
  7. Will do. I've absolutely no need for them, but I'm like a magpie when it comes to Jofa stuff
  8. Hi, In the gear sighting thread there was mention of a Jofa branded CCM1899 pad on sale at ProHockeyLife. Does anyone know if they still have them on sale? I couldn't find them on the site and a search on here only gave the gear sighting thread. Many thanks, Aaron
  9. Hockey Monkey has the CCM HT12V pro stock helmet, rebranded Reebok 11k. I know what you mean about sizing, the 11k VN is the only helmet I found to fit my massive brick like dome without pinching.
  10. Can confirm, I've a pair of 20k long, pro stock with the extra plastic shell
  11. I'm in Northern Ireland, we use a different scale to the USA. Those results are in mmol/mol. Our normal blood glucose tests are done in mmol/litre, and those numbers would translate to 20.6 and 6.2 roughly. I believe you multiply by 18 to get it in US units. I'm a type 1 on insulin.
  12. Had my endocrinologist appointment today. My HbA1C has gone from 137 last August, to 37 today! So happy!
  13. My parents have totally knifed me in the back. Thank F**k I'm leaving this country.
  14. So a little update from my post in the Venting Spot here. My visa came through! Canada, I'm coming for ya! If you see a slightly lost looking confused ginger Irishman with a beard and very few teeth, say hi!
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