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    Bauer 1S
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    Easton CX / Bauer 1X
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    CCM HG41
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    CCM Resistance
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    CCM Crazy Light
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    CCM Crazy Light
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    CCM Crazy Light
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    CCM Crazy Light

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  1. I'm referring to the blue plastic on the speed plates I have been using the superfeet for about 4 years as well and have found them to be very comfortable. I've heard The speed plates are great with their molding, I've just heard some not so great things about their comfort.
  2. Just want to know thoughts on foot beds, I'm going to be picking up 1X skates soon and am trying to decide whether i should try the new speed plates or just stick with yellow superfeet. Only reason I'm asking is i have heard the plastic gets very hard and painful after it molds.
  3. Anyone get the chance to compare these two yet? Or any thoughts on them? Currently have the X7.0's and looking for an upgrade, was going to go for the MX3's or maybe 1X's but have heard great things about the jet speeds.
  4. Helmet: CCM Resistance with chrome RBE iii cage Shoulders: CCM RBZ Elbows: CCM RBZ Pants: CCM RBZ Shins: Bauer APX2 Gloves: CCM HG41 (pro stock CL500/CS400) Skates: Bauer APX2 with total one tongue Sticks: CCM Tacks P40 curve 85 flex, CCM RBZ P45 curve 80 flex
  5. Can someone please tell me how to order custom Bauer skates? i am just really confused as to how i should go about doing this. i live in Alberta and my closest hockey stores are United Cycle and Pro Hockey life. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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