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  1. The original Easton Stealth sticks and Warrior Franchise gloves. Tackla pants are up there, too.
  2. What worked for me was taking 3-4 weeks off (icing area daily) from hockey then I used a bunga pad. It helps. If your lace bite is really bad and you use a bunga pad right away, it won’t work and it will make lace bite even worse. Take time off and ice it daily THEN try a bunga pad. Hope this works!
  3. Bumping an old thread. Has anyone tried Superfeet Hockey Comfort? How do you like them? Are they thinner than the Carbon Pro’s? Maybe @SeanCornell91 can help me?
  4. The right skate is good. There’s only 1 new hole drilled on the left skates. The new holes that need to be done won’t be extending any previous holes.
  5. The right skate is good. You can tell the person drilled new holes. It’s the left skate that’s off 2-3mm’s. You can tell there is only 1 new hole drilled (heel). The place I got this shady job done is called Pro Skate in Edmonton, Alberta. There is two locations in the city. One in the south and west. The one I went to is in the south. Buddy said he’ll fix my issue, but I won’t be going back to them.
  6. How bad is his lace bite? I pass the pencil test on both skates and I still have lace bite on my left foot. I took about a month off and let it heal and I now wear a bunga pad and it works. Lace bite is a pain in the ass. Also, I was under the impression that Nexus was the deepest and had the most volume out of the Bauer family. I have never tried the Bauer or CCM scan and don’t think I will.
  7. I wear a 8.5 shoe. The guy at the shop said he would fix my issue if I don’t like how they feel on the ice. If he can’t drill anymore holes ‘cause it might be a problem then I should talk to him about getting new boots on the store? I doubt it’ll happen. The FT1’s are on sale now at Sportchek for around $560. I’m in northern Alberta.
  8. I tried that, didn’t like it. Mind you, I didn’t try it for long, hahah. I have no patience, apparently.
  9. I’ve always been a size 7 in Vapors. I bought the FT1’s when they came out in size 7. Back in March, a buddy of mine has FT1’s, too, but in size 6.5 and he was going to sell them. I decided to try them on and they fit, ahah. Not sure if they stretch a bit over time, but they fit pretty good, so I bought them off him. Couldn’t get used to the smaller holder (254), just felt off balance.
  10. They were 254, and yeah, it’s definitely in my head 😞 It’s bugging me big time.
  11. I had to ship my skates to him. There’s no shop where I live (a shop I can trust), but his shop might not be any better, ahaha. I sent him a pic and he told em to see how they feel on the ice, but we won’t get ice here for 2-3 weeks. I don’t think he understands what I’m trying to say. I told him that the left holder is mounted further away from the heel than the right holder is. He said again to try them out on the ice. I guess I’ll have to wait for some ice. It just really bugs me and I’m very concerned that I’ll notice a difference. Then I’ll have to ship them back to him and which will cost me more cash and he’ll ship them back, which I imagine will cost me more cash, haha. How come you don’t think the rivets on the left skate will hold up?
  12. The left holder is definitely further from the heel than the right holder is. I wonder if I’ll notice a difference? The thing is I won’t be on the ice for 2-3 weeks from now 😞.
  13. Yes, he mounted them with no steel. He asked if I wanted to buy steel, but I said no (already had some).
  14. Hello, I just got Tuuk Edge holders (263) installed on my FT1’s size 6.5. The left holder is mounted further away from the heel than the right skate. There is 6 new holes drilled on the right skate (heel) and it looks to be only 1-2 new holes drilled on the left skate (heel). Will I feel a difference when I get on the ice?
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