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  1. Hey @Leif I'm glad to hear you're wearing the POWERFOOT and think they're great! Not so happy to hear you're having issues drying them out, when you say "ages", how long are we talking? Do you have your skates loosened enough to pull the tongue out as much as possible? However if you're playing a lot you may not be have enough time to air dry them out completely. The other option is not to stick them in so that you can remove them to dry after each session. This is what a lot of our elite players (often playing twice a day with their morning skate) and high volume players (playing 3+ times a week) do. I personally do this as well so that I can easily show others in the room and dry them out quicker. By the sounds of it this may be a great option for you. If you're not ready for a fresh pair you can slowly peel them off (right after a skate works best) add a piece of stick tape to the back to remove any stick and slide them in right before you put your skate on. Unless you have really big skates they should stay up long enough to get your foot in and once your foot is in they wont move. That being said we're always looking for ways to improve the POWERFOOT and reducing moisture/sweat absorption is one of them. We have tested a few things and continue to work towards a solution. If you need anything else or would like to go over it further please DM me so we don't high-jack this thread :) Cheers, Mike
  2. Glad you're loving them! Ya, it's crazy when you realize how much space is there. I asked how long you had them because it could have been time for a fresh set, we suggest changing them every 100 hours on the ice, most get more out of them though. Unless you're living the dream you haven't hit the 100 hour mark in 5 months. Double sided tape should work well just remember the skate needs to be 100% dry... you are taking them out of an oven so I'm guessing that won't be a problem haha. The other option is to go the "unstuck" route. You can place a piece of stick tape over the sticky part so that it's not sticky at all and take them in and out every game. Once your foot is in the skate they won't move and this gives you the advantage of taking them to to dry. I personally don't permanently stick mine in. Let me know how it goes.
  3. Sorry I missed this Cosmic... we don't recommend baking skates with the POWERFOOT installed. How long have you had them in?
  4. Hey @A2rhino! Great post, glad you finally tested them out and love them as much as we do! Welcome to team POWERFOOT...finally! ;)
  5. Yes Sir! Never gets old hearing feedback like this! You'll appreciate the bonus of keeping your toes warmer out on the Pond! Glad to have you on Team POWERFOOT!
  6. What a great review, thanks @proth0303! Welcome to to Team POWERFOOT!
  7. Hey @krisdrum glad to hear you liked them in the Grafs and congrats on the new skates... However, 2 problems with converting your current pair. 1- I really don't see the shim coming off without destroying the insert. 2- Even if you got it off the regular POWERFOOT without a shim is probably to think. The good news is that we have a custom thinner insert that comes with a shim for Mako's and VH/True skates. So, it's looking line you'll have to open that wallet of yours. If you're interested in some of our new products and/or want to get a group order together, maybe I can work out a great deal for you! Send me a DM if you want and we'll take it from there. Thanks again for the support!
  8. Welcome to Team POWERFOOT! We look forward to your feedback. Cheers!
  9. Hey @Jamarquan let me know if you have any questions on the POWERFOOT, I'd be happy to help. The POWERFOOT will keep you toes down and supported but also keep your foot in place. If i'm not wearing the POWERFOOT my toes are slightly more then feathering the front of the toecap. When I have my POWERFOOT in my toes aren't touching. Keep in mind they are guaranteed for 30 days so if you want to test them as you're trying to figure out the best combo (mine is the Stable 26 socks, Bauer speed plates and the POWERFOOT in an old pair of Bauers) you can and return them if they don't help. Cheers
  10. Hey @OzziesDad Yes, the POWERFOOT will take up the excess on top of your toes in the toe box giving you a comfortable "snug" fit. This will also improve the power transfer from your pushing toe and stability in the skate. They're also guaranteed for 30 days so if you test them out and are not happy you can send them back/return them no problem. Let me know if you have any other questions... you can also check out the POWERFOOT thread on here, lots of comments and feedback there and I don't want to get chirped for high-jacking this thread ;)
  11. Most likely Rob that reached out! Where did you test the sample? I thought maybe you ordered a new pair but now that I have re-read your post you may actually still have the thinner ones you're not a fan of. If your current set up is not thick enough please send me a DM and I'll work something out for you. You can also email if you prefer - michael@adrenalinedesign.ca
  12. Oh boy... we all make bad plays now and again, some worse than others HA! Let me know if you do want to give them a fair shot and I'll see if I can work something out for you.
  13. Thanks for posting @darkhors so much of our success has come from awesome customers like yourself. We really appreciate it and are happy to have you on Team POWERFOOT!
  14. Story of my life HAHA! There are a lot of players that have been where you have (as @darkhors mentioned above) One guy in particular that stands out was testing thim in a Old Timers game I was sparing in. Just after the warm up I asked how they felt and he really wasn't sure, he said they may just be too tight for him (he was in grafs, not as big as bauers). After them game I asked again and he said he liked them and wanted to add the shim for more thickness! Ended up liking the shim and loving the POWERFOOT. Now, like you mentioned the POWERFOOT may not be your thing, but you don't need to stick them in permanently to test them (I'm one of the players that leaves them un stuck to dry out easily and show anyone who's curious) so maybe the next time you hit the ODR throw them in, they will have the added bonus of keeping your toes a little warmer as well. Let us know if you do end up trying them, would like to hear what your post skate feedback is like. Cheers!
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