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  1. Thanks all. My game has been improving through practice and pick up games. I've been fortunate enough to play against relatively skilled players (the best players in our games are former college players) and acclimate myself to fast paced games. It was a little disconcerting at first, but that's always how I've preferred to learn. The way I see if you truly want to improve it's always best to start off as one of the worst players in your league and bust your ass towards being one of the best.
  2. Ziggy, the Graf 703s are also an option for narrow feet
  3. You know what's humbling? Skating a 23 second lap, then tuning into the NHL skills competition and watching goalies skate a 15 second lap
  4. Seeking consensus opinion: Assuming equal pricing, given a choice between the original Mako and Mako M8, which skate would you choose?
  5. Any improvement from previous vid? I'm using a wood stick here and am unsure of the flex. Earlier in today's session I shot with an 100 flex composite stick and was able to elevate the puck with ease. I made the mistake of purchasing intermediate sticks out of frustration when shortly after I began shooting thinking that lack of strength was the reason I couldn't elevate the puck, but as I've demonstrated here I'm strong enough to use stiff sticks; it all boiled down to technique.
  6. I use the Easton e300 bag. Yea it's barebones (cloth, no separate compartments), but for 25 bucks no complaints.
  7. It's becoming more and more evident just how important equipment is to hockey performance. My Makos were getting dull so I had them sharpened and ordered a pair of Reebok 16K skates. The difference between that setup and dull skates with department store socks was night and day. All, thanks for the advice on my shooting. I implemented that advice during today's session, and (at risk of sounding boastful) the shots were humming into the net.
  8. 20 years past advanced age? Surprised you haven't succumb to senescence by now. Good luck and enjoy :-)
  9. Video I shot a few weeks ago. Stickhandle across red line, pass to teammate
  10. Played my best game today. I play a stay at home defensive style, so no goals or assists. Several takeaways; I did a good job of moving the puck out of my zone and across the line; passes were on line. The highlights were bailing out my goalie with some nice dives off a former D3 player.
  11. I think I've found my position. I want to be a defensemen
  12. I have a pair of original Makos I'm planning to have resharpened. I purchased them used and this is the first time I'm sharpening them, so unsure what the radius is. I'm 5'11" and fluctuate between 165 and 170 and have been skating 3 months. Recommendations for radius?
  13. Is it natural to have a dominant stop side? I naturally stop on my right leg inside egde and my left side stops are very, very poor. This weakness has been exposed during games.
  14. That definitely fits my budget! But, if off-ice training tools allow me to perform drills without having to pay for ice time, they'll pay for themselves. Therefore I'm not adverse to shelling out some cash. What are some options? On a side note open hockey sessions at this rink are only 1:30, which is pretty short. However there's a public skate after open hockey which I could jump into at no extra charge, but no sticks or pucks. Think it's worth the ice time or will skating without a stick be detrimental?
  15. Trini, agreed, consistency is key. I know how rapidly sports skills dissipate if they're not meticulously mantained. I'll look into a skills pad but I'm not sure if I'll be able to buy one immediately; unfortunately I'm not working with an unlimited budget. I had a coach but now that I've moved I'm unable to continue lessons. Ha, yes that's how it goes.. Playing pick-up with 1 sub is going to lead to 5 minute shifts
  16. Circles and some stick handling. As you can see I struggle with left over right crossovers. You can't see due to the helmet, but while I'm stickhandling I'm looking straight ahead and using peripheral vision to keep track of the puck. On a hilarious note, my right over left video was blocked due to a copyright claim on whatever obscure country song was playing in the background. Let me know if it's viewable Trinituner, conditioning is definitely pivotal. Especially during pick up games where you're playing 5 minute shifts!
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