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  1. Thank you, that makes sense. I'm a D but sometimes play forward. I do struggle with the positioning.
  2. Lol yes its been a long day. I meant helmet
  3. Can anyone with experience give some advice?
  4. I know I need to work on the top hand rotation. Thanks so much; I need consistent reminders. Yes, I was actually planning that. I'm going to sharpen this week and try a 1" or possibly 7/8"
  5. Sorry I missed this! Yes, I still love it! The 8 month forced layoff due to covid was just awful.
  6. I have a pair of C width pro stock Bauer Vapor APX2s. There is a considerable deal of negative space between the med arch and med met which causes pain. I'm looking for a pair of thick, highly malleable insoles (don't have to be hockey specific) which would decrease the negative space and alleviate the pain.
  7. I bought these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133582862398
  8. I just picked up size 10D makos off FB marketplace for $300. There's another pair size 10.5 for $350 OBO and some youth sizes.
  9. I have a pair of Mako skates. The right skate has a shim id like to have removed. Does anyone know anyone who specializes in this?
  10. The problem with this is you can't remove the kydex if you want to sell the skates!
  11. I'm looking to purchase shot blockers. I wear Easton Mako skates. Any recommendations?
  12. Anyone have any experience? If not, recommendations for another brand? Not looking to pay over $120 and would like a 30x60 or larger. https://m1nthockey.com/
  13. Yes! Haven't played any league games since moving to Minnesota but I've played a lot of pick-up. Was playing in a league back in CT. Played with varying skill levels. Best player I've played with/against is currently in the AHL. His skills blew me away
  14. Thanks so much! So far as I'm concerned I'm just getting going
  15. You've gotta know where to look! No matter where I live I seem to be able to procure open ice. I'm in Minneapolis now
  16. Are their prices CAD or USD? If they're CAD that's a great deal.
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