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  1. I have very uniquely shaped feet (extremely narrow, so narrow even C width are too wide.) As you would expect no stock skates fit me. I discovered several months ago that Dougie Hamilton has nearly the exact same foot shape. I've purchased two pairs of his skates; however they're over five years old and in shoddy condition. Any chance one might no where to procure additional pairs? NrOJax5MSIA
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs_UIGXD7dI/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=mccy1txwn299 https://www.instagram.com/p/BsoOIGhDPDv/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=15089i30wk6j6
  3. Other than the Stable26 socks are there any retail products that improve heel lock? Also interested in home methods
  4. I just started using the Drury and love it. Planning to stockpile sticks. How does the P106 compare to the Drury?
  5. I'm looking for an area with inexpensive ice time and lots of it. I plan to spend a few months in said location working on my game. The best location I've found has been Vancouver: daily pick-up games and the Richmond Ice Centre holds weekday 6 hour stick & puck sessions. Unfortunately Vancouver is prohibitively expensive for a 2 month vacation. Does anyone have other recommendations? Doesn't have to be N.A., Europe would be fine.
  6. Do you need a specific extender for an intermediate shaft?
  7. I used to play with an old P91A curve. I loved the curve and still have the stick but I recently drastically reduced my stick flex and a 100flex just won't do. I searched for lower flex P91As but it appears the curve is no longer in production. Does anyone have any leads on similar curves? A square toe would be a bonus!
  8. I've been using uncut Easton intermediate sticks. I recently purchased a new Bauer intermediate and upon delivery discovered it was several inches shorter than my Eastons, rendering it unsuitable for use. So, obviously there is no industry standard stick length. Is there a chart which lists the varying length of sticks between manufacturer's?
  9. A few months ago I switched from senior to intermediate sticks in order to take advantage of the lower flex offered in intermediate models. Since the switch I've been told that intermediate sticks have smaller blades and shaft diameters. I'm 6' 175lbs so obviously a physique more suited to senior dimensions. Should this be a concern?
  10. Thanks so much! Yes, I know Sean. Great coach! Subbing for a C league squad; probably will play full-time next season. Hoping to get to B league within a year
  11. Today marks 3 years since i first stepped onto a sheet of ice!
  12. It's unlikely I'll be able to afford an orthopedic evaluation; How imprecise is a self-measurement likely to be?
  13. A few questions re Mako steel: What tools are needed to remove and install Mako steel? Which steels are suitable for Makos? Are there any online merchants who sell Mako compatible steel on the cheap?
  14. Will lifts compromise the integrity of my boot?
  15. I have asymmetrical legs (my left leg is longer than my right). This is extremely debilitating to my left turns. I've attempted to remedy this by using a shorter steel on my left skate (I had some old skates that weren't being used and I cannibalized the steel). The result has been a significantly improved right turn but still plenty of room for improvement. I have 2 pairs of skates in circulation and noticed that the differential in length was greater on one pair. Unsurprisingly, my left turns were more fluid on that pair. Obviously I'm interested in experimenting with an even shorter steel in the hopes of improving my turns, but where to find them? Skates are Easton Makos
  16. Yea, I've noticed this as well. When I go up eyelets now I feel more stable but extremely restricted in movement
  17. I'm in the market for intermediate sticks in order to experiment with a lower flex. I currently use an array of senior sticks that measure anywhere from 61" to 62.5"; measurements are from the base of the toe to the end of the shaft leaning against a wall. I'm aware that there can be considerable variation in stick length between manufacturers. Which (if any) intermediate stick models will be of appropriate length?
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