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  1. Who is ITR? im not opposed to sending them out, they are truly that awesome, but also not opposed to DIY. I’m not too shabby with a needle and thread 😂
  2. I bought a pair of Warrior pro stock hockey gloves in a 13" which is what I wear in most brands, usually the Vapor line. These glove fit fine in the hand/palm area, but the fingers are shorter than a standard 13" - the player probably has sausage fingers lol. I love the glove overall and want to keep them but to be sure the protection is what it needs to be, I'm thinking I'll need to somehow mod them to add length to the fingers including a longer pad on the fingers. My fingers are smushed against the tip of the glove and stretching past the end of the pad which isn't ideal. Has anyone ever added a longer pad or somehow extended the fingers on a glove?
  3. Considering it wasn’t there before I took the shot and my foot went numb, I’d say it’s a result of the impact, yeah.
  4. That’s a great point too. When I was in vapors it was because I have a narrower heel and they used to fit well with my “tapored duck feet” but once they changed the structure of the boot the heel was too narrow and that’s likely a contributing factor of the lace bite I got as well. I won’t necessarily rule out the new vapors without trying them on but that tongue and the injected lacing system aren’t appealing to me.
  5. Interesting, so it does seem like the length size has changed with the new fit system. When Bauer sent me the x900s to replace my broken x90s they had changed the boot design and interestingly the number of eyelets had changed which put extra pressure at the top of the ankle and lead to the lace bite. The length wasn’t an issue but I did fail the pencil test. So I got them to send me supremes (after getting properly sized up) and that’s what I’ve been in with no issues with lace bite or anything of that sort. They fit well, but are now creased right in front of the logo on the side because of blocking a shot, so I’m prepping for the eventual blowout 😂 I don’t think the vapor line fits my game these days. The older I’ve gotten the slower my footwork has gotten and I’m more of the long stride power mover now 😆 plus I hate the new tongue on the HL. I like having extra protection on the top of the foot and that ultrasonic tongue is calling my name. Good to hear that your buddy didn’t feel a difference in the stiffness dripping down to an “intermediate” size.
  6. Thanks for the info and reply. I can feather the front of the skate without lacing up. I’ll have to try that pencil thing behind the heel test. I know it’s pretty tight there when flexing fwd though. I went through a big lace bite issue a handful of years ago when I was in vapors and they broke, I got the x900s sent to me as a replacement and they were the worst. That’s how I ended up in supremes to begin with. They’ve been so much better. But with the new fit system I want to get it right. The biggest concern I would have is with a size 6 or even a 6.5 that’s an intermediate now which is a slighter softer boot and more flex. I am not a heavy guy and I do make more of a power stride, and often hard turns so I want to make sure they would be adequate for that in terms of how the boot flexes and responds. I’m not opposed to switching brands either but always been a Bauer skate guy.
  7. Yeah definitely need to go back with my socks and try on a couple of sizes and fits. My big toe is boney - almost a bunion forming, so the width the scan picked up is likely from that. My feet are more “duck” like with a narrower heal. I used to wear vapors in a D fit all the time until the x900s came out and the volume was decreased in the vapors. ive also heard the scans can vary from shop to shop. So I’ll do another scan somewhere else as well. What fits will fit, but not sure about how an intermediate sized skate will flex and feel. I prefer a stiffer boot typically.
  8. I lightly touch the front of my 7’s with my toes so that’s not true. I should note that I was barefoot on the scan. I wear thicker Kevlar/cut proof socks so I’d worry that would add some volume as well.
  9. I’m currently in a supreme 7D (190s) and love them but boot is breaking down and creased due to a shot. I got scanned and it said I’m a 6 fit 3. That seems drastically different. I would have never fit in a nexus, would have been swimming and the 7D I have now was a tad wide in the heel until I put the speed plates in them. So I’m having a hard time wrapping me head around the size 6 vs a size 7. Did the new fit system also adjust the length numbers (a new 6 is an old 7)? I wear a size 8.5 sneaker and between an 8-8.5 dress shoe. I need to go try on a few options as I didn’t have time. But my main concern is that now I’m supposedly in an intermediate skate and thus it would be a softer boot and lower flex which may not be good for my game. has anyone gone from a Sr to an intermediate in the new fit system? How did that work for you?
  10. Nope! I use the Oakley spray and it’s fantastic.
  11. Playing 3-4 times a week for the last 4 years and not a single issue. Still have the original clips on.
  12. I think they’d probably just sew something there to cover up the carbon boot and close up the seem basically. My comfort pads are fine, it’s the corner of the boot above the eyelet that’s exposed. It’ll only get worse though. #wearemtiltheyfalloff
  13. I have 190s, tuck my shins, and my liner is gone around the top two eyelets. The carbon boot is sticking out. Waiting for that to cut my shin lol 😂 i dont know who could fix that near me.
  14. According to the manager in my pure hockey store they won’t be for sale individually for at least a couple months still. They JUST got in the S2 skates which include these and only limited sizes so probably won’t see them for a little while. I will say they are way better just from a feel. They only had a 9, I need a 7, or I would have thrown it in my skates to see how it feels with them in, but just from feeling them, they are flexible carbon not hard plastic. They seem indestructable to be honest. The ball area back to the midfoot has a slightly raised area that’s softer and should increase comfort and feel. It’s designed to put the forefoot more towards the Top of the skate to eliminate negative space. I doubt it will cause lace bite because of where it’s located. It’s not going to. Raise the heel or midfoot to cause it to come up enough to hit that bend. I had to replace mine so I got a current set for now. When the new ones come out I’m going to try them in my skates and if they work great but by then the current versions will be discounted more so if they don’t then I’ll stock up.
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