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  1. I think they’d probably just sew something there to cover up the carbon boot and close up the seem basically. My comfort pads are fine, it’s the corner of the boot above the eyelet that’s exposed. It’ll only get worse though. #wearemtiltheyfalloff
  2. I have 190s, tuck my shins, and my liner is gone around the top two eyelets. The carbon boot is sticking out. Waiting for that to cut my shin lol i dont know who could fix that near me.
  3. According to the manager in my pure hockey store they won’t be for sale individually for at least a couple months still. They JUST got in the S2 skates which include these and only limited sizes so probably won’t see them for a little while. I will say they are way better just from a feel. They only had a 9, I need a 7, or I would have thrown it in my skates to see how it feels with them in, but just from feeling them, they are flexible carbon not hard plastic. They seem indestructable to be honest. The ball area back to the midfoot has a slightly raised area that’s softer and should increase comfort and feel. It’s designed to put the forefoot more towards the Top of the skate to eliminate negative space. I doubt it will cause lace bite because of where it’s located. It’s not going to. Raise the heel or midfoot to cause it to come up enough to hit that bend. I had to replace mine so I got a current set for now. When the new ones come out I’m going to try them in my skates and if they work great but by then the current versions will be discounted more so if they don’t then I’ll stock up.
  4. Hopefully soon! Had one break on me tonight!
  5. I use a p28 as a forward playing mostly center or right wing. My style is shifty and Quick movements, so mostly snap shots and Quick wristers in right, But I’m also a passaholic. What I can tell you is the backhand stuff is a challenge shots and passes take a little extra focus. The forehand stuff is ridiculously good though. I find it very easy to shoot and elevate pucks, actually pretty hard to keep them low . If you watch all the 12 year old kids on YouTube doing toe drags for days then this stick is for you. I find it to be accurate for passing as well (forehand) and as I said im a passaholic to the point it drives my teams nuts sometimes. For a defenseman that’s looking for low shots and deflections, and probably working both sides of the stick, you’re probably better off with something else, not that you can’t make it work, but I would think there are better options. I used a p92 before this and I miss the backhand capabilities of that but the forehand trade off for me was worth it.
  6. So after the second game in with the x900s, they have started to break in nicely. The first game i wore our team shells over then so I think that added to the restricted feel, the second game I went without the shell (different team) and they were much better but by the end of the game I hardly noticed I had anything different on. I think these are a winner!
  7. Second the above. Hybrid is heavier. I have the concept iii and I love it. I used to only wear a visor but after a stick to the face, stitches and a fake tooth i put a cage on. I didn’t like the reduced visibility so I went with the bubble. Lots of guys in my leagues have them. Just Use Oakley anti fog spray or pledge and you should have no issues.
  8. Ok I got the x900 pants today and the fit is good. A lot of extra padding. A little stiff but I think they’ll break in nicely. my main problem is the belt/buckle. It digs into my dad bod beer belly. The belly pad doesn’t do much. It’s pretty think and flimsy. So the belt and buckle start cutting in especially when I sit. I know this is going to annoy me. I might have to try some other options unless there’s a way to fix this....maybe take the belt out and fish a lace through?
  9. Really cool! I didn’t even know this was a thing.
  10. No amount of sweating or walking around will ever get a carbon fiber quarter to mold to your foot. Bake them. It’s what they are designed for. You don’t have to, but you’ll never get as snug and comfortable fit if you don’t and IMO you would lose performance by not molding them.
  11. I did see your review on the tacks, very helpful. I looked at warrior qrl as well and felt they were a little bulky in the thighs and felt a little heavier than anything else. I haven’t seen any true in stores in my area. My gut tells me the x900s will be the sweet spot for me. Not too bulky and overkill but better than what I have now. I just have to order them online since the stores don’t seem to carry them. Probably a price point decision. I’ll post a decision and review once I get whatever I decide on. Thanks all!
  12. I tried the super tacos and the 1s on today. The 1s was a better fit overall but I felt too snug and constricted just walking around I can’t imagine a skating stride would be less even after break in. The belt area near the hip also had a pad of some sort that was very hard and pinching my side. So those are a no-go. The super tacks were really bulky imo. The butt especially and there are awkward pads in the groin area that bunch up when you bend over that are super annoying. Im really used to and drawn to the vapor line, they just didn’t have anything in my size other than the 700s. I’ll check another store order online but I’m leaning towards the 900. They had a 1x in an xl so I looked at it and I think it’s probably overkill for my leagues honestly so with the 900 being an upgrade from what I have I think I’ll be fine.
  13. Medium so no go on that but that’s a good thought.
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