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  1. How do the 70k compare to the old jetspeed skates in terms of features and heat moldability?
  2. Is the Super Tacks line of pants supposed to be a traditional or anatomical fit?
  3. Can anyone who has done this post pictures of what the skate looks like without graphics?
  4. How does the ankle volume compare to super tacks skates? More? Less? Also, do the super tacks skates wrap better at the ankle?
  5. Does the c flex tongue and flexible tendon guard noticeably improve stride recovery? Does it do what it says it does? Also, do the 1s skates wrap around the ankle well or does the injected lacing system prevent the skate from wrapping around the ankle?
  6. What about the Super Tacks skates? Do those wrap around a narrow ankle very well?
  7. Is the anatomical fit of the supreme skate better for bony ankles? In general are anatomical fit skates better for narrow ankles? How do supremes compare to vapors in terms of ankle lock? I thought supremes had a wider opening for the ankle.
  8. I have extremely narrow ankles, and am currently skating in 2015 vapor skates. I find that when I lace them, I have to pull the top 2 eyelets extremely tight in order to get wrap around my ankle. Even when I do this, however, there is still too much room in the ankle. What skates are good for people with narrow ankles/have good ankle wrap?
  9. Has anyone tried these? They look really nice, but does the extra protection hinder the range of motion?
  10. Does the polurethane insert on the XC9 ACF put noticeably more spin on the puck? If so does it shoot at a higher velocity than the A6.0 SBP?
  11. What are pros and cons for each stick? Which one would you recommend and why?
  12. Can someone upload the order sheet/options sheet?
  13. Also, how do the molding properties if the super tacks compare to bauer's curv composite?
  14. Will the Super Tacks skates be able to accomodate a narrow heel? Also, in pictures, the super tacks boot looks like it has less contours than the ccm ft1s do the super tacks mold close to the foot then after baking?
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