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  1. I emailed True last year about this and got this as a reply. "The intermediate is extremely close to the same dimensions as the senior stick. The difference is less than a millimeter so no one can really tell a difference in their hands." So as others have said, yeah it's pretty much the same as a senior.
  2. The price is actually cheaper purchasing from the UK. Also if anything goes wrong I'm sure it would be easier to sort out closer to home. The only positive you would get going to Westside Skate is the fitters greater experience.
  3. As the title says I'm wondering how much affect sharpening has on acceleration. I'm currently skating on factory profiled step blacksteel (10' radius), runner size 254. I weigh around 176lbs and get my skates sharpened at 1-1/8". This sharpening is fine for top speed and cornering, however I do not feel I am getting as much return from each stride as possible when accelerating. This could be due to the fact I have previously skated on longer runners, or maybe I'm just getting old. As much as I'd like to switch to a longer runner, we can count this out, focusing only on changes made to the steel. Now back to the question in the title. A simple change I could make would be switching to a deeper hollow, but how much would the extra bite to aid acceleration compare with the benefits of the shallower hollow. Option number 2 would be profiling, however being in the UK this is very rare to non existant (if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be helpful). I'm assuming this would make a huge difference and is something I'd definitely like to look into.
  4. how does the axis flex thumb compare to bauers 3 piece flex lock? one thing I didn't like about the ax1 was how stiff the thumb felt
  5. the 1x senior end plug fits an intermediate 1x snugly. i imagine the mx3 extension would be the same and is still available online
  6. Kane is also in rbz shoulders/elbows, although Toews uses the od1n shoulders. however this could have since changed
  7. bumping this thread as i would like to know the answer to this also. i'm not sure if it was on here but a while ago i'm sure i remember somebody representing bauer saying that the holes would line up for an easy switch if only going up one holder size, was there any truth to this?
  8. for what it's worth i went from the vapor x100 to the 1x recently both in the same size and the 1x's feel a lot tighter in the leg. however i can't say whether this is going from 2nd tier to top tier in the range, or from the old range to the new range.
  9. I was thinking this was probably the case but i think the use of the word "still" threw me. However I'd still like to know when the new curves will be available.
  10. I'm guessing this means the stick has been tweaked slightly for 2016 with more graphene than the 2015 model and are you not just referring to the extra flexes/curves which seem to be listed now in the catalogue. Either way when are these due to release?
  11. https://www.facebook.com/stepskates/posts/243649249116926 Anybody have any idea about the last comment in this post, it seems to be the only place anything of the sort is mentioned online as far as I could find. Will it be a way for Step to get around Bauer's patent on the Lightspeed edge holder and start producing steel that will fit them? A new holder that will only be compatible with Step steel? Or a Step employee messing around?
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