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  1. Quick question for the brain trust. I have step/VH holders with the true heel cup. If I’m switching to XS holders, I remove the heel cup right? That helps with equalizing the pitch right?
  2. A little late, but I had some made back in 2019 and they were great. I hooked up wtih them online and discused what I wanted and they had me put the order through a local dealer who was also great. They were going to let me come to the factory in London to be fit, but I couldtnt swing it. The skates themselves came out great. My only quibble was the lack of knowledge of some of the design options. Like I would have gotten comfort cuffs if I knew they existed for example. The other issue was a self imposed one where I asked for oversized holders, but they installed over over sized holders and it wound up causing me a lot of issues down the line. Now, I cant speak for what they're doing now, but the skates I got were more like a classic style custom, where they're taking your measurements and then matching them up to off the shelf components and mixing and matching. So I had the uppers from a larger pair of skates cut down to help with my depth, different sized toe caps (physically different), etc... For what I paid it was well worth it and I liked the look of the skates and the uniqueness of them. Unfortunately, I wound up ditching them after about a year and a half as my fitament issue wound up being related to the shape of my foot, not the depth or width like I thought it was. I wound up with custom True skates and havent looked back, but had a fond experience.
  3. I've gone oversized before and wound up dropping back. Theres some downside depending on how the holders are installed, what sizes we're talking about and how you're getting them profiled. Its not something I would reccomend to someone skating casually. on the upside you've got a larger working blade (vs radius - the everythign else of the skate). I was primarily fixated on the ratio of the profile I was working with vs. runner length. While legit in concept, it was pointless in practice I suspect. My holders hung off the ends of my skates, and my pressure points (ball/heel) were not consistent with where the towers for the holders were installed. It also caused problems with profiling when people were using blade center, holder center, or boot/foot center to set the mid point. I dont want to start an argument here, but if you're rocking oversized holders (and +1 is probably not a problem, but I was on +1.5 or +2 - original was between sizes) and someone is profiling to holder or steel center, you're not going to love that answer. Even after I dropped down in size to the normal/+1 size becuase of how they needed to be remounted, they were still not perfect on the boot, but was able to overcome with a good boot/foot center profile. Its not something I would ever mess with again, just focus on a good profile to compensate for any difference in size.
  4. For sure, I just didn’t want to rebake with them if there was a no brainer move to make.
  5. Did you try the Graf ones at all in your trues? Just concerned about stiffness and stability to avoid the issues I had with the speedplate 1.0's. I do have a pair of 2.0's I could never use becuase of the depth change they created. I could try baking them.
  6. Are there any suggestions for replacement insole upgrades? I baked my skates with speed plates because I had such good luck with them on all of my other skates, but they didnt really fit that great/work that well with the trues. I switched back to the red + blue insoles, and they're about 85-90% comfy, but I need to do a slightly rebake to fix a hot spot that showed up when I switched. Before I do that, I wanted to see if there were any suggestions for good 'upgraded' insoles that work well with True's so I can bake them with those. I'm not particluarly intersted in superfeet, never had much luck with them from a comfort perspective. I have my 2 different Graf sidas (not the full custom ones) insoles from my last pair of Graf's that I never used that I could try too. I'm mostly coaching these days, so just something a little more 'comfortable' if that makes sense. And I'm not opposed to just staying stock if thats the reccomendation. These are for retail Trues (with the nut and bolt holder) EDIT - here are the two Graf insoles I have Hockey Plus | Best Pricing on Graf Hockey Skate Premium Insoles (hockeyplusinc.com) Insole Foot Beds - Graf (grafhockey.com)
  7. Same. Although if I get a new profile I’ll do it w/new XS holders. I’m on the older true holder and it’s hard to find steel. thanks for the heads up that it works. The zeros should be no problem then.
  8. This has been covered but Max edge takes into account the way the holder is mounted to the boot and accounts for some of that variation when centering the profile. It assumes your skates fit properly as well. While I approve of the detail, in practice not sure how much it makes a difference. the ME guy by me is meticulous and respect his craft and consistency I had my original 981 done by Bob himself at his shop in harrow so that was a cool experience. I really like the profile as well, but he wouldn’t confirm it any details about it to me either. @JR Boucicaut the only thing inconsistent with the Hudson V is that some places have it as 9-50-10.5 and others at 9.5-50-10.5. If it’s the latter, that’s what I believe the 981 is.
  9. Anyone further skated on these? ive got small feet so maybe I’m SOL.
  10. I feel like I’ve read that 13+ is fairly common in Europe. I couldn’t do it personally!
  11. So I’m hot on this profile but a little concerned as I have a smaller runner (254) like you and worries about what’s basically a 2” flat on such a small blade. Did you consider a 40 or 35mm flat instead?
  12. Last time I skated on a flat (was a PSB profile) I swear it messed my hips and stride up so bad it took me months to recover. I gave it about a month.
  13. Yup, no one will confirm but I believe it’s a 9.5/10.5 with a 2” flat spot.
  14. I think this is basically the max edge 981 profile that the red wings use. I think JR told me that it’s similar to the Hudson V. I’d like to try something similar myself.
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