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  1. I feel like I’ve read that 13+ is fairly common in Europe. I couldn’t do it personally!
  2. So I’m hot on this profile but a little concerned as I have a smaller runner (254) like you and worries about what’s basically a 2” flat on such a small blade. Did you consider a 40 or 35mm flat instead?
  3. Last time I skated on a flat (was a PSB profile) I swear it messed my hips and stride up so bad it took me months to recover. I gave it about a month.
  4. Yup, no one will confirm but I believe it’s a 9.5/10.5 with a 2” flat spot.
  5. I think this is basically the max edge 981 profile that the red wings use. I think JR told me that it’s similar to the Hudson V. I’d like to try something similar myself.
  6. I started by contacting Graf directly through social media, which may have made my process a little more unique. They recommended a skate to me based on our conversations, so when I went to the local dealer (about 45 minutes away), I already had some framework in mind. He had me try on a bunch of different retail skates just to hone down fit profile. We decided on the Graf 9035's vs the G75's because the retail boot depth was perfect so we could use the retail uppers. I think they were a little cheaper too. We did tracings and photos. I got to pick the liner, the tongues, stiffness, and the holder size (more on that in a minute). I got two different length skates. Width was pretty close out of the box, but had to have a couple of punches right behind the toebox (my feet have a weird curve in them). took about 2 months start to finish, and while I could have had the tweaking done locally, I wanted to keep going back to the original guy. I did decide to scrap the footbeds they gave me (the much nicer SIDAS ones) for speedplates. As for the holders, I've got small feet but I'm a big dude. Was coming from a 254 holder, but in skates that were a little too big. I told Graf to fit the biggest holder possible as the correct size holder for me would have probably been a 246. I expected them to fit a 254 (+1) no problem (PS - I decided to do a Graf holder since the steel is cheaper and I dont need the trigger, plus I like the idea of a stiffer holder and the whole package matching), but they wound up fitting a 263 which is awesome, but it clearly overhangs the front of the left (smaller) skate. Because its so big, I'm not convinced its mounted perfectly square, and I'm not convinced my profile is set right as the centerline of the holder/steel/boot would be a little off/inconsistent given the different mounting positions. They came with the new Graf steel which is actually very nice steel. I've got a new pair of step steel coming, so I'm going to break the boot down, make sure everything is squared off, and really work with my guy to make sure the profile is perfectly aligned given the unique holder setup.
  7. I just had a pair of custom Graf's made. Been skating on them for 6 months now. Other than some tweaking when I got them and a bad decision on my part regarding some oversized holders, I'm beyond excited about the way they fit and feel.
  8. you could also look at Graf. I just got a pair of custom 9035 to fit my weird feet. So far so good. They're pretty high depth without being too wide.
  9. Like these? I had a guy on my team who wore them, just assumed they were for players. I dont like anything on my wrists when I play, but thankfully I'm not a in a slashing type league.
  10. jgold47

    Retirement Sale

    do you still have the CL pants?
  11. Thanks for sharing this. So straight back, then slowly forward? How many days before skating are you doing this (recovery time?).
  12. I'm over 200lbs in 5.5EE bauers and they are plenty solid.
  13. I finally had a run in with the scanner. Told me I was between a 4 and 4.5 in a nexus EE. Keep in mind I can’t get a 5EE on without crushing my toes. Was a little surprised it suggested I had a higher arch as the CCM tester thing doesn’t. Also surprised it said I was an E width (on the stats, not the recommendation) not a full EE or wider as my foot is getting squeezed in my EE supremes right now. I’ll try it again at another shop. Must go see JR. Must go see JR. Must go see JR.
  14. ive heard people using teflon tape (like what plumbers use) because it is so thin.
  15. I saw on Graf's IG that they are doing customs again. does anyone have an experience with this latest iteration?
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