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  1. Makes two of us. So far True has been the best skate I’ve ever had so I’m not looking back even though it’s a nice looking skate.
  2. Actually the original Russian text doesn’t say that at all. They ask a question “Is the retail model going to look like this or it’s a bluff? Personally I have hard time believing that there won’t be the traditional yellow colour added.”
  3. Like up until 10 years ago I used to profile LS blades because there was no such thing as “stock profile” - everything was so inconsistent. But then STEP came along with their standard 10’ neutral profile and after adjusting to it I felt no need to fiddle with it. Coming from a forward 9’ profile the stock profile from STEP def promoted a more upright lazy skating style… now it’s been over a week of skating on Flare that PBH was kind to supply me with and I’m still adjusting to something as minor as moving the balance point back by 2mm lol I think it’s more agile but I have to work for it by staying low or I start losing the track edge over the toes. i’m really happy though I didn’t put shift on my trues and went with Edge instead since Shift is 3mm forward pitched comparing to Edge - a big adjustment to me personally.
  4. Interestingly enough this is something that quite a few in the online community are wondering about: is Bauer focusing on flashy objects and forgetting true innovation?! Arguably One95 was the last breakthrough, and even that wasn’t all Bauer since Curv composite was supposedly developed by Samsonite.
  5. PBH has a wealth of info, so it's always good to get the first hand insight. However one thing should not to forgotten: to each his own. I tried 2 different versions of 100K pro, and found it to be the worst skate I've ever had. There just wasn't any way to make that particular model fit my feet even via customs, so they felt uncomfortable and the performance was way worse than 10 year old custom NXGs. I also wonder re pro versions of Hyperlite: doesn't look like any pros actually use the stock outsole with that plastic piece under the heel? It's one of the selling features of the skate but it is actually a marketing gimmick? Also I seriously wonder re protection level of Hyperlite: the area where the boot connects to the toe cap the side walls seem extra thin, and can easily bend when pressed on with fingers? I can only imagine how nasty it'd feel if one caught a puck off that area? and personally I'm still puzzled about how this whole forward flex works since I feel like I have way more forward flex in custom Trues, which are pretty stiff, than in retail 100K.
  6. Skated in my custom Trues for the first time, such a different experience wearing them vs all my other skates! I kept on thinking the skates are loose because there was zero pressure anywhere on my foot. But it wasn’t the case, the foot was locked up, but without any pressure points it must have been spread so evenly it felt like it wasn’t there. Best skate I’ve ever had, comparing with custom Bauer and CCM skates. One thing is weird though: I thought the skates were very solidly built, but just after 1 skate I see the toe separating from the boot cover? Is that normal? https://ibb.co/1mB9dPc
  7. thanks for the insight! does this 'sandwich' make it too squishy? I also tried different insoles and always came back to stock Bauer ones with carbon fiber insert under the toes and the most responsive ones hence the question.
  8. I totally see how speedplates would be an overkill, but what is the purpose of having 2 insoles vs 1?
  9. quick one: what insoles do folks use in True custom skates? the stock setup with 2 different insoles sandwiched in is odd, and it doesn't look like something like superfeet is warranted since the skate is so anatomical already (including instep) so would just a basic flat insole from Bauer skates work better?
  10. Not necessarily, when hockey is played like tennis it can be very frustrating for anyone! Somehow almost every kid feels compelled to whack the pack as soon as they get in contact with it sending in a random direction. Work in progress…
  11. For these who are forced to wear a face mask on ice (most minor associations force coaches to wear them at all times, and even some leagues mandate masks for players) have you come across a more tolerable option? Cold environments combined with hot breath leave pretty nasty wet mask no matter what type I tried. And speaking with a mask on sucks also! Both these things combined make coaching a lot less enjoyable, as commented by even top NHL coaches. I’m not even referring to other drawbacks such as obstructed peripheral vision since it is what it is. But the damn wetness is annoying!
  12. Red Dog Hockey Boost - Ice Hockey Equipment - ModSquadHockey mysterious shit
  13. I'm hearing this issue is also common on one-piece CCM skates due to the outsole just being too thin to the rivets to latch to correctly? I'm also hearing that having boots sent not pre-drilled (if swapping holders) and being extra careful on the diameter of the holes drilled (go as small as possible) helps?
  14. Looks like they’ve been making them for 23 years: https://vels76.ru/catalog/24 the reviews are mixed, it’s def not CCM or Bauer but they claim thermo-formable carbon shell and can put tuuks or their own runners so probably a solid mid-level skate at half price?
  15. these are Russian made skates from V76 brand, model Encelad, that they've copied from other major brands.
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