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  1. Thanks for the advice. I decided to go with FT5 pro. Look forward to testing it
  2. Hi, I am choosing between these two sticks. I am looking for a similar flex and 92\29 curve. Here is my thinking: CCM FT5 pro is heavier, which is worse for my skinny hands. Do you think the difference between 375 and 396 grams is noticeable? Bauer Sling is mid-kick, while CCM FT5 Pro is known for great shooting qualities and hybrid kick point. Is there a significant difference between them? FT5 pro is supposedly more durable I used the ADV and FT3 pro in the past, both were good. Any tips?
  3. Thanks, great to know that. True did not do it by default for me previously, so for my future orders I was wondering what are my actions.
  4. Can you advise me regarding instep, my left foot is lower but a bit longer than the right one. Will Bauer and ccm account for that? So that laces will go lower on one skate than the other?
  5. Yeah worth noting - UCLP should go size up. XL in them is equivalent to L in HP45 and HP70
  6. They are taller than uclp. I haven’t seen tackla, I can say that my RYR pants are higher than HP70, but hp70 are higher than uclp. HP70 is probably like you described your tackla as compared to UcLP for me.
  7. So they arrived. CCM HP70 weight is 1.72 kg. HP45 is around 1.4 noticeable, but both are usable. Their shape is similar in many ways.
  8. Sure. Will post in this thread.
  9. Thanks! I really like my HP45, but want to try something new. So I ordered the HP70 for now. Soon I will be able to judge how much heavier the HP70 are. I will sell them if it does not work out.
  10. Its hard to replicate the experience. But it can be about a holder as well. Try some softer supreme model, not vapor. Or ccm tacks, and replace holder. I had One95 NikeBauer, and the closest thing is CCM tacks skates. But they are stiff, if you are into that.
  11. Hi. I am looking to buy a new pair of pants and hesitate between HP45 and HP70. I am thinking about HP70 because they are something new to try and match my team colors, however I worry that they may be too heavy. How do they compare in terms of weight as compared to CCM tacks or HP45, as these are the pants I tried before. Thanks
  12. I guess your option is to measure your feet on paper when seating and when standing. Add this to your scan results together with some pictures. That’s in case you go custom.
  13. I used 9ks and tacks, and only tried jetspeeds in hands. Tacks is much closer to 9k in every detail, while the jetspeed is the cutted version of the tacks. Probably the jetspeeds are lighter because of this.
  14. These are made for specific pants. PPTK is made for CCM Tacks girdles, and PP90 is made for the older similar girdles - RBK 9k. In terms of protection - 9k shell protects kidneys with hard plastic, and tacks protects the overall waist but with the foam. Still, these shells are made to fit specific girdles. Both usually have zipper. If trying on an average girdle or pants, i guess the tacks would fit them better. 9k has too specific kidney part.
  15. I suggest you go Graf custom. They are the most likely to listen to a customer specific need when it comes to custom from what Ive heard. I am waiting for my pair to arrive next month so will be able to tell more from my personal experience.
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