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  1. It depends on the league and level of play. I've played up into college and it is unfortunately a stigma that you don't want associated with. Hopefully things will change eventually. http://www.kbjr6.com/story/34350011/bellletstalk-local-player-coach-share-personal-experiences-to-stop-mental-health-stigma
  2. Woah, I imagine those tweets could be career ending for that guy. At least in the "mother land".
  3. That is great news, I'm not ready to move away from the Rekker line of sticks.
  4. I just had my injected lacing system re-sewn on yesterday at shoe repair shop. Repair took maybe 10 minutes and cost 5 dollars. Skated on them last night and they were like new. I wish I could take the things I like about the 1S and the S190 and combine them.
  5. That would be great, I still could use them. I don't know how the insoles are sized but the speedplates are 8.5-9. I'll look for them on the gear exchange area.
  6. When I had those runners what I would do is undo the nut about half way and then push down on it with the nut driver. That would pop the blade down and then I could take the nut off the rest of the way.
  7. Mine click, but not enough to bother me. The holders are beat up pretty bad and the triggers are loose. Hope to get some new ones put on some day.
  8. I put them up this morning and they sold almost instantly. I was surprised, and figured it might have been you. I've never had anything sell that fast.
  9. I have a couple ear guards from a CCM V08 helmet that basically look the same design as the 11K. I'll put them up on sideline swap.
  10. I received the pond pack as a gift. Works well for coaching, and stick/puck times. I like it.
  11. I did receive an email from Bauer this morning stating: My interpretation is that my only remaining options would be to talk with a store that has an authorized Bauer account and try to special order some, check ebay or sideline trying to find some that aren't trashed, or get new skates.
  12. I have not heard anything from Bauer as of yet. I contacted them through the Warranty department listed on their website. I also tried the Speed Plates. I liked them as they are very responsive, but I have plantar fasciitis on my left foot and the speed plates made that flare up. I'm hoping to hear something but not holding my breath. I keep checking ebay, and the like.
  13. I'm not sure what is going on. I guess they don't have the marketing dollars that the big 3 have right now. I have basically always used Sher-Wood sticks, even back to wooden ones that I used until about 2014 when they started making them in Ukraine. I'm sure it is a complicated mess of a market place right now. I figure if the Pro's are seen using it, then the kids won't tell parents to buy it. I'll keep using them until I can't get them, or the quality drops just like the wood sticks did.
  14. Ive never had a problem with them up until last week. When I spoke over the phone with Sherwood they were saying they haven’t made a retail ek15 in about 4 years. That everything you see out there is old stock and has been sitting for years on the rack or a crate. I imaged this was the case since they have had the 60 and 365 since. I just shop for clearance. They said they are going to warranty it though.
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