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Found 13 results

  1. https://theathletic.com/156862/2017/11/15/sources-nhl-rockets-owner-meet-talk-nhls-viability-houston/ After @IPv6Freely pointed out the lack of NHL talk (correctly so mind you), figured the should get a little response ha. Will be interesting to see if anything comes of this. We've heard of Seattle, WA and Quebec City, QC over the years so who knows...
  2. With the 2016-17 season over, Adidas has started teasing the jerseys set to be released in a week Here are some that confirm a few things Montreal style stripe for the Wild Edmonton going orange Brighter teal for the Sharks Grey for Vegas? Avs not going to the Navy Rockies look
  3. Last season, I actually did enjoyed reading about teams I am not necessarily watch playing, good overall trolling and what not added to some entertainment, but this year, it has been pretty quiet, So I figured I write about Blue Jackets as not many here actually know who they are or care about them one way or another. Obviously, some of you might go and say "I thought so" about the Artemi Panarin performance this far. After all 2 measly goals, bad timing penalty at Rangers a couple of days ago, going too fancy and too flat in his second shootout attempt against Lightning. All and all, looks like a "blockbuster deal" gone bust. And I would have thought that way as well if I did not watch the actual games. I tell you, this guy is pretty awesome and (imo) is the most skillful puck handler on the team and probably in the top 5 in the league. He got 10 assists so far on the paper, but I would give him an automatic assist for every game he plays. When he touches the puck, it is pretty common that a chaos breaks out and you can feel an intensity on the ice rising. It is quite a phenomenal to me that Jackets could not capitalize on more of his possessions that 12 times (probably 15-16 if you really count). His has been very difficult to stop from getting the puck at the boards, and his passes most of the time go exactly where he wanted them to go. Some chemistry problems are still there for sure, some lack of trust in him by the rest of the team is slowly goes away, but is still there. I have counted at least 4 or 5 excellent plays that he has put together that went flat for the lack of trust that he will pull them off. Easily a dozen of times he has pushed the puck through the low slot and there was nobody there (pretty typical of Jackets unfortunately) . Not only he leads the league in takeaways, he also has the one of the lowest giveaways which makes him a leader in turnover differential 21-to-5. I am not going to talk about some sneaky pocking and prodding, but he probably leads the league in the number of undetected dirty contacts, which is while a lot of fun for me to watch, it must be very upsetting to the fans of the team where he perpetrates against. Another thing that I see, is that he is much more involved in D with jackets than with Hawks. We might see him on PK towards the end of the season, because thieving bastards like that could be very helpful. On the team overall, I love Seth Jones and Zack Werensky games, they are back where they left off, playing the rover parts - very exciting to watch. Josh Anderson is very outstanding and probably will be looking at his best season this year. Bob will be fine I think, he is slow to get going, but is doing pretty good giving the high risk defense that he has to rely on. Korpy is looking sharper this season than last. Jackets rookies are pretty exceptional, especially Dubois. Obviously Atkinson and Bjorkstrand are going to be in the spot light. Both are no longer far wings, they are now, getting down and dirty and loving it. I am pretty excited to see how they do in December.
  4. Hey Dudes I'm currently wanting to find a Brock Boeser All-Star Jersey and have been looking around but haven't found the most reliable looking sites. Only McDavid is on the NHL's shop Anyone know good sites with good prices and quality? Doesn't need to be 100% authentic or game worn but not a crazily obvious fake Thanks boys
  5. Has anyone delt with Salessportinggoods.com? Trying to fight out if it's a good site. Thanks
  6. Hey Dapper Danglers! Cause for celebration! The NHL is finished with the fart flap! Yes! With the arrival of the Summer Solstice of 2017 the NHL has finally put an end to the Reebok Edge and begins a new, seven year era of Adidas jerseys with the release of all new home sweaters and the majority of road whites just prior to the expansion draft. The remainder of the road whites will be introduced at or before each team's Entry Draft Party on the 23rd with more sneak preview photos likely before Friday. At last, the butt bib has been obliterated and I can seriously consider buying a contemporary jersey again. No radically new elements to get enthused or mad about in the new look and the new neck line carried over from the World Cup jerseys might take a little getting used to but no major mistakes either. Some teams did a great job adapting to the new Adizero fabric template, others didn't put much effort into it (lookin’ at you Blackhawks) and some teams made choices I don't care for but just the fact that all teams have eliminated the worst design element ever to be incorporated into an NHL jersey means the overall effect is a big improvement so I consider the new look to be a winner. Three cheers for the next seven years of stick-handling in style and the demise of the diaper line! The Mighty Favog has spoken.
  7. League: POFHLWebsite: www.pofhl.comLeague Type: Sim re-rate, NHL Players, Made up Team NamesEmail: pofhlcommish@gmail.comSeason: InauguralNeeds: 16 teams (have Six so far)Fresh league.. NHL Players, no salary cap, BUT there are finances.. Gotta pay the players or they sit out. There will be training camps and such to improve players. Sim rerates in offseason. Can use money to expand stadiums in offseason to earn more, etc. Should be a great league!Check out the Free Agent link for a file containing the players and ratings. Website is up and running.
  8. Andersen to Leafs #30 pick to Ducks, 2nd round pick in 2017 http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/16372468/anaheim-ducks-trade-frederik-andersen-toronto-maple-leafs
  9. After a successful inaugural season, we are pleased to announce that the Barnabas Health Hockey House will be bringing back our Adult Hockey League for the Spring of 2017! This year’s spring league will consist of two separate divisions (C and D), each playing a 10 game regular season + playoffs The season is set to begin on March 22nd and will end on June 8th Games will be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays (three Wednesdays due to Prudential Center conflicts), with early start times of 8:00pm and 9:30pm Team registration is only $3,000 and all participants will receive free parking in our VIP Parking Deck! Prizes to be announced in the near future! Please visit our website www.barnabashealthhockeyhouse.com/adult-hockey-league or contact Jason Verrico at jverrico@prucenter.com for more information, or to register your team!
  10. Nice to see the Hawks finally dump the contract that they never should have signed in the first place. It really sucks to see them have to give up Tuevo in order to get someone to take the bad contract off their hands. Without the Bickell deal on the books, I believe that they may very well have won another cup along the way. http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/16229921/carolina-hurricanes-acquire-teuvo-teravainen-bryan-bickell-chicago-blackhawks
  11. Anyone knows what special inserts uses Shea Weber under his laces? Looks like a special thing that enlarges height of the boot and allows to tight laces harder. Anybody know where this "thing" is available to buy? Thanks in advance.
  12. We are pleased to announce that the Barnabas Health Hockey House at Prudential Center (formerly AmeriHealth Pavilion), the official practice facility of the New Jersey Devils, will be hosting its first Adult Hockey League in the summer of 2016. The league will begin on June 8th and span 10 weeks, ending on August 10th. Teams will play a 10 game regular season, with the top-4 teams making the playoffs. Team registration is only $2,800 and all registered players will receive 2 tickets* to a 2016-17 New Jersey Devils home game. In addition, the championship team will receive a suite* to a 2016-17 New Jersey Devils home game. (*Game tickets for participants and suite tickets for the championship team are subject to availability and the game selection will be made at the sole discretion of the Hockey League. Food, beverages and concessions are not included but may be purchased by the team.) We are still looking for teams and there is still time to register as a team or as an individual free agent! Please visit our website www.barnabashealthhockeyhouse.com/adult-hockey-league or contact Jason Verrico at jverrico@prucenter.com for more information or to register your team!
  13. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/nhl-all-star-game-three-on-three-1.3325007 Now this could be interesting. The ASG has been pretty stagnant for years. At least this way the players have something behind it now.
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