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  1. I never used my tendon guards as leverage to take my skates off. Always handled my skates with great care, and my rivets popped off twice on both skates. I agree with SkateWorksPNW that a flared rivet would do the trick, but that's not how they came from True (and sadly the LHS who repaired them). I think a bolt system is better and happy to see True changing to that. Easier to take on and off for the average user I would think. For me, once I rigged my tendons to a bolt system, they've been solid ever since.
  2. Thank goodness. This was my only complaint with my Trues. The tendon rivets suck, so I had to rig my own bolt system to keep my tendon guards on.
  3. Good article in the Athletic today about these. I agree that a "mouth" shield isn't the best solution (and still going to cause problems), but at least people are thinking of ways to make things safer.
  4. I would highly recommend people to get refunds instead of credits, if they are being offered (which they should be). Not just in hockey, but with everything. It would not surprise me if companies start to file for bankruptcy. If that happens, the general patron will have a very hard time getting their money back.
  5. Ok. Now that that's over, what prevents any of the play-in teams to start purposely tanking, say if they go down 2 games to none, so they get a good shot at Lafreniere? Am I missing something? Can someone explain to me if I'm misunderstanding the way the lottery worked?
  6. Dan Fritsche just came out to verify all of what Carcillo and Taylor had previously stated. He was very fiery in the article in The Athletic....can't blame him whatsoever.
  7. On the site, it estimated delivery Aug 2020
  8. Well, that's cause he had 5 other goalies playing in front of him. J/K!
  9. That's not what I'm referring too. Slimming down the equipment even further, even if the level of protection is greater, is still not going to fly, cause you're reducing the mass that goalies have to block pucks. Garth Snow didn't have all that huge padding extending from his shoulders to protect his body.
  10. I have a hard time seeing the NHL slimming down goalie equipment again. There was a lot of resistance the first time around, and though it happened, I can't see it happening again in the near future. I'm glad to see the Garth Snows of the world out of the game (not the player, but the padding profile), but unless goal scoring is way down again, I can't see the goalies being on board with reducing their mass even more. However, I definitely can see player protective being much more slimmer/low-profile, with new, innovative materials. Didn't the Bauer OD1N project play around with this? Didn't they made a 3d scanned body suit that was extremely low profile? What ever happened to that? I know they took technologies from that project and applied it to current protective lines, but I would be very interested if they could create a fully customized suit that is very tight to the body, and instead of individual components of gear, could all be components incorporated into one suit. Also, what about the Neuroshield? I know there wasn't much evidence that it worked, but it would be great if manufacturers pushed the science on something like that to help with concussion issues. If they were to perfect something like that, I would say that would be groundbreaking, and definitely worth the title of being innovative.
  11. One of my kids got a bunch of rashes multiple times, recently. (rashes took about two weeks to clear in each instance and were not contagious) Had no idea what was causing it, until I took a walk around my property doing some work and found tons of it in the nearby woods. Apparently they have had an increased spread this year, possibly due to climate change. Add in the increase in tick populations; I'm just putting my kids off limits to playing in the woods now, sadly
  12. It would get people to stop spitting on the ice/benches.
  13. Random question. Being that I haven't played since early March and my Sparx has just been sitting, unused. Would it be wise for me to run it for a couple of passes to make sure the lubricants in the mechanics keep as they should? Or is that totally unnecessary?
  14. Lots of good advice here. The Superfeet was a good idea to try. It'll buy you a little room, but it sounds like you need a bit more still. What kind of socks does your daughter wear? Can she switch to a really thick sock, like sock liners? Maybe even go barefoot? Also, instead of trying to stretch the toe (which is really hard), maybe you can try to compress the heel a bit more, though that might not buy you enough room still. Finally, weird question, but maybe relevant...how long are her toenails? Can she cut them back further, or is it the actual toe that's hitting the toe cap?
  15. Thanks! I just checked it out. The off ice shield does look like those full visors they use in the cycling world.
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