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  1. Why wouldn't 3d printing be a viable option here? It all depends on which material you use. CF would probably work as well as ABS. Obviously don't use something like PLA....
  2. No idea, but wonder if you could 3d print it?
  3. I second FoxRiver. They're great and pretty durable for how thin they are.
  4. I have a custom and a retail. I don't notice the difference in weight, except that one has a visor vs a cage. If I had to guess, I would think the custom is slightly heavier, cause it has a more dense 3d lattice vs the retail version. I would highly recommend the custom though over the retail, cause for the price difference, the custom is a much better helmet imho.
  5. I use FT4 Pro shoulders too. The Hex shirt pads sometimes get "caught" on the ft4 pro side panels which can be slightly annoying. However I’ve also tried the EvoShield shirt with the rigid rib pads which are WAY more protective than the HEX, but also much more obtrusive.
  6. I have these after I got cross checked to the ribs: https://www.mcdavidusa.com/collections/hex-padded-tops/products/hex-basketball-tank-3-pad They're not perfect but they're the closest thing I've used that is also the least obtrusive. Once the rib bruising went away however, I stopped using it. So for me, it's not a preventative piece of gear...more to protect an already compromised area. McDavid also makes this which can be cut to size as needed: https://www.mcdavidusa.com/products/hex-skin-turf-tape
  7. neodymium magnet with the appropriate pull force also will work.
  8. Looks like part of a nun's habit.
  9. The science behind it makes some sense, but tbh I don't see this thing selling at all until it is put into a more sleek and less obtrusive form factor.
  10. If you get hot spots in the temple you can “train” the shell to widen by taking any object that will apply pressure to both sides and leave it there when helmet not in use. I did this with my 3DS and used a small dumbbell.
  11. Update. I got a Total Custom Tacks X, and I have to say, it's quite possibly the most comfortable and form fitting helmet I have ever worn (no negative space). It's night and day vs the retail version, and the retail version is a pretty comfortable bucket. Interestingly enough too, the liner in the custom seems more robust than the retail version. Much less concern about any of the nest tech lattice getting "broken". The custom liner also deals better with sweat vs the retail. Now, if I were contemplating buying a retail X vs a custom X, for the price difference I would go for the custom. However, is the custom that game changing for the price if a $200 bucket works pretty well for someone....not so sure about that.
  12. I find that the real comfort from the X is evident if you have it on for a long time. (more than 2 hours, etc). Whereas my old helmet (Fitlite 3DS) would develop hot spots around the temples, the X does not.
  13. Oy. I personally think you shouldn't progress on your own and take this to a professional to look at.
  14. Seems like a new trend is now having cut resistant materials built into baselayer compression pants at the leg/ankle area. Wonder if that will overtake just wearing socks.
  15. I agree. If even there was white trim around the letters and maybe the cuff.
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