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  1. Might be a little late to the party, but you could take the stock insole out and measure against his foot that way. Many of the youth skates even have a sizing feature printed onto the insole.
  2. True. But there can be minor drawbacks to this. Besides the need to get access to a manual sharpener, it's also possible that the radius can get mucked up with the initial manual sharpen. Of course, if you're getting your blades profiled with the initial sharpen, the latter point is probably moot.
  3. The higher quality steels, such as Step, I run about 12 cycles. Lower quality steels, I run 10. Might be more than necessary, but I've sharpened too little before and it's not pretty when you get on the ice...lol.
  4. Sadly, I think you are right. I think Hank's pro career is over. So unfortunate that he might not get to win a Cup. He's my favorite player, and I was rooting for him to go to a contender and win the Cup, a la Bourque. Rumors are (and just rumors) that if he retires, he'll be offered a front office position with the NYR.
  5. Yeah. You're right....it's not a fogging issue. It's definitely a condensation issue. I suspect one of the pros to the UA mask is that it's more breathable, cause it has some gaps near the nose, but my exhales escape there and right up into the visor. I wonder if maybe wearing something tighter along the nose/bridge line would help stop the condensation. I've noticed players who wear surgical masks and visors don't have any issues, so maybe I'll try one of those next time out.
  6. So I wore a helmet w/ a half shield today, and I had my UA mask on as well, and the visor just kept fogging and condensing. Had to constantly wipe it. Any ideas of how to help with this issue? Would wearing a different type of mask help, since the UA mask allows more "breathability" from the nose area? The UA mask works great when wearing a cage, but with a visor, having issues.
  7. But then you get hooked to ModSquad and start to buy gear, and more gear, then gear you think you need but don't, then gear you don't need at all.... lol.
  8. I would only buy a used elite level stick if 1) I could inspect it and 2) it cost no more than $60. To be honest, most players cannot tell the difference between a mid-level vs an elite stick.
  9. Straightening out a curve might be tougher than putting more curve or changing the curve, but you would do it with a propane torch or heat gun. Move the heat quickly on the blade, especially if using a torch, and then mold using the bottom of a strong door. Be extra careful with the wooden blades that have the fiberglass coating on them.
  10. Come to think of it, it does sound more like a metallic rattle than a plastic rattle. Doesn't seem to compromise the integrity of the thumb though.
  11. Out of warranty. Been using them for 2 years now. Glove is fine, but the rattle is annoying. On a side note, wondering when the next line of CCM gloves (FT2?) will come out?
  12. CCM Jetspeed FT1 gloves. Noticed a rattling sound in the thumb of one of the gloves. Glove doesn't seem compromised and seems like the hard plastic inserts are intact. Possibly a small piece of the hard plastic cracked off and is now bouncing around inside? Any thoughts, and any way to get it out?
  13. Just contact CCM's customer service. Unless it's an older gen or pro stock, they should be able to exchange the stick for the exact same stick under warranty. They'll pay for shipping both ways if they approve the exchange, and depending on where you are, it can take as little as 2-3 days to get a replacement once they receive the defective item. In my few instances exchanging defective items direct with CCM, they have been nothing but great to work with. No hassles. They even threw in a free hat once...lol. If you just exchange it, you won't have anything to worry about.
  14. I could be totally wrong but whenever I heard a "crackle" sound with a CCM stick, it's usually the outer carbon fiber layer seperating. Happens usually on the toe of the blade though....never had it happen to the shaft. I would just get it exchanged and not worry about it anymore. CCM is great in terms of replacing defective equipment. I've always have had no hassles with them when replacing items under warranty.
  15. CLs are great as well as the RBZ line.
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