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  1. If your ring is done, it will start to spark when you dress the wheel. Also would probably look shiny in the center. Otherwise you can clean the ring, or you could try a different grinding wheel. I've definitely had the rare occasion where something is wrong with the grinding wheel.
  2. I find that they never answer the phone, but if you email them with your contact info, they will eventually contact you.
  3. Sparx Fire is ok. Nothing revolutionary. It's not better than FBV, but I switched to it cause the convenience of the Sparx vs hand sharpening on a Blackstone was worth it enough to me. FBV has better glide, but not THAT much better. Give and take.
  4. From my understanding, it's not many cause it's a PIA for the EQMs, and the fact that the edges are more prone to being lost isn't very popular in the pro ranks. Only NHLer (past or present) that comes to mind is Cory Stillman.
  5. Seems a bit excessive for him to be worrying about edge feel from tiny little nicks, etc. but if it affects his confidence, it affects his confidence. I use both Step Blacksteel, Step Stainless, CCM and Bauer steel in the family. I find the major difference is not it's durability, but how they sharpen. The higher end steel sharpens cleaner with less "fight" on the sharpener. Not as much de-burring necessary either. (with Blacksteel, virtually no burrs) But on the ice, nicks/gouges are gonna damage any blade. Remember, the edges are like microscopic and any trauma will mess up an edge. My best guess is that he's just dealing with more contact at higher speed...
  6. It happens all the time, but like others said, it's not heavily advertised. I have gone into big box retailers and definitely seen lower prices on items than advertised on their websites. Not just with hockey.
  7. From what everyone is saying, it sounds like it's a good product but not worth the price in comparison to regular stick tape. If it was incredibly durable and lasted for a long time, then I think I would purchase it for the price. Thanks all.
  8. Hey all. Has anyone tried this product? https://www.rezzteknorthamerica.com I think PBH posted about this in the past, but it's now finally for sale to the general public. Pretty expensive, especially compared to tape. Wondering if anyone has any experience with it.
  9. I used to use Superfeet, but when I switched to True, I just use the stock blue insoles (no red) and it's fine.
  10. Hey. If putting on blockers means you never get hit in the foot again, I'm all for it!
  11. These look awesome. And this company has top notch customer service.
  12. Not to sound critical, but if a 5-6 year old kid is getting frustrated because he/she is a stronger player than the rest of the group...something has already gone wrong.
  13. I use the UA mask, and it pretty comfortable when I'm on the ice, since it sits off the face a bit. I find it allows better ventilation and comfort than other masks. It does get wet and can exacerbate fogging visor problems, but I find that since it sits off your face, you don't feel the wetness of the mask when wearing it.
  14. I love my RBZs too, and at least with CCM I don't think anything that came after it feels like it. Honestly, a lot of it I think comes from the crossover strapping. The closest thing that feels like RBZ unfortunately, is the Crazy Lite line before it.
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