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  1. Running every other day, and on days I'm not doing that, might do some slide board and work on some stickhandling on my tiles. Learned how to get the puck onto my blade with the digging under it method to set up for a lacrosse goal, but only with a naked blade. But it's a different animal doing it on the ice.
  2. As soon as hockey stopped, I started to run every other day. I now do 4 days a week for about 2.5 miles up and down hills around my area. Sometimes it’s a constant pace run with no stops. Other times, it’s an interval training run where I run full tilt up the hills, walk over to the next street or lane and jog down. On the days I’m not running, I might do a little time in the slideboard if I’m feeling good and I do some stickhandling with a few limited shots. My set up isn’t really set up for shooting. Cardio-wise, I’m probably in the best shape I’ve been since I was in high school. Weightwise, I’m down about 3-5 lbs. I’ve been kind of seesawing with that. I wanted to lose about 10lbs. But wondering if some of what’s happening is that I’ve gained some muscle. In terms of eating, I’m eating better. It’s been easier simplifying my diet since I’m cooking everything myself now. Less salt. More salad. I’ve also been doing some 12-16 hr fasting.
  3. It takes a special type of goalie to drive with gear on.
  4. Do you do stretches after your run? I started jogging when isolation went into effect. For the first month, after each run, I realized I needed to do a nice stretch on everything in around the hips, especially the area right around my kidneys. I'd also take a nice hot shower or bath to keep things loose. If I didn't, things would become just a little more uncomfortable each time I ran.
  5. For me, I think of cutting stick and flex the way the True engineer describes it in this video. I find thinking of it in terms of leverage makes it simpler to compare sticks.
  6. For me, Warrior feels 5-10 flex lighter than every thing else. I find True and Bauer to be similar to each other and CCM to feel slightly stiffer than Bauer/True.
  7. I'll just make my own. It's easy, see.
  8. I had this happen to me this past January. Went right through my gloves. Not fun. Nurse said, "This is what we call a partial amputation." It's your life, but as some who just went through a broken/partially amputated pinky tip from beer league, count yourself lucky and get gloves that protect you properly. I was wearing gloves and the slash went right through the padding in my glove. I've been playing 35+ years, and this is the first time anything like this has happened, but I don't want to know what it would have been like if I wasn't wearing gloves. It's been four months, and though the bones are healed up, the torn flesh still doesn't feel or look right. If you're worried about clunky gloves, I'd suggest asking your local hockey shop to add some padding to the top of your ring finger. Any ways, I'll shut up now.
  9. The pic looks like the ones I have. They're velcro. https://www.amazon.ca/Elite-Hockey-Lace-Bite-Gel/dp/B00VEEVV2M/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=lace+bite+pad&qid=1587587924&sr=8-6
  10. If you like the glide, have you considered playing around more with your profile? If you want more bite and want to keep the glide, get a flatter profile. You may loose a bit of agility, but that might not affect you much if at all in the long run. But at the end of the day there’s no free lunch. It’s about what you want to sacrifice to get a gain. For me, I played around with profile, hollow, and pitch until I got dialled in on what I wanted.
  11. For me, it's been the opposite. The more shallow I went, the less often I would need to sharpen my skates, because it's harder to ding them up. For reference I went from 5/8 to 3/4 to 13/16 and am on a 13/26 radius. I can go for a month or two without sharpening, and I was on the ice for 3-4 times a week. Have you considered that maybe the shallower hollow isn't right for you?
  12. First thing you can try is to take some footage of yourself shooting and see if you're doing what you think you're doing. Sometimes, we're not as low as we think we are, or we're not doing something as much as it feels like we're doing it. Sometimes, even though it feels like we're over exaggerating, it turns out it's still not enough. Second, I used a p92 and a p28. Shooting low isn't exactly my goto, but here are some things that came to mind. - Release a little earlier. Drive the puck hard, but shorten up on your follow through. -Try releasing off different parts of the blade. With a p92, if it's on the toe, it's going up. Maybe a little more off the middle of the blade or even the heel. -Try more of a sweeping follow through. What I mean by that is, try and keep the toe of the blade on the ice even on the follow through. - Try getting the top hand out more away from your body. The further out your top hand is the more it closes the blade and reduces the initial loft of the blade on the start of the shot. And finally, maybe try looking at some NHL video of players shooting 5-hole. See if you can pick up some things that you can try. Here's one I found. Some are dekes, but there are some nice low shots mixed in.
  13. Have you considered that you can address the lace bite in the Vapors with eyelet extenders or option B skate straps? I use the latter, and they're great. Ugly as heck, but my feet thank me for them. If you don't want to try and work with the Vapors and would rather get new skates, IMHO, right now, I'd stop and think about what you're doing. You've got into two new pairs skates so far in the hopes they work, but they didn't. You're about to get into a third skate, without any guarantees that they'll work either, because you're having trouble finding stock to try on, which sucks. I'd start doing the math on how much you've spent. How much you're about to spend, and compare that to what it would cost to get custom skates, and think about if that might be a better to save up and go with that option.
  14. My feet are really small, so I'm in junior skates. There are no skates that fit me properly, while still passing the pencil test, unless I go custom. I dealt with lace bite on and off for quite a long time, while trying all the solutions under the sun. Hands down best solution I found were Option B skate straps. http://www.chooseoptionb.com/ They're ugly as damnation, but they work like a charm. My skates fit like a dream now. No pain or pressure anywhere. Because of the way they're installed, they give the boot about 1/2 cm more height.
  15. If it performs like or is similar to blade tape, then IMHO, its a decent deal for $5 per tape job. Blade tape lasts forever for me. And if this is more durable and provides similar grip, this is will definitely be something I'll use. Can't wait to hear everyone's opinions.
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