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  1. Is it a problem if they actually make improvements? For example, the FT5 Pro has improved durability IMO over the FT4 Pro. All-new Sigmatex material. I'd prefer CCM produce and release a new model each year with improvements than double production on the older model with still contains it's flaws (in the above example durability issues with the FT4 Pro). In 2020, the Trigger 5 Pro was released and wasn't received particularly well. I'm sure Ribcore fans were happy to see an improved Trigger 6 Pro in 2021 and didn't have to wait until 2022 for an improved model. I only see annual stick releases as an issue if the manufacturer isn't making any innovations or improvements and the new release is basically a repaint. For example, I found there was almost zero difference between the Trigger 2 PMT and the Trigger 3D. There were slight changes but they were so minimal it wasn't noticeable.
  2. I picked up a True Project X Pro Stock (Stephane Patry - PXS) in a 75 flex last year around this time. P19-ish curve. I was coming from a Retail Jetspeed FT2 which I liked so much I had already purchased a back-up. The day after breaking my first FT2 I came across the Project X pro stock at my LHS and couldn't resist and never cut the back-up FT2. Anyways the Project X is the best stick I've ever used. As great as the FT2 is/was, I liked the Project X even more. Great feel, balance and incredible shooter. Outstanding performance. However, The very first game I took a slash to the stick down low which made a large chip in the mat finish. I used the stick roughly 3 times a week for about 3 months. Taking a quick snap-shot during warm-up the blade broke clean off right where that slash occurred 3 months prior. The Project X falls in line with most True sticks I've used. Performance is great, durability doesn't hold up vs. CCM (I haven't used any Warrior or Bauer in many years).
  3. Sticks is generally CCM. Other than a couple True pro stocks all I've used since 2017 is CCM sticks. Skates is Bauer. Been that way since a bad experience with CCM way back in 1995-96. Protective is all over the place, mostly CCM and Bauer (little bit of old Koho and STX sprinkled in) Can't say I've ever liked any Warrior or True protective I've tried on.
  4. I did the same thing. Figured worst case I won't lose on it if I never use it and decide to sell. Although I wish I had bought 2 like yourself, I grabbed just 1 and then picked up another from PHL last week after reading this thread.
  5. Weird yes, but I used these back in Bantam in the mid-1990s with a Bauer Composite shaft. Kept two blades in my bag and could change them out in seconds. The lock-jaw system actually worked really well.
  6. Didn't the LS4 have durability issues and were prone to breakage? I'd go with LS Pulse or even drop down to LS3.
  7. Are Superfeet Carbons available where you are located? I find they pitch you forward a little bit and may help alleviate your problem.
  8. CCM used to produce this line of insoles. I would imagine they could be trimmed to fit a Bauer skate if need be. https://www.hockeymonkey.com/ccm-hockey-accessory-custom-support-insoles-sr.html
  9. Are you just general skating? Or are you playing hockey? If you are just general skating and the skates fit tand are comfortable hose Koho's you have should be fine. Chances are they are a better quality product than the lowest end new skates are today. You'll probably learn better skating technique in a softer skate like these as compared to a higher end stiffer skate anyways. If you are playing hockey I'd probably recommend newer skates. Confidence is huge part of playing and having skates that you are questioning their effectiveness won't help confidence on the ice. But don't go too stiff or your muscles won't learn proper skating technique.
  10. Going from my Nexus 5000s (with Pro Sublimated TPR) to my Nexus 7000s (with full composite outsole) I found the difference in stability and comfort quite noticeable. It's even more noticeable the rare times I have to break out the 5000s for a game or two when my 7000s were getting some repair done. I don't know how TPR compares to TPU but any future Bauer skates purchases the composite outsole is a must. I wouldn't go back to a plastic outsole.
  11. I never got to skate in them, just tried them on at the local hockey shop. To give this context I'm a Nexus fit guy. When I bought my skates back in late 2014, I tried on Vapor, Supreme and Nexus (all in D width) in that order. The Vapor and Supreme didn't fit well and when I put on the Nexus I knew immediately that those were for me. Like it wasn't even close. The three nuances that struck me this time around from a fit perspective was: 1) They say "Fit 3" is like a Nexus fit but it's much more an "EE" fit than it is a Nexus fit. If I'm a Nexus user looking at new skates I wouldn't automatically assume that because you fit a Nexus that Fit 3 is the right fit for you. 2) I didn't find a huge amount of difference when trying Fit 1 vs. Fit 2 in a particular model of skate. Just a bit more volume in Fit 2. 3) The strange one for me was I automatically assumed coming from Nexus that Supreme would be the correct line for me, just a matter of finding the right size and fit/width. But it was the opposite. I found the Vapors fit me better than the Supremes did, especially in the heel pocket and the ankle wrap.
  12. I had that video confused with this video. Enjoy your reviews BTW keep it up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvfbeIb2cuU
  13. I agree. I think Hockey Review guy on Youtube ripped apart a recent pair of Bauer gloves to show all the instances where Bauer has downgraded the material to something cheaper (while increasing the overall price of the glove each year). Same with Bauer shin-pads. I have a pair of 1S shins with Curv Composite protecting the shin and I don't believe Bauer uses Curv in their shinpads anymore and have gone back to hard plastic throughout. Yet prices have only gone up and not all due to inflation.
  14. I'm a Bauer skate guy and I've recently went skate shopping for a new pair. Bit of background when I got back into playing recreational hockey in 2015 my first skates were the Bauer Nexus 5000s (2014-15) which I used for three seasons than upgraded to the Bauer 7000s (2014-15) while on clearance. Going to the 7000s with the tech-mesh boot and full composite outsole the upgrade was very noticeable. I had an injury (broken heel and high ankle sprain) back in late May and when I started playing again this fall I wanted to explore new skates as my 7000s now have four seasons on them. Looking for a bit more stability. Focusing on Bauer I tried on the Mach, the M5 Pro and the M4. Also tried on the Hyperlite, 3X pro and 3X. And my first impression of all of these skates.........they feel cheap. They felt more "disposable" and flimsy in that they were built for performance but not for long-lasting comfort and durability. Particularly the M5 Pros when compared to my old Nexus 7000s as they were both from the "2nd price point". I didn't see or feel the quality there when compared to skates from the same price point basically as 2-3 generations of skates ago. Granted one skate is tech-mesh and one is Curv Composite. So I ended up finding a new pair of Nexus 2Ns (2018-19) online and on clearance. While I haven't had a chance to try them yet (in the process of swapping out the tongues) my first reaction is they are a better quality skate than the current M5 Pro judging by the materials and finish. But yet not quite as durable or of the quality of my older Nexus 7000s. All really from the same price point (2nd from the top) just different years (2014 vs. 2018 vs. 2022). My impression of Bauer skates is while prices keep creeping higher every year, the quality of materials used in the skates construction is decreasing with each passing generation. Sure each passing generation will likely get lighter and stiffer, but will you get the comfort and usage/durability out of skates that customers have become accustomed to? I'm not so sure.
  15. I can't get used to Thinnies and have been using the Bauer low-cut skate socks now for several years. They are the happy medium for me between Thinnies and normal socks. I like the Bauer socks overall but I will say that I've owned Bauer socks from 2015 (black, blue and silver) and 2017 (red and black) and I find the current season Bauer socks are not of the same quality as years prior. I bought 3 pairs and for two socks they developed holes along the bottom portion of the leg within the first couple times using them from pulling the sock up and the sock ripped and the small holes formed. I don't think the material they are using is of the same quality and durability of years past.
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