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  1. McDavid's skates are definitely an old model but they are not a low end model by any stretch of the imagination. Connor's skates were the CCM Cadillac back in 2015
  2. Whats funny is that Connor is still skating with his original Jetspeed skates released......8 years ago! I dont know of any NHL player who still skates in a model released earlier than that and Connor is objectively the best skater and subjectively the best player of all time.
  3. i bought them. They look really good, cant wait to try them out.
  4. damn..thats cold...Blackstone increased their free shipping threshold from $150 to $250.....and the regular shipping options are nonsensical , $60 to $120 😒
  5. anybody knows how these 2 are different? i dont like gimmicks, actually i cant stand gimmicks, and also, i dont like carbon which i dont think is a gimmick but i dont like it, but I like high height for my steel so im debating between the old LS4 and what i think is the newer runner thats the closest to it, so im guessing its the Tuuk Lightspeed Pulse Edge. couldnt find much info online as to how these 2 are different or if one is just replacing the other
  6. Damn youre the real O.G. here. You really bought it as soon as it came out. As you said, the machine still looks, feels and runs like brand new even after a decade of use. The only difference is that we are more skilled sharpeners now.
  7. wow...2022.. im 12 years strong on my Blackstone X02.. still loving it since 2010 😚
  8. i was thinking of buying these...but the comments here are not encouraging. Anybody likes them a lot compared to Vapors of the past couple years?
  9. Anybody had any chance of trying to sharpen the new Ls5 blades with the X02 using the usual ruby and orange wheels? Its similar to the carbon based blackedge blade that i tried to sharpen a couple years ago but for some reason it wouldnt hold its edge more than 1 game. Maybe its because i mostly play outdoors and maybe carbon doesnt hold that kind of surface
  10. why do you use better skates for officiating than for playing lol?
  11. you have to go in rehab...its not right to spend 3 hours + on a single knob job. get some help
  12. i just want to say that in the end Blackstone was very nice to me in the way that they handled my situation...very professional. Thanks!
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