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  1. Damn youre the real O.G. here. You really bought it as soon as it came out. As you said, the machine still looks, feels and runs like brand new even after a decade of use. The only difference is that we are more skilled sharpeners now.
  2. wow...2022.. im 12 years strong on my Blackstone X02.. still loving it since 2010
  3. i was thinking of buying these...but the comments here are not encouraging. Anybody likes them a lot compared to Vapors of the past couple years?
  4. Anybody had any chance of trying to sharpen the new Ls5 blades with the X02 using the usual ruby and orange wheels? Its similar to the carbon based blackedge blade that i tried to sharpen a couple years ago but for some reason it wouldnt hold its edge more than 1 game. Maybe its because i mostly play outdoors and maybe carbon doesnt hold that kind of surface
  5. i do that too.. all my sticks have a 1inch 1/4 wood plug. ive been doing that for 3 years or so. i discovered it by chance....i just realized that the sticks i was playing with were too short for me so i put an inch wood plug into one to try a longer length but expecting a worse feeling stick, but i was astonished at how much better feeling the puck felt. it probably reduces vibrations or something, not sure exactly what it is but wow, it feels so much better. Dont go with the composite extensions, wood is the way to go. Back in the days, Easton was selling their top synergies with wood plugs, but they stopped doing it i dont know when. i bought a bunch of prostock sticks recently, and a lot of them had a 3 inch wood extension coming with them. never went back to leaving sticks with just the little plastic cap.
  6. i tried super hard to stop making those but manufacturers pricing keeps reaching new highs
  7. god damn.......is there gonna be an end to this? the most expensive stick i ever saw was the S19 at $319 a couple years ago. the first stick to rock my conscience price wise was the $200 original synergy (kinda worth it when you think about it in hindsight). and the $300 orange sicore... but now this is getting ridiculous...common CCM. you do make the best sticks on the market right now but please... thats $379 after taxes
  8. 320 per stick? sounds good, count me in for a couple dozens, im gonna do a second mortgage on my house
  9. only Lil Wayne and Bill Gates can afford top end hockey sticks nowadays
  10. i know hockey sticks pretty well. they're my favorite piece of equipment. im canadian and ive been playing ice hockey for 25 years. to answer your question, in terms of performance, a top end stick of 5 or even 7 years ago will be light years ahead of the current year's mid-end in terms of performance. you'll also notice that they're always lighter by a decent amount than any years' middle line. But as others have pointed out, any years mid-range stick will probably be more durable since those heavier sticks tend to use a higher percentage of fiberglass which is a solid material but gives you a heavier stick and less puck feel. my all time favorite sticks are high end Eastons from 2008 (SE16) up to 2012 (original Mako) and the CCM tacks of 2014. if you gave me $1000 today to spend on a single stick, i'd buy one of those.. i dont feel like sticks are getting better year after year in a straight line... its more like the stock market...its an upward trend over long periods of time for sure, but you have ups and downs over the years. if you take in your hands the original top end CCM tacks (2014) which has been on sale for $150 for quite a while, you'll noticed right away how great of a stick this is.. crazy light to the point they cant really make it any lighter year after year...unbelievably balanced, superb puck feel. there's no way in hell that today's Super Tacks 6052 or 4052 are better than this. im pretty sure even the top super tacks wont be as good. And in the NHL, you'll notice countless pros using 4 years old or more high end sticks, but NEVER current year's mid-range sticks. and as others have said too..once you go top end, its hard to go back... so its a dangerous and expensive game. and you need skills to justify spending crazy amounts of money. a beginner wont improve his game that much regardless of the amount of money that he spends. at lower levels its wiser to spend on extra shinny sessions or a stickhandling surface pad...but a skilled player will never be as good as he can be unless he uses top end gear for skates and sticks. thats just a fact.
  11. im a huge easton lover....not a huge fan or their most recent sticks though. i think their best sticks were made during the SE16 days ..........and this GX looks a lot like it has those checkered bauer blades...... i want easton to remain independent of thought from Bauer. seems like they have the 1N for Nexus, 1S for supreme, 1X for Vapor...and now 1E for Easton
  12. why do you use better skates for officiating than for playing lol?
  13. you have to go in rehab...its not right to spend 3 hours + on a single knob job. get some help
  14. i just want to say that in the end Blackstone was very nice to me in the way that they handled my situation...very professional. Thanks!
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