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  1. Cool, looks promising. Definitely lighter.
  2. Need to find a blade replacement so if anyone recognises it please let me know...
  3. Who knows what kind of blades are these? https://imgur.com/a/I6FaZ2r
  4. I am a coach. Have 4 pairs of blades. Ls4, Stepsteel stainless and Black stepsteel, fairblades too. Also do sharpening in my club and my boy who is 13. My advise would be unless you need a spare set of blades do not bother. From my personal experience you do can tell the difference but it is not relevant. The more important is to have a right profile and good quality sharpening.
  5. OMG! That is why I keep my lead off (I know, I know - it is dangerous) and vacuum it after every use.
  6. After consulting Blackstone can tell you that X02 is still there. It is just not on a new website yet.
  7. F series is a differnt class both performance and pricewise. Also is interested to know if X series are discontinued or just temporary suspended.
  8. I profile my runners with Greg at Puckstop Sheffield. They have a Prosharp there. And Blackstone to sharpen the blades if you need FBV.
  9. Thank you. I was thinking the same tbh. Best Quality for the budget. Will go to the shop and try them all to decide. It takes five hours to get there so need to arrive fully prepared. Again, appreciate all opinions...
  10. Thank you for the feedback. Really appreciate that. Another question: do we know blade profile which comes on Truestock Steps and on new Shifts?
  11. Currently he is on Vapor X800. Weight is 77 lb.
  12. He plays AAA and I really need some advise on the matter, please....
  13. He plays AAA
  14. Hi there! Need a piece of advise from experts who saw TF7. Our local shop sells True stock with Step steel and previous holder. They also start offering TF7. The price is similar. Which one you recommend them for 12 years old boy?
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