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    Modified CCM Tacks 9060
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    Warrior Covert
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    Bauer IMS 5.0
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    CCM FT370LE
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    CCM FT370LE
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    CCM FT370LE
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    CCM FT370LE

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  1. I have had the FV1 for a little while now and really like it. I intentionally tried to fog it up on one of the hotter days in the rink at a drop-in and it didn’t. Even when others have fogged hybrids, I have no issues. I have only ever used a cage before the FV1 and appreciate that it is lighter and the visibility. I have it installed on a medium Bauer IMS 5.0. I had to swap to the J-clips that came with the FV1 to get a good fit, which I assume is expected. The chin strap and pad stay in place nicely, and lock in tight when adjusted which I like. I have read some reviews of issues with the chin pad on other bubbles. I treat it just like any motorcycle visor. Clean with water and a microfiber, haven’t done anything else to it. No anti-fog spray etc. Seems fairly scratch resistant and I keep my helmet in the provided bag while transporting. I’d recommend giving it a shot if it fits well when you first get it. I kept mine with the stickers on to try it on first before deciding to keep it. Ordered from PureHockey, and would have been able to return it if needed.
  2. Helmet: Bauer IMS 5.0 with Profile I Cage Elbows: CCM Jetspeed FT370 LE Shoulders: CCM Jetspeed FT370 LE Shins: CCM Jetspeed FT370 LE Gloves: Warrior Covert Clutch Skates: CCM Tacks 9060 w/ 3D printed spacer and custom black tongues (Kind of wishing I had bought a higher level skate. I have some issues with them digging into my ankles on the side.) Pants: CCM Jetspeed FT370 LE Sticks: Fischer CT150 80 flex ( First twig to start playing, looking to upgrade once a get a good feel for everything)
  3. Due to its position I find that pretty unlikely. There are no torsional forces acting on the thumbscrew, and videos I have seen it appears to have a ratcheting function to it. That should be plenty to hold it in place. It also appears to have a pretty significant amount of travel before the blade frees up and can come out of the holder. I think these would be far less likely to pop out than the LS Edge. If you watch a video of these in action it appears to be a "bar", about 20-30mm (1"-1.5") through the back opening of the skate that has teeth on the bottom of it with a worm gear in the thumbscrew. If it is a tight enough fit in the opening of the holder any force from a puck hitting the thumbscrew directly would transfer to the body of the holder. Since the holder is Nylon I'd be more worried about the whole mechanism fitting more loosely than it binding. You'd be far more likely to strip out the thumbscrew than for it to potentially bind up, but even that seems okay since there is no real resistance against it. It also looks like there is a hole in the back of the bar that would allow you to force it apart if you really needed too. The added benefit being that CCM will have replacement parts. I'd love to get my hands on a set to take apart and give a perspective from an engineering standpoint. Is anyone willing to take apart theirs and snap some photos?
  4. Just genetic I guess. There’s a lot of possible theories about improper nutrition causing unequal growth plate length and stuff like that. I think it is just genetics. You can see right below my left knee where my growth plate turned into a bump rather than my bone getting longer. It’s pretty common to have a slight length discrepancy, but most people never notice. I crushed my big toe on that side while in the Army, and I think that combined with the length being slightly off changed my gait enough to cause the stress fractures. If it weren’t for that it probably never would have caused a problem and I never would have known.
  5. Never Ending 240Z Project on my instagram for the car. Going with a VH45DE from an Infiniti, 6 speed from a 370Z, rear end from an R32 GTR, and a whole lot of other upgrades. Should be fun once I get through all the body work.
  6. Yes! My left leg is 7.5 mm shorter, and I have been using a lifted custom insole for 6-7 years. I originally found out because I was subconsciously compensating by walking on the outside of my left foot, and I ended up with stress fractures. I noticed after my first couple of skates that my lower back and knee felt off, but I didn't want the lift in the boot which would throw off the fit of the skate.
  7. 3D printed this spacer for my skate since I didn't want to use an orthopedic insole. Used Carbon reinforced Nylon, and swapped to stainless T-nuts and screws.
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