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  1. What I found more interesting is that Crosby and Ovechkin use the same gear that they've had for years and the only changes appear to be new straps, shoulder caps that meet the the league regulations, etc.
  2. Bombay has been away so long, he forgot how to dress and tape his sticks.
  3. Thanks to all for your help regarding the Jetspeed shins. I was thinking about switching to lighter shins but after all of your feedback, I will stick with my Reebok 10Ks.
  4. Sorry to hijack the thread, but does anyone know how the Jetspeed shins hold up for protection? Thanks.
  5. I remember years ago, Hespeler had a stick that had rubber on the blade and it was supposed to give you better feel for the puck.
  6. The Sport Cheks in my area still sell the helmet but they are passed the year on the CSA sticker.
  7. Stark DC9, or Sher-Wood 5030
  8. Under Armour lost the core shorts license recently. It went back to the original designer/inventor; they are based in BC (like you and me) and they just make the shorts- not the hockey versions. Your best bet is to see if you can find the UA hockey ones on close out somewhere or try Winners.
  9. I tried it on and found it to be a lot deeper than the Alpha Pro.
  10. I have a wide head and I use the Warrior Alpha One Pro helmet.
  11. Some players have the branding on their helmets in a team color instead of the standard black or white.
  12. That all black model is called "Threat Level Midnight".
  13. Aren't the Bauer Vapor and CCM Jetspeed series low profile? Those might be what you are looking for.
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