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  1. We can easily figure that out by measuring the height of the runner and see how many passes it takes to cut it down say a full 1/2 inch. Volunteers?
  2. I do suppose that's right. Interestingly, the 2 additional passes have made it less sharp again. I can't quite tell a difference yet between this 3/4 and 5/8 I had been used to. At least not after 1 [coaching] skate. Bottom line - it takes 4 passes or more to change a hollow going shallower. 2 doesn't cut it.
  3. I've done 2 more passes (total 4 each skate) and will test this afternoon. But I've been thinking more logically about this. If I was on 5/8, the hollow would be deeper than when I apply a new sharpening of 3/4. That 3/4 pass or two, if it doesn't reach down to the current hollow of 5/8, will effectively just make the 2 edges flatter & wider than it was. And that's why I was feeling more bite.
  4. How many passes to change your sharpening? I used the sharpie method and after 1 pass it was completely gone so that's unreliable IMO. I'm trying to change from 5/8 fire to 3/4 fire (more glide). I did 2 passes each skate and it actually felt waaay sharper while skating than 5/8 and even when I used 1/2 fire in the past. Lots of leg fatigue in a game. Maybe it's some crazy in between because I didn't do enough passes?
  5. I did the Tydan assessment and they recommended a Bauer Pulse DLC (diamond-like-carbon coating) and CagOne 35/65 profile. I checked their shop and it's all Bauer. What happened to their own steel? https://tydanblades.com/collections/player-blades Is that any different than the Pulse steel that comes on something like a Supreme 3S Pro skate?
  6. Curious about how the pros get 'er done too. I've seen the Crosby/Penguins equipment guy video and maybe 1 other.
  7. I think they're just saying by doing the very next eyelet "outside in", you are essentially skipping the crossing of the laces entirely in the 1 area (where the lacebite occurs). You can see the bypassed part in the video.
  8. I have a Sparx so I use the stone afterward on our skates. One skate has the LS Pulse steel. Are we supposed to use a honing stone against steel with that mirror finish? Because I think it looks marred now. Does the leather strop actually do anything? Am I supposed to use both on regular steel (LS3/LS4)? Only the leather on mirrored & carbon steel because that is the only compromise?
  9. Thanks & understood - I've started the topic in a more appropriate location now.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has ever compared skating with and without the top eyelet on their skates done up. I've been skating for almost 15 years, but in the last 3+ years, I've left off the top eyelet when tying my skates. Instantly I felt so much more freedom to do agile turns, lower forward lean (deeper knee bend?), and everything associated with it. I've even got my kids (starting Bantam) doing it and they like it too. But my question is whether or not this has a negative effect on anything else like generating speed from a full stride. Some players like it tied super tight all the way up and I always thought it was personal preference, but I'm genuinely curious if I'm hampering myself now as far as pushes coming out of turns or straight-line speed. Skating/speed is such a technical thing so every little detail seems to affect something. Thoughts?
  11. Turned out to be completely trouble-free on the ice. Go figure.
  12. I guess that's what I'm asking as far as how much to sharpen until they're acceptable. Do you just do a specific number of passes and call it a day regardless of how it looks?
  13. Question regarding acceptable sharpening. LS1 steel on my kids' skate is easily chipped. Have dealt with this numerous times and I'm upgrading their next pair for sure. But I can never tell when something like this is actually going to affect their skating. If I brought it to a pro shop, they would just keep sharpening it down until it was completely gone, but with the Sparx, even after 3 passes it remains and I'm not about to go nuts on something that may not affect his skating all that much. How do you ever tell when it will, because it doesn't always? Yes I've used the honing stone on it already... https://i.imgur.com/HruwXt5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/eOenq9c.jpg And to the contrary, I've done 1 pass to perfectly smooth edges (by fingertip feel & visual check) and it actually performed worse as far as holding a turn. So it seems there's no way to tell other than to skate on it or just sharpen a whole bunch of times to be sure. Fire 1/2 ring in case you're wondering.
  14. Kid broke another Trigger 5 Pro so going back to Bauer. I see the Flylite is now on clearance/sale. Does that mean a new line for low-kickpoint is coming out? What/when?
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