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    Vapor X7.0 LE
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    Bauer Supreme One100
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    Vapor X:60
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    Easton E700
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    Reebook 5k
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    Vapor 10
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    Reebook 6k
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  1. 1. Vapor X 7.0 (went back to Vapor after One80 affair) 2. Vapor XX (skate that felt close to the 10-90, had quit playing for 10 years) 3. Supreme One80 (thought I'd like them better than Vapor, fit well in LHS, too much movement at rink) 4. Micron Mega 10-90 (redline version)
  2. Price is a relative thing as they say. I thought I read where the FBV holds an edge longer, therefore you would need less sharpenings, reducing your total cost of ownership. Additionally, I don't see why you would offer the FBV as the same price as ROH. You have a differentiated product/service, which commands a premium, how much is really the question.
  3. Great post! Can you comment on an earlier post that claims Visa/MC doesn't allow minimums? I still see lots of stores with paper signs saying $x.xx credit card minimum. The cafe in my office building used to have one, now they don't even need a signature for anything under $15!
  4. Not to sound like a prick, but that is the cost of sales (returns and cc fees). You need to build that into your model. If you didn't accept credit cards, I bet a dollar to a donut your sales would dip. What percentage of your sales is $100 or more? Nobody carries that kind of cash on them these days, and when I do, use it for parking, fast food, etc. I'd set the CC minimum at $25 at a hockey shop.
  5. Fusion steel... called marketing.... Like StepSteel's Velocity...
  6. Not fake... http://www.greatskate.com/product/id/9023/...ckey-Skate.aspx Called SE instead of LE.
  7. I actually just started buying CCM stuff from the 08 cat... took me a while to get used to the C geometry... but love the Ovie curve... picked up some V10 gloves on clearance and very happy with those.... I've been on the fence to replace my Vapor XX's with the U+....
  8. Anyone know if the FBV is available in the Western PA/Pittsburgh area?
  9. Will the FX line compare to the MaxPRO, or are we giving up quality for looks??? Bought a pair of XXX's in Dec and not sure I'm pleased with them and have liked what I've read about Sande's... but if I'm going to shell out the dough for Sande's, do I want an FX or MaxPRO?
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