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  1. Absolutely loved the DX! Shame the LX was a step backward in quality
  2. The 2x pros were some of the worst elbow pads I’ve ever used. They never stayed in place and the funky/bulbous elbow pad would get hung up on my jerseys and felt like it would move if I fell on it. The curv composite forearm wrap was great tho. I say this because the new hyperlite line got rid of the only seemingly redeemable feature the 2x pros had (curv composite). Not sure why anyone would opt for this elbow pad vs any other brands/options on the market. Check out the FT4 if you want mobility and low profile. While they’re not what I look for in a pad, I’ve heard good things about the new ASV line as well
  3. Can’t speak to the protective aspect of them as I didn’t get hit or take any pucks to the chest when I owned a pair. They were light, fit great, and moved extremely well. For me they didn’t breathe well at all and that was the deal breaker as I already run hot. Wore Quicklites for about 6 years prior that breathed much better. Ended up selling the FT4 Pros and going back to the CLs which also breathe better
  4. I wish CCM or True would offer the white cap on retail skates for roller. Bright/loud skates would fit in perfectly!
  5. Pre-bake, I thought to myself, ‘there’s no way these things are going to fit’ when I got my TF9s. Like you said, toes were smashed hard into the cap. Once baked, they open up and fit perfectly length-wise. I went from 8.5D in Bauer to 8R in True.
  6. Totally agree. The new hyperlite got rid of a lot of protective elements the previous generation had. When I checked them out in store, they were very flimsy and felt poorly made compared to older models. They look terrible too (like a toilet bowl around your neck), but it's not like you can see them when you're playing so that doesn't really matter. It's a shame because I used to love Bauer protective, but the last few generations of all their gear has seemingly gone down hill. Back to the OP's question, the new Tacks ASV Pro shoulders seem extremely protective in photos/videos, but I don't have any personal experience with them.
  7. Clearly you haven’t seen the new hyperlite line…
  8. I’d say that’s even more true when you look at the build quality and materials being used now vs just a few years ago. The new Hyperlite line gets rid of curv composite for foam and plastic. Say goodbye to poron for lesser foams. And so on and so on. IMO you’re getting much worse gear at a higher price today vs 4 or so years ago
  9. Went to my local Hockey Monkey to try on the Cat9 skates. Since I wasn’t planning on buying them I didn’t have them baked, but tried on a size 8R (same size as my TF9) and they fit the same. Toes pressed pretty hard against the toe cap which would fit perfect after a bake. An 8.5 was a closer fit, but after baking they’d open up way too much. Prior to making the switch to True last year I wore multiple Bauer skates over the last decade, all in size 8.5D. So I’d say the Catalyst line fit the same as the TF line, which would be 1/2 size DOWN from Bauer/CCM sizing
  10. Thanks for this! Might look at doing something similar down the road. This is the order I do as well with the ST girdle. Ever since I was a kid using pants I did jock->shins->socks/connect socks to jock->pants->skates. Took me a while to get used to the new way (jock->girdle without leg wraps on->socks at ankles->skates->shins->connect socks to jock->wrap thigh pads of girdle->step into shell), but like with anything, it eventually felt like second nature.
  11. Would also be interested in how to fix it? It does not appear to be just a crack in the clear, but rather a crack in the outer layer of carbon
  12. Wow, the SVH looks really good!
  13. Sr Cat9 is $799CAD here https://competitiveedgesports.ca/products/true-hockey-skates-catalyst-9?variant=39931581956161
  14. Putting away my gear after letting it dry out and noticed a crack in the back of my TF9. Don't recall getting hit with a shot or anything else on my heel recently, but something clearly happened. I cannot flex the area around the crack at all by pushing on it with my fingers, but it definitely doesn't look good... Anyone else have this issue before? Should it be a cause for concern? Suppose it could push me over the edge for the new Catalyst skate...
  15. I hadn't thought of this, but honestly, I would love to order a white TF9 goalie boot to use for roller. If the only difference in the boot is the tendon guard and frame, that would be easy enough to swap
  16. Wonder if the Cat5 is $299, would there be a $100 increment between it and the cat7? If so, would the top of the line catalyst then follow the same $300 stair step as the TF7/TF9 meaning the Catalyst and TF9 would be the same price? I loved that $450 intro pricing True did when the TF9 was launched. That got me to try out the skate and eventually switch from a decade in Bauer skates for both ice and roller. I’m not expecting to see that kind of deal with the Catalyst launch but am really curious to see how different (or similar) the two boots are. Definitely not a fan of the yellow, but that can all be blacked out and the only time you’d see the tongue is when you put them on (unless you flop tongues which you can’t really do with this style of True tongue)
  17. Would like to see a photo of how you did this if you have one. I also wear a CCM pro jock (with garters) but this sounds like it’d be more convenient
  18. Tried adding one to my cart and there’s no price
  19. I’m pulling for Edmonton but the last two games have been rough. Really just want anyone but Tampa to win at this point
  20. I still don't get what you mean. Maybe you can post a photo/video? When you have the skate on the ground can you rocker it backward and forward? If so, that's how it should be. Nothing should be touching
  21. The center R1 bolt should be tight as it doesn’t affect the lower chassis in the same way the O1 bolt does. Not sure I understand your second question
  22. As others have said, I went down 1/2 size from Bauer. Pre-bake my feet barely fit in the boot and I thought there was no way these were going to fit. Post bake they fit absolutely perfect. After a season of play they’ve opened up slightly but not enough that I would have been able to drop an additional 1/2 size.
  23. Acetone and elbow grease. Pretty sure there’s a photo of this in the inline conversion thread. I’ve done it to both my roller and ice boots
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