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  1. 49 minutes ago, stick9 said:

    I had the retail 2s Pro gloves, not the pro stock version. While it's a difficult place to get hit. I was a bit disappointed in the coverage in that area. 

    To be fair, it wasn't the sole reason why I started looking at other gloves. Gloves tend to feel bulky once they break in. It doesn't help that I need a 14 or my fingers are busting out of the ends.

    You probably need a 13 with fingers extended in that case. If you have long fingers but want a tight fitting glove then I think ft1 pro stock is the way to go as the fingers are extended 1/4"I believe

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Hills said:

    2S Pro retail protection is okay but not top notch anymore since they removed the plastic inserts and Poron backhand padding. There is a reason the NHL gloves still have the plastic inserts.

    No idea about retail I just have pro stocks but not all pro stock even have the plastic. 

  3. https://sprunghockey.com/shop/


    Thom bought the rights to the website, so he actually sells through here now. You save on the fees and tax and he does as well. He doesn't have a7s I don't think. But he does have the rights to production, so maybe reach out and see if he's trying to manufacture some. He told me in the summer that when he sells out he will consider making a new run

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  4. On 12/28/2021 at 11:29 PM, crispy92 said:

    Looking at a set of used pro stock ft1’s. I know it’s suggested that ccm fits .5 bigger but is that true with the ft1/ql line? Trying to see if anybody with a set can chime in. 

    currently in true a6.0 13’s and had 14” franchises

    What width were your franchises? 14N and 13W franchises have the same length fingers. Lengthwise, I think if you fit 13s in anything than you will be 13s in CCM pro. But the ft1s are snug. But I think 14 will be long in the fingers

  5. On 12/14/2021 at 2:35 AM, Wicked3Aussie said:

    Can’t remember if I already asked but how did you find the freestyles?

    They're nice. I usually just use them to stick handle in a lot near my house and they have lasted fine and are comfortable. Can't tell much difference between them and the konixx outdoor purrs though, at $5 more per wheel

  6. 6 hours ago, flip12 said:

    His square toe junior pattern that he’s been slowly working away from is a more open and curved Easton Iginla Jr. I’ve read on here that Oates insists McDavid use Oates’ preferred curve (Stamkos Pro?), which I believe is a P92 with some mid-toe curve added to it.

    It's a p92 that stays more closed at the heel and opens up a bit later than the retail edition. But McD already told Oates to go fly a kite and looks like he's sticking with his curve. It's very close to a square toe p92, similar to Iginla but a much deeper pocket and opens up on top. To say it's an Iggy with more curve depth and more open does not exclude it from being similar to a p92, as the 92 also has more curve and is more open to Iginla. That said, I'm a right shot and I've only ever seen lefty of both McD and Oates, so there are possibly nuances that I'm not pickup up (I have a hard time doing it for lefty curves)

  7. 21 minutes ago, PBH said:

    A proper fitting skate or shoe shouldn't require you to tinker with lacing unless you have weird feet 😉 

    Lol I never really tinker. Lace once and play, can't remember the last time I had to untie my skates to lace them again. I was also in Supreme with the lace locks for the last bunch of years

  8. On 12/1/2021 at 4:18 AM, mande399 said:

    Sk8house in Melbourne does them for a decent price and is apprently getting new stock in all sizes of the mpc freestyles, both dual and single pour.

    might be worth ringin them up about it. 

    Thanks, but that post is a year and half old. I'm in the US anyway, so I did end up getting some MPC freestyle directly from RR

  9. 14 hours ago, flip12 said:

    Geppetto disagrees with you: 

    In the first minute he says it's CCM's P71, which is different from Warrior's W71 and also similar to but not quite the same as Malkin Pro, which is strange because that's right back to where we started: you were enjoying the W10 and he pushed the Malkin Pro even though he says he doesn't think they're that similar.

    Also, depending on the Malkin Pro variation, the lie isn't that far off. W10 has that common pro feature of a radiused heel, for handling the puck a little further away from the body. One of the minor blade shape differences between my Malkin Pros (not sure they match with PSHS' Malkin Pro) and E4s is my Malkins are a little more square at the heel and the toe--not actually square just not as radiused as the E4--otherwise, the similarity is unmistakable. This will make the W10 read as quite a bit lower if you try and line up the heels' lies. But if you look at the blades overall, the W10 is quite flat on the last 85% of the blade, even flatter in rocker than the E4, which is close to as little blade rocker as you can find. These subtleties of rocker moments are what separate the W10 from my Malkin Pros, which overall have approximately the same lie. Both would be rated 4 under Warrior's old system, or 5 under Easton's pre-E28.

    I'll give it a try then when I need one. Thanks for posting the vid

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  10. On 11/15/2021 at 12:22 AM, flip12 said:

    I get the NHLPA objecting to his use of player images because his SoMe is his marketing. I believe you can’t use a player’s name or image for marketing without compensating them, and his use would seem to apply to that.

    I view it more like a fan page. Dude loves sticks and curves. If I were him I would definitely look into my options to take legal action, but he doesn't seem like that kinda guy.

  11. 8 hours ago, flip12 said:

    If you're liking the W10-Gionta, PSHS' MacKinnon Pro looks like it's pretty much that. Any slight modifications that may have been made are hard to see without a real side-to-side comparison, but I'm fairly certain MacKinnon Pro is a vanilla(ish) W10.

    MacKinnon looks like it's a bit more open faced and looks like it's missing that real hard hook right up to the tip of the blade

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