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  1. 16 minutes ago, moonrockticktock said:

    What did you think of the TF9 sizing? I’m a 9.5 length in Bauer but I’m contemplating getting a size 9 TF9 for my ice skates after hearing what other people have said 

    Definitely at least half size down, but the sizing is very different so best is to try them on. I'm a 9E in Supremes and wear 8.5R TF9, could probably do 8R or 8W for a "performance" fit, but I prefer the comfort. I also don't pass the pencil test in TF9s, but don't have lace bite (only skates I do pass the pencil test in are Nexus and Tour). 

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  2. I grew up not using tape on my blade actually. I hated it. I use on the handle only because if the texture (Kane style handle) but don't really need the grip from it. But I use a wooden plug so my hand isn't on an area of the shaft that already has a grip coating


    1 hour ago, Westside said:

    I’ve been using tacki Mac and tennis overgrip on my twigs for the last few years and have zero complaints. Haven’t worn through a set of palms since using either. Tacki Mac I use just the grip, not the adhesive strips, which cuts down on bulk and improves stick feel. I’ve worn through one of the grips but for the most part, they last longer than the stick. Tennis overgrip needs to be replaced after a season or so. Gives a bit of a cushioned feel, but is also considerably cheaper at $5 or $6 for 3 wraps 

    Tennis over grip is very thick imo. I'm sure they vary but I got a few ultra thin Dunlop and they're much thicker than tape. I was leaning towards Tacki Mac anyway, so thanks

  4. Thinking about changing away from classic Howie's tape to preserve my palms better. I swear a lot and am hard on palms, but with repalms these days being expensive and hard to come by good quality, I'd like to have my palms last as long as possible.

    I've tried in the past and the issue I had was that they were too thick and just went back to tape. My handle is pretty close to the classic Kane style, so each of the brands makes an option I can use.


    Wondering if the great minds here can weigh in on Lizard Skins vs. Tacki Mac vs. Buttendz.

    If possible, rate each from 1-10 in terms of palm wear (10 being best for preserving palms), feel (10 being thinnest and best stick feel) and grip durability (how long the grip itself will last, 10 being forever)

  5. On 3/11/2022 at 6:30 PM, 218hockey said:

    How about Island Sports Repair?

    I don't know anything about them but they were mentioned in another thread.

    It's fine for function, but not great. He just sews in prefabricated palms. Doesn't size them or do a clean job, sews over the binding. Just depends how particular one is. But his price is good.


    On 3/11/2022 at 6:31 AM, Hockeymender said:

    I am taking a break. I will be returning, I’m just not sure how long my break will be. Lots of overwhelming stuff going on at the moment. 

    Wish you all the best Joe

  6. 12 hours ago, Westside said:

    How do you find the quality of his work compared to CPR for palms? And what was the turnaround time? Was thinking about sending a pair over for some AX suede palms 

    It's very good. If CPR gets an A+, HM gets an A.

    With regard to basic palms and gussets (which are not exactly basic and are quite challenging), pretty close to CPR quality.

    (I did have a pair of gloves come back from him a while back that were not perfectly done. Palms were sewn in slightly skewed and it created a bit of a pull towards the outside. I didn't complain as I was otherwise happy with his work and I've gotten customs that have had the same issue from factory, so I just assume it is the nature of handmade products. So far there not an issue).

    HM cannot do the cuff mods, adjustment of palm sizing (wide, narrow, changing fit, etc), repairs, pinky stripe, embroidery etc that Pat can do. The only thing he will do is cut down an existing cuff, which I've had him do and his work is clean.

    His gusset material options are more or less the same, and he's fine adjusting or modifying gussets.

    His palm material options are pretty good, although he told me that he's planning to stop caring pearl mustang, which is what I use most of the time (got the cream deer just cuz it matched the existing gussets well and I wanted to try it). 

    I basically keep my gloves in two categories-

    1- are gloves that need to wait for Pat, either because I want mods that only Pat can do, or because they're rare enough that I only trust Pat with them. (Looks like gloves that need pearl palms are going to be in this category now too, which is about 10 pairs and counting lol).

    2- are gloves that have already been modded by Pat or are fine the way they are, and just need a repalm. Those go to Hockey Menders. 

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  7. 12 hours ago, ThisisBen said:

    Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Figured this was the best thread for my inquiry and better than starting a new question thread.

    I have wide feet and a very high instep.  I currently wear Nexus 7000's in 7EE but they are on their way out and don't fit me very well anymore after having lost a bunch of weight. Also, my left foot is slightly skinnier than my right.

    I tried the TF7's the other day in 6.5R, 6.5W, and 6W.

    6.5R felt quite tight in the fore/mid foot(not painfully, just uncomfortably, especially my right foot), tight in the heel, and the volume was quite shallow(I barely pass the pencil test on my Nexus EE's). Didn't try them baked.

    6.5W felt very roomy in the fore/mid foot(especially my left), decent heel lock on my right foot but too lose on my left, and the volume was much better(I may just barely fail if I did the pencil test). Tried them baked and the fit didn't change very much(I think the employee didn't heat them long enough).

    6W probably felt the best over all but still had issues. Slightly tighter than the 6.5W in the fore/mid foot(though my left was still looser than my right), slightly tighter in the heel(left heel still couldn't lock in though), and the volume felt the same is the 6.5W. Didn't try them baked as I had to go back to work.

    Based on your experiences, which of the sizes had the best fit for me?  Would baking the 6.5W(and 6W)for a longer time than the store did produce better results? Would they be able to "shrink" and hug my fore/mid foot better if I did the wrap method on it the same way the heels would?  Would my left heel be able to lock in with the wrap method?

    Or, were the 6.5R's the best fit for me? If I got them baked appropriately, would they have loosened up and felt much better and looser over all? Would baking them increase the volume of the skate somehow?

    Thanks in advance!


    I would go 6W as they will open up a bit with use. Also, if volume is an issue, you can easily swap out the current tongues for the thinner pro tongues which will help relieve that pressure. Good luck

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