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  1. Panarin skates look like ribcor to me...? Interestingly enough, he was using Jetspeed sticks until the major supply chain issues last season, and then he went back to Bauer and scored a filthy goal with the Nexus and stuck with it after that. Can't find the clip but I recall him putting to the Bauer logo on the way back to the bench. Was against Florida iirc. Wonder if he's going to end up back in Bauer gear.
  2. Not sure, they don't seem much lower than my 2S pros though, maybe a drop
  3. Well, this just got interesting. Question for Thursday who have tried them- is the boot lower cut than TF?
  4. Possibly the foam package is more dense due to increased protection, but I'm not sure
  5. Pro stock Warrior Franchise ideally look for Canadian made, good condition, and the right sizing. Franchise gloves came in 13, 14 and 15 and 2 widths, narrow or std, which is more like a wide. The concern is that if you're going pro stock, there are lots of different specs and you won't always know exactly what you're getting, such as liner adjustments, extended or shortened fingers, materials, etc, so that's a big factor to keep in mind. For example, Chara wears 14s that are marked as 14s, but the fingers are extended because Chara is huge, but you would never know that from any markings on his gloves Personally, if you can swing the 2-250 for Eagle customs, and you can get through a couple more months, then I wouldn't think twice about it, and I think Eagle can make some of the x series gloves as customs, even though they don't offer it. Just gotta email Kelsey
  6. Pro stock Easton MiC or MiC Franchise. You can still get custom PPFs though, but the lead time is about 3-4 months for customs at this point. From the general options though, I prefer the Bauer Pro Series, which used to be Nexus. Light and durable and a nice liner. Warrior quality is horrible at retail these days, and CCM hg97 would be in the middle for me. But Eagle is the best out there at this point, and if you can wait a few months and afford customs then imo it's a no brainer
  7. I would try true and CCM. I was in Supremes before going to true. I didn't pass the pencil test but with the thick bobby Clarke custom tongues I never had lace bite, but the best skates I wore were Nexus 1000, just to give an idea on the depth I need. And true have been great for me, no depth issues
  8. Branches pattern 99, bit of a squared off toe
  9. Haha slow and steady. I'm gonna try it either way, just figured I'd see if anyone had any tips first
  10. Pretty straight forward, I have a couple wooden lefty blades and tried to give them away but nobody seems to want them, so I'm writing if it can torch them to make them righty. I used to do this to play with the curve back in the day, but never to such an extreme. Anybody have any experience with something like this?
  11. Ya if you're looking into tf9i would start with 7R and try 6.5R as well. Consider ordering from somewhere like ice warehouse and r return the pair that fits worse
  12. I imagine they will see how the Cat sells and if there really is a market for a softer boot and go from there. Personally, I'm intrigued. I have 2 pairs of tf9s currently (ice/roller) and am very happy. That said, I would prefer a bit more flex forward and a toebox more similar to the Mako. But I also want to wait to see feedback on the cat series before buying (I also don't really need new skates as these are holding up extremely well)
  13. That's why I still just wear Easton gloves
  14. Lol ya I'm still mostly in Easton gloves honestly
  15. I remember a certain review of the xc9 and I tried on a pair at BTM at one point and didn't like the cheap feel, but I never realized that they released another edition. How can you tell the difference?
  16. Have never used True gloves, which ones do you like?
  17. Surprised that nobody here mentioned giving the second tier jetspeeds a try. The ft4 (not pro) are great skates with a one piece boot and will have the flex you want. They're not makos by any stretch, and obviously you know that trues are the closest, but if you want another option, I would look into ft4s
  18. Shot one yesterday, felt a lot like my 2s pro. Kinda undecided if I should get one, recently made the move to toe curves and I'm finally used to it, don't really want to go back lol
  19. P92 is Sakic, and the other 2 didn't exist until towards the end of Easton. P88 was called e36 and p28 was called e28 or kreps
  20. What do you expect from Tyler Bertuzzi?
  21. Definitely at least half size down, but the sizing is very different so best is to try them on. I'm a 9E in Supremes and wear 8.5R TF9, could probably do 8R or 8W for a "performance" fit, but I prefer the comfort. I also don't pass the pencil test in TF9s, but don't have lace bite (only skates I do pass the pencil test in are Nexus and Tour).
  22. This is not new considering Bauer's history (Mission, Easton, Itech and probably more). It's annoying, but personally I think you have to just cya here and do it by their new book.
  23. Posted on Phew and 2k but figured I'd post here as well. Just had these done by Joe at Hockey Menders and very happy.
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