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  1. Im 5'11 like 240 and the large is a comfy where as my medium nexus fits good but a bit tough in the belly, so I think the large QRE is the go to. Thanks buddy.
  2. Im planning to buy a LA retro set of warrior gear but not sure how to size out the pants. I remember the old Franchise pants were massive and essentially a whole size up. I want a FT6 retail pant in large and the size is perfect. I have the option for either medium in the QRE line or Large in the Alpha line. I cant find a store that has warrior pants locally so Im going into this dark. Any info on how the two pants fit would be awesome, thanks guys.
  3. Has anyone removed that big peice that goes over the back of the hand? I hate how they look and want to order a pair of FT1s and Im wondering how easy / safe the removal may be.
  4. To the best of my knowledge the current Mission roller skates are the only supreme / fit 2. I currently have AS3 pros in 8d, but also in the last 2 years had 3x pros in 7.5. I have a slight chance to get a pair of AS1 rollers in 8D which I know will work, but also the option to order WM02 and wondering if 7.5 or 8D would be the better play? I wont have a chance to try on the mission before ordering, its got to be a sight unseen purchase that I could return and do a bit of a back and forth with but ideally would prefer solid advice.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place for this post, so if not just let me know. Ive been having an issue since coming back to hockey recently, when I play Im getting BRUTAL pain in my shin. I believe it to be shin splits, feels like a super painful shin pump because I cant think of another way to explain it. It is mostly a problem later in the skate, but I can handle it skating wise but on the bench its like a brutal pain that takes an hour or so after I'm done skating to go away. I think weight has something to do with it, as Im about 255lb (not fat but not not fat) and I think that has an impact on it. Would stretching the calf be the solution? Something else like a monkey foot? Any suggestions are welcome.
  6. Because I'm a mark I've been scouring the internet to get a pair of HP45s having heard theyre the second coming of christ. With the FT4 pros on 'discount' Im curious to people with more experience how different the pants are? I know the pro version come with laces v. the velcro enclosure and I can imagine the velcro can become a nucance but I'm also just speculating. Any feedback is helpful.
  7. How easy / possible is removing the shot blockers from pro stock gloves? Found a pair of gloves I want but they have those big shot blockers on them and i loathe them and how they look. Want to know before I drop what feels like $10,000 CDN on them.
  8. Been on a bit of a skate journey in the last few months. Scored a pair of AS3s in like June played 1 game they were a bit too tight at sz 8 and when I went to rebake they over heated them and I kind put them on like an ape and they literally crumpled under me. Think an accordion in the heel area. I bought another pair of sz 8s and they were even shorter and after 5 minutes on the ice I returned them. I picked up a fit 2 3X pro in 7.5 and Ive since sold them because I wasnt a fan. I was always a vapor fan but before the new fit system I couldnt fit into them. Now, Im a big guy. Im about 250lbs and fairly muscular but not ripped by any means. The 3x pro felt kind of mushy to me and soft. According to a guy at the store the footbed is 'soft' but the rest of the boot is on the stiffer side for Bauer atleast. The last skate I loved was my MX3s that I got when ever they came out when I was a younger man and also 190lbs. I loved those skates but took a long lay off and sold them in the middle period. Im likely going to grab a pair of the ASVs in the next few months as the current SMU tacks I have (gen 2) are just brutal on my feet and always caused me a bit of a problem. My feet have gotten wider over time (some supplement involved), so Im wondering if the wide would be the way to go. Would that ASV give me a similar feel fit and stiffness wise to my ols MX3s? Would the current Supreme line be equally as stiff and firm?
  9. Im mulling a move from Toronto to Barrie for the many obvious reasons. I play in the ASHL down here and at Chesswood and have had some interesting experiences. Im looking for some candid tales of how the league is. Both skill level, behavioral, and any other information would be greatly appreciated. If anyone runs a team up there if you could hit me up directly as I plan to move in the winter I would greatly appreciate that to.
  10. With the AS3 line going on sale Im about a week away from nabbing some new wheels. Im trying to choose between the AS3 and the AS3 pro. I miss when we had the catalogues on the forum but thats what ever at this point. How different are the skates? I know the steel is different but Ill be buying new step anyway so lets remove that. From a materials, weight, and moldability perspective how different or similar are we? Thanks in advance boys.
  11. Joined the blade gang. Buying a True shaft and ABS blade for some fun at the ball hockey rink by my house.
  12. This is actually some very helpful information, thanks bud.
  13. Miller, I get it. Ive worked in shops and fitted for years and been a member forever, Im just kinda stuck in this lol.
  14. I dont know how to describe this better but the widest part of the foot just bellow the toes. Its not always and its usually barely at all. I think im just lookjing for exscuses for why the 8 wide in the inhalers will work out lol
  15. To be frank, I really like the look of the Inhalers with the white. So im more so seeking information on if Im likely to face issues with the E width vs the D i play with. I do get some pain in my feet in my CCMS, but I think im just somewhere between D and E, and how tight I tie my skates is a big part of that.
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