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  1. Joined the blade gang. Buying a True shaft and ABS blade for some fun at the ball hockey rink by my house.
  2. This is actually some very helpful information, thanks bud.
  3. Miller, I get it. Ive worked in shops and fitted for years and been a member forever, Im just kinda stuck in this lol.
  4. I dont know how to describe this better but the widest part of the foot just bellow the toes. Its not always and its usually barely at all. I think im just lookjing for exscuses for why the 8 wide in the inhalers will work out lol
  5. To be frank, I really like the look of the Inhalers with the white. So im more so seeking information on if Im likely to face issues with the E width vs the D i play with. I do get some pain in my feet in my CCMS, but I think im just somewhere between D and E, and how tight I tie my skates is a big part of that.
  6. Looking to get some inhalers for rolling around in the summer and some pick up rolley hockey. I wear an 8D tack, but Ill be very honet when saying I love the white of the inhalers. Bauer.com has them in an 8E, am I playing with fire with the extra width? What are some better options in that CCM tack fit?
  7. I was considering converting my current tacks and buying the AS1 now that the price is down a bit. I love near yorkdale and the outdoor rink there now has a lock on the cages so Im just suuuuper bored, and wont be able to get someone to install a chasis anyway. Is there a winner in the mars v. sprung debate?
  8. Seems like CCM hasnt updated their inline skates in a while, and with this lock down im going crazy having so little to do. Whos making an inline skate with as close to the fit of a CCM Tack as possible? I believe the Missions and Alkalines are 'supreme', but I need something slightly deeper ala the tack.
  9. Original Eastern Synergy. I was 13 and it was the newest thing and I got my grandparents to buy it.
  10. Anyone know when the Oilers sale is?
  11. I dont quite see that as the same thing. In cycling you can buy speed to a degree, in hockey youre not buying hands or a good shot.
  12. Pretty sure its working now.
  13. no? I see it when I log out of my modsquad account
  14. A nexus christmas to me to match the new unis. Sticks / pants are team Nexus I havent had a chance to use yet
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