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  1. I was considering converting my current tacks and buying the AS1 now that the price is down a bit. I love near yorkdale and the outdoor rink there now has a lock on the cages so Im just suuuuper bored, and wont be able to get someone to install a chasis anyway. Is there a winner in the mars v. sprung debate?
  2. Seems like CCM hasnt updated their inline skates in a while, and with this lock down im going crazy having so little to do. Whos making an inline skate with as close to the fit of a CCM Tack as possible? I believe the Missions and Alkalines are 'supreme', but I need something slightly deeper ala the tack.
  3. Original Eastern Synergy. I was 13 and it was the newest thing and I got my grandparents to buy it.
  4. Anyone know when the Oilers sale is?
  5. I dont quite see that as the same thing. In cycling you can buy speed to a degree, in hockey youre not buying hands or a good shot.
  6. Pretty sure its working now.
  7. no? I see it when I log out of my modsquad account
  8. A nexus christmas to me to match the new unis. Sticks / pants are team Nexus I havent had a chance to use yet
  9. MY GUESS There high end sticks with a stronger and therefore slightly heavier then high end retail sticks but play like high end retail sticks. Usually made for NCAA, CHL, AHL maybe even teams. I could be wrong but thats how my Bauer Nexus team stick was explained to me.
  10. Just came across the supersonic on phew fb, man that’s a tough battle for ugliest skate.
  11. Havent seen what the retail supremes look like, but the CCMs win with that giant yellow CCM
  12. Is there a new supreme skate coming out this spring? Or is that next year? A new tack comes out this spring right?
  13. s839 1 5852 2 6520 1 are the three dif codes I saw. One is a XC9 the other 2 6.0s
  14. Im looking to get some True Pro stocks at my LHS, and they all have different codes. Anyone able to tell me what they mean? All sticks are Marners and between 70 and 85 flex. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPO4-MESd5UT4OeeKV7duHOUGpdtX7iHlaSVTAK https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOmhqROSPbHqNBXKV-tagyr-YetV5GAiP1zZBtR
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