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  1. https://youtu.be/yI0NEXFv2Ps Not sure if there’s a 22-23 gear sightings thread yet but Connor Mcdavid is seen using a Sherwood rekker stick in some pre season practices and also what looks to be as-v pro skates.
  2. You’re right. I remember the elliptical shaft on the s17 being a problem for lots of people I knew around that time. I liked it though. It is true the new sticks these days are much nicer so I guess it’s a trade off. I do have one more stick from prostockhockey I can use. So I’ll see how that goes.
  3. Finally received my TF9 skates and rollerblades after a long wait cause of the country I’m in. Decided to treat myself and get rid of the foot pain I’ve experienced with Bauer (outside of the foot). I went half a size down listening to some of you guys and they fit really good. It is difficult to get my foot in the boot but once it goes in it’s a good fit. Snug all the way around the toe cap the way I like, the foam at the toes will take a little getting used to but the extra cushion is a nice touch imo. Just baked both pairs with no trouble. For the ice skates I’m going to give the shift holder a chance. I bought Step steel for them and will get them sharpened soon, I am used to tuuk so I’ll see how it goes. For the rollerblades I’ll swap my marsblade r1’s on them, just from looking at it it looks like all the holes will line up if I’m lucky. edit: just checked, the holes don’t line up and there’s 6 copper rivets per skate 😭
  4. I guess you’re correct but maybe it’s different now. Back in the day I used to get a pair of sticks at the beginning of each season and that would last me pretty much the whole season. Some sticks I had were the Bauer x60, one95, Easton s17, se16, Rs2 and the mako. Edit: now that I think about it since I had 2 sticks per season each season was approximately 6 months, each stick would last about half a season meaning 3 months so I guess it’s in the ballpark of what you’d say is impressive.
  5. This is a follow up to my initial impression on the sticks I ordered. I really like the curve, but I’d say the stick wasn’t durable. It was my main stick for 3 months with weekly league games and some drop in sessions here and there. I found a major crack on the blade while re-taping my stick last week and I wasn’t surprised considering over the last month and a half I felt the stick lost it’s feel significantly. The blade was starting to feel very soft and wasn’t responsive when stick handling. As much as I love the curve I won’t be buying again. When I played competitive hockey I was on the ice 4-5 times a week and I would use 2 sticks in a season, this one barely lasted 3 months playing recreationally.
  6. I second this. I think if they put a carbon outsole on the 90k it would attract more people that want the traditional boot option without having to downgrade because of their preference. On the other hand it might not be in Ccm’s interest to keep people on a two piece boot as they have now converted all their top of the line skates to one piece and by forcing people to switch out of lack of options might just get people used to their one piece boot and accept the change.
  7. @Miller55 @althoma1 @Westside thanks guys. Will start with half a size down as a base point and take the other aspects into account. I’m really looking for comfort. My 3x pro 9.5 fit 2 rollerblades are nice but I wouldn’t say they’re the comfiest I’ve skated in. And I’d say I have a pretty standard shaped foot.
  8. What did you think of the TF9 sizing? I’m a 9.5 length in Bauer but I’m contemplating getting a size 9 TF9 for my ice skates after hearing what other people have said
  9. Thanks for this. Yeah my foot volume is nothing out of the ordinary from what I’ve observed. It’s just the outsides of my feet, I looked up online it’s called the tuberosity of 5th metatarsal. From that bone to the base of my pinky toe bows out so it gets wider right there and that’s where my hot spot is. I have a solution I’ll give a try once I get the supplies. If it works out I’ll make a post about it.
  10. How do you remove the blue/silver on the TF boots?
  11. How about the forefoot width? Were the 100k’s softer/flexible to accommodate for your foot shape compared to the jet speeds? I’m a little confused about this because before the new fit system was introduced the 80k’s were advertised as having a “narrow & flexible forefoot” that adapts to any foot. And the jet speed was advertised as narrow. But with the new fit system they haven’t spoken about that previous Ribcor feature that I think is a selling point for me as I’m straddling between a D and an E width with a regular A heel, so having a little more give in the forefoot would be good for my foot shape without sacrificing the heel being too big. And sorry about the confusion of thinking you were sending back the 100k’s after saying you loved them.
  12. I can’t find it now but I swear I just read that yesterday too.
  13. He was wearing ccm pants at practice in Toronto
  14. Thanks, it’s kinda why I chose them. Although I would’ve wanted to try the hyperflex outsole I’m really happy with these after 2 months of playing in them.
  15. I’m watching the panthers/devils game and I noticed Jesper Boqvist on the devils looks like he’s using retail hyperlite skates. I’m just going off the neon green hyperflex outsole, which is normally grey on customs. But just thought it was interesting. I couldn’t get a good photo from the current panthers/devils game so I found a better pic online and an interesting thing I noticed is the ref in the photo is using the carbonlite runner.
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