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  1. I just checked the hyperlite stick on their site after looking at some online retailers and there are only 3 patterns available now (counting the 92 and 92m as 1) excluding the PM9 does anyone know if that's done for good now? that has been my curve for over 15 years
  2. few years ago i went to stop during a game and my frame cracked off the bottom of an ice book, nearly breaking my ankle (rolled it bad and couldnt skate for months due to ligament damage). eventually remounted the same frame to the boot and used all copper. never had a problem after that. so, from then on I always use coppers on conversions. doesnt matter what it looks like to me, I just want to feel 100% confident that what I experienced before will not happen again.
  3. ok, well these tongues are terrible imo. You can't get the end of the shin guard down in behind them and are forced to put it over which i absolutely hate. they also provide less flex than the felt tongues. unfortunately i've used these so I will just try to sell them on sideline or something and go get different skates.
  4. Just saw this as I was looking for gloves on IW. https://www.icewarehouse.com/True_Hockey_Catalyst_9X/descpage-CAT9G.html Has anyone had a chance to demo these yet? Wondering how they feel. Found this video too:
  5. i wear low socks. i hate high socks although that may help with this problem. mad that I have to deal with a problem like this with new skates. imo it's an oversight from the product team. a felt tongue never has this problem
  6. Just baked them today and found something extremely annoying. The tongue wraps around too far and pushes the stitches into my ankle (see pics). I've never had a problem like this in the past. Felt tongues are also WAY nicer than this one. Other than that, they were extremely comfortable. Went with the Fit1, 8.5D. I will be using them for the first time during lunch time tomorrow. If I like them i'll be buying a 2nd pair to convert to inline.
  7. If you're talking about Miami, FL then no, there's no store that you can go to and try them on. The pro shop at Skate Zone in Lake Worth can get you any that you want, but they need to order them.
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