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  1. Old thread but i'll share anyway... I have quite a big collection too, most of it worth nothing, but these are a couple of the cards that have the most value in my collection. The Roy rookie card is worth about 300$ if memory serves well. That doesn't mean i could sell it for this price. I'm not planning on selling them anytime soon anyway.
  2. I saw an interesting interview in french, on RDS, a couple of weeks ago. I never knew how bad this could get. David spoke about how every little thing was hard to accomplish, and still is, kind of. For example, he said he couldn't even take a walk with his dog without getting severe headaches and blurry vision after no more than 5 minutes. That's just walking so anything physical must be impossible to do. Fortunately, things were improving.
  3. +1 ... First time was cool but now, it's almost as of i wish there was a rule against it. Nobody ever tries that in the NHL and i can see why...
  4. Linus Omark... I knew i had heard this guy's name before and it was in this very thread for this beauty, in SO again:
  5. And what a beauty his second was!
  6. DAMN! For an hour or two, i really thought we were getting Perron for Jaro ! Oh well, it's a good thing for you it didn't happen i guess, Montreal can suck big time for young guys, ask Latendresse, Sergei K, Grabvosky, etc. I still wish you were playing in the east though... Anyway, good summer to you David, i hope to see you at the À bout de souffle tournament in Magog. Will you be there?
  7. I also felt this way... I would trade Price. Granted i don't know about how players live the pressure and the constant analysis of their tiniest actions and i may be imagining things here but, i think Price has had enough of Montreal. And i would, too. A change of air could jump start his career. He sees young guys like Tender and Pouliot, who had slow starts like him, come to life after a trade. I just think he wouldn't say no. But, please correct me if i'm wrong; the habs have to sign Halak before they trade Price or?
  8. He also wouldn't take shots for the entire warm-up when he wasn't the starting goalie, about a week or two ago. If this team had a real leader, someone would have told him: "Hey kid, you go back in the net right now"
  9. Good think, Price needs to be put in his place. Why he is in the net tonight? WHY?
  10. Plekanec scored a nice one yesterday, he got all 3 pipes with a huge backhand.
  11. More than 100 points in less than 200 games in the NHL and yet nobody in Montreal will admit he was a steal in 2007. I haven't heard a single habs analyst say he would have been a better choice than McDonagh. As far as i know i could be a better scout than this Timmins dude. A hundred points in less than a 200 games for christ's sake.
  12. I was reading about playing all-out when other guys are just there for fun and i have to say that it's totally acceptable as long as you keep physical contacts at a minimum or know your opponent doesn't mind and likes a little battle for the puck. Take outdoor hockey for example. Whenever i play outdoor hockey, i usually join a very intense game where most people give all they have. I cannot resist giving 100% myself, why wouldn't i? Even in these conditions, physical contacts are very mild and the puck always stays on the ice. I understand that the rink is a lot smaller and it's a different kind of game yet it's very intense and enjoyable. Oh and speaking of that, here's a pond hockey rule: Never, ever lift the puck unless you have huge space and there is absolutely no chances of hitting someone. They puck-on-shins are so painful :D
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