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  1. Oh sick. Going to grab some when they come in stock in Canada. I have the A6 shaft and it feels like it lost it's kick. In terms of durability, I'm glad I'm not the only one who had issues with the blade breaking at the hosel. It either broke at the hosel within the first 2 games -- first shot even.. or it was a tank and lasted more than any other blade I've used.
  2. I love the True 6.0 combo and I've used the first gen tapered and the 2nd gen standard combo (because they stopped making tapered). The first gen blades were good and lasted me a few months at least but the 2nd gen is ridiculous. I must have broken over 10 all in the same spot as the first poster. I just keep going back because there's no other option -- yeah Base is out there but they don't have a free shipping option, costs more, it takes like 6 weeks to finally get one blade, and it goes soft really fast.
  3. Yeah I saw this curve before. Would be interesting to try
  4. Spoke with True and they said they were kind enough to send replacements. Yeah I have a love hate relationship with these. It's the best two piece combo I've used in terms of feel / balance and the blade lasted the longest (the ones that didn't snap at the neck right away at least).. I had no problem with tapered blades from True.. unfortunate they discontinued it.
  5. I use a 75 flex. And to make it worse.. I play ball hockey and hardly take any slapshots. I called the store I got it from and it seems like other people are having the same problem + I checked some online stores and from reading the reviews, I'm seeing the same problems. After breaking 4, it doesn't make much sense to get yet another warranty replacement. The store I got it from was nice enough to just give me store credit so I'm waiting for more options to open it.. going to try calling True tomorrow and if they can do something I can just let the store know and cancel my store credit.
  6. Yeah that's why I had to get a new shaft as well. I had no problems with the tapered combo but the new standard has been horrendous.
  7. Do you mean all true 2 pieces are standard? They had both standard and tapered hosel in the 2016 models.
  8. Has anyone tried the 2018 True 6.0 2 piece sticks? I've been using the 2016 2 piece combo from true and loved the balance / feel so I got the 2018 combo. I got 4 blades now and every single one broke right at the hosel of the blade. None of the blades lasted for more than a game.. Anyone else have this experience? I've been using 2 piece sticks all my life and broke more blades in the past month than I did in the past 15 years.
  9. I got the '18 true 6.0 two piece setup and a few things i noticed.. -Feels boxier / bigger than 16 model. -blade durably is bad.. Maybe i got a bad batch but i had two snap on me right at the hossel after taking a few slapshots in my backyard.
  10. Yeah this is what i mentioned in the previous page. I'd be interested in trying this as well. Tried the P28 and liked it for everything.. except shooting. Currently using the bm19 (sakic) from base and liking it. or the Laine prostock -- looks like a tweaked P92 but read about it and sounds interesting. http://www.iltasanomat.fi/sm-liiga/art-2000000869204.html http://m.iltalehti.fi/smliiga/2016042121452664_sm.shtml?orig_ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.fi%2F *would be easy to market for base
  11. Harrow sports used to carry the ovie pro but it looks like they're done with hockey now. +1 and I'm liking the combo so far. I seem to get the most life out of base blades -- almost 4x other blades I've used. I wonder what curve Base is working on.. it seems like it has been a while since they released a new custom curve. I'm hoping for the Jamie Benn pro -- from what I've read, it's a hybrid of the P28 and P92
  12. Are there any new curves in the works at base? Also what's the difference between BM19 and BC92? On the website it looks like BM19 is longer.. is that it?
  13. I got a Kovalev blade and mine looks like that as well.
  14. request: Bauer's P08 or Kessel Pro. I would put in a preorder if these became available.
  15. I've been using some replica sticks labelled as P28 but just found out they were actually P08 sticks. That being said.. I tried True P28, Base Malkin Pro, and the Base BC10 and it's not the same.. BC 10 is straight and just has a crazy toe while the P08 is like a wedge with an open toe.. not as much of a hook like the Crazy Ovie Harrow has either. I'm using a P28 now and it's just not the same as the P08 I fell in love with.. let me know if you found something similar.
  16. Yeah it's hard to tell from the pictures on the site unless they have a blog feature with better photos. See if you have a base location near you and ask a rep if you can take a look at. The hossa pro they have for example... the photos don't do it justice. When you see it in person, the curve is pretty intense.
  17. Is there a base equivalent of Phil Kessel prostock? It looks like a heel curve with an open toe.
  18. Wow what curve is this? This is exactly what I've been looking for but RH.. a wedge with a toe.
  19. I just got a pair of old 9950 gloves from a friend and came here to check what their new line of gloves are and I'm surprised (and glad) they still make the 9950s. They feel a lot better than the other gloves I've tried (one90/tps r8)
  20. damn.. no Yzerman or Gaborik composite blades =(
  21. Hey from your experience using them, what's your favorite salming OPS? I got a chance to see some of them from mark and I remember he had some orange, green, and white ones -- I can't remember the model names *doh* .
  22. Any updated impressions on the Synergy II blade? I'm trying to decide if I should wait for epuck to get more warriors or just get the synergy II.
  23. What's the weight on the tf10 shafts? And are there any shops in Toronto that carry the gloves? The PG1s look sweet but I'm not sure what size I should get.
  24. I wonder if they'll have anything at the clearance center.
  25. Yeah, I'm going to check out the xn10 and if it's as good as everyone is saying it is, I'll pick one up and try to sell the ST. '06 ST Grip in the Forsberg shouldn't be hard to sell.
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