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  • Birthday 08/28/1963


  • Skates
    Bauer 8000 size 9 D
  • Stick
    Bauer Pro Returned woodies
  • Gloves
    Nike/Bauer One 90 Supreme 14" black/white trim
  • Helmet
    Bauer (p/r) 5000 black w/ Itech FX50 visor combo
  • Pants
    Nike/Bauer One 90 black of course
  • Shoulder Pads
    Nike/Bauer One 90
  • Elbow Pads
    Nike/Bauer One 90
  • Shin Pads
    Nike/Bauer One 90
  • Hockey Bag
    Bauer Vapor Shift wheel bag

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    North (by God) Carolina
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    Hockey ( duh ) , hurting the stupid SOB's that cross into my zone with the puck.

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  1. Now that brings back some memories.... ahh the good old days. Big pads= Big hits :)
  2. Actually is a really cool shot. Who would have thought the stick would bend so much in a shot.
  3. Growing up hockey wasn't an option for me. Course once I found the game I fell in love with it. Of course family and building my business took most of my time... so much that I didn't even learn to skate till I was in my thirty's... finding local hockey clinics for grown-ups isn't easy... finding them local is almost impossible. So all my learning been at pick ups and from watching games. Good thing the guys I started playing with regular didn't think like you. Instead of trashing the dudes that aren't playing to your expectations have you tried taking them to the side and offering some advice. Or maybe offer to help them work on their game? Maybe they not improving cause nobody gave them some constructive criticism or showed them in a non-aggressive way what they may be doing wrong and how to correct it.
  4. So did you stop the shot in the first pic?
  5. I'm not worried just tired of the fretting over the color of the holders and will this color lace look better with this skate... sound like a bunch of school girls worried over who's wearing what. As for what does that make me? Ummm maybe a better goalie. Thunder just a noise boy, lighting does the work! ;)
  6. Are you guys playing hockey or entering a fashion show? If you worried about your skills as much as you worry about how cool your stuff looks maybe you wouldn't be such a coot.
  7. Nice collection... but I'd catch hell spreading my stuff out like that just getting back from hockey. The better half not into the hockey smell at all... ;)
  8. Hyprate; wow man thats scary... you okay?
  9. I noticed your from Cary... is that roller rink local?
  10. unfortunately, i live in one hell of an expensive country, where paint is 8 bucks and the warrior ak27 is 300... I think I would be thinking of moving! :lol: Hate to see what your gas prices are like. ;) Well hope theres lots of good hockey...that can always make up for the bad.
  11. Kewl looking green and black uniforms... awesome logo! :D
  12. Wasn't here in '03 but yeah I won't pick on your white skates anymore... now pull your pants up. :P
  13. Maybe they could make a new penalty ...2 mins for scuffing the pretty skates.
  14. I thought figure skates were all white like that... Lets see how trashed looking they are after a season of pucks n sticks. You need some white fuzzy balls tied into the laces... that would be so cute. ;)
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