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    Old school- still reppin Vapor XXXs
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    Always changing, but ALWAYS Easton
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    NikeBauer 4000
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  1. Starsfan... you play for Lakeville? Edit- No you said you were from Texas, nevermind. Thats crazy tho becasuse Lakeville MN had those exact same jerseys, and that even looks like Ames (Lakeville's) arena.
  2. Are those 705 Techno Flash's on the right?
  3. Trudy, who do you play for? Is that ACHA?
  4. If im not mistaken, I believe they are called the "creeper" glove, and are just the MIA Inferno's being re-named.
  5. Thanks Joe. As a matter of fact I ordered those gloves a couple years ago, and they just so happened to work out perfectly.
  6. Thanks man. I like them a lot.. but Im actually thinking about picking up a pair of those Purple Holy Cross ONE90s on ebay. $80 is more than reasonable, and they would look pretty sweet with our Js. B Neal, yeah its club. I didnt want to play a junior schedule, or enter college being a 21 year old freshman without guarntee of a scholly... so I let the "big dream" die out a little. Fortunately our team is pretty good, and the level of hockey is much higher than I thought it would be.
  7. Just got a couple pics back... wearin new colors this time. Traded in Brown and Gold for Grey and Purple. Setting up the powerplay: http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u183/TC...s9/KS6H1960.jpg http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u183/TC...s9/KS6H2931.jpg
  8. NICE! The look of excitement on JDs face says it all!
  9. Atta kid David! Nice goal bud.
  10. The ones I tried on were super heavy. Very comfortable/mobile tho.
  11. Nice skates man. I miss mine with black t`blades... :( Edit- Actually Id rather skate on LS2s.... I just liked the look of black t`blades instead of white.
  12. Not to mention thats an item that a lot of MSH'ers are interested in. Lots of high regard for that glove on here.
  13. Thanks E. Haha did you see the edit first or was I just right on with it?
  14. Got around to getting my jerseys lined up. Backs: http://s168.photobucket.com/albums/u183/TC...nt=100_0515.jpg Kovalchuk Signature: Modano Signature (tough to see, but its on top of the 9): EDIT- Expecting to get flamed for the "mooterus" jersey in 3.... 2.... 1.... :lol:
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