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  1. Got a couple new things, so i'll do a quick redo: Helmet: Bauer 8000 w/itech I2 black and white Shoulder: Bauer Supreme, from about 4 or 5 years ago Elbow: Nike V10 Pants: Bauer 8000 Shins: Easton Z-Air from about 4 years ago Skates: Bauer Vapor XX and XXX Sticks: Broken Synergy w/modano focus flex, z bubble w.modano focus flex, 3 synthesis's one with composite modano, 1 with graphite modano and 1 with graphite iggy
  2. Holy smokes, those x81's look friggin awesome! btw the car is pretty nice too B) The X81's were easily my favorite piece of equipment for the 4 years i used them, when i first saw them i knew i had to get them because they matched my teams' colors perfectly, and did so for the next 3 years but when this year came around, i knew i needed new ones, not just because the colors didn't match anymore, but the eagle's were starting to rip all over
  3. what do you like better, xx or xxx skates and why? definitely XXX's. The XX's were amazing when they first came out, but as everyone knows they fell apart after about 2 minutes of use. The only thing that i like more about my XX's right now is that they're soo broken in they just feel like shoes. The XXX's have help up way better than the XX"s and even better than i actually expected, so the reason the XXX's are better, is everything.
  4. Finally got some decent pictures of my stuff still not great quality pics though. The needed equipment pics, as well as a couple of my car, haha. enjoy
  5. What are you waiting to buy new BNH shin pads. J/K :P haha, I just got the Synergy's a while ago, i'm not a big fan of bauer of nike shins, and i just had some Z-air's for about 5 years, so i decided to stick with the easton
  6. BNH would be proud: Helmet: Bauer 8000 w/Itech I2 cage Gloves: Bauer Vapor XX Skates: Bauer Vapor XX and XXX Sticks: Bauer Vapor XX (Hossa), Easton Synthesis w/composite Synth Modano, Bauer Vapor XV w/Vapor XV Hossa Elbow Pads: Nike V10 Shoulder Pads: Bauer Supreme 5000 Neck Guard: Bauer Neck Guard/Shirt combo Pants: Bauer 8000 Shin Guards: Easton Synergy Gotta love BNH
  7. Bauer Vapor XXX Size: 9 Width: EE Reviewer Background: 5'11" 175 fairly wide foot, medium arch, narrow heel, wear polypropylene(sp) sock liners Introduction While growing up, I spent many years wearing bauer skates, but as I grew older, I switched a couple times. First to Easton, then to Graf, and after having problems with these skates, I made the decision to return to Bauer. I just came from a pair of XX's that i had for a year and a half, and so far the XXX's are better in every aspect. Fit The fit of these skates is almost perfect for my foot. Coming from the XX's which I loved so much, I figured that these would fit almost exactly the same. I don't like having my skates tied too tight, I usually tie them quite loosely, but even with this, there is little movement which is great. It seems like the new liner really helps hold my foot in place as well. Score: 10/10 Blade/Holder First off, I was not the least bit impressed when I first got my skates, and found out that the LS2's mounted on my skates were warped and crooked. It was not a good start, but I took them back to my LHS and had them re-mounted and from then until now I have not had any more problems. There doesn't seem to be much difference between the original LightSpeed's and the LS2's. The perforated sections in the new steel seem to be smaller, I'm guessing this is to try and add to their durability seeing as how the old steel would break almost immediately. One thing they eliminated with the LS2's is there is no longer a need for an allen wrench, according to Bauer that is. I don't really like this seeing as how with the XX's it wasn't too hard to replace a blade yourself if one happened to break during a game, but now, it is not possible to do that. I haven't really taken a good look at the new system. Score: 5/10 due to the one being warped 9/10 if they were not Weight Coming from XX's, the weight difference is not easily noticeable, but there is definately a difference. Extremely light skate and I'm not sure if I would want anything lighter. Score: 10/10 Protection The protection in these skates seems to be quite good. I am a defenceman and block multiple shots a game, and so far I have not had many problems. There was one that left a good bruise and my ankle swelled up a bit, but that was more due to the fact that my shin pads were too short, as the puck hit right underneath the bottom, and just on the side of the tongue where there is probably the least amount of protection. Other than that, they are great, they were very stiff when I first got them, and they are holding their stiffness quite well. Score: 10/10 Durability I am very surprised as to how well these are holding up. After hearing many complaints about the durability of the XX's, and experiencing it first hand, I was quite pleased with the durability of the XXX's. I usually skate 5 times a week, for about 2 hours. I have had these skates for around a month, and so far there are no major problems. There is only one cut on one of the boots, but the toes are holding up very well, as well as the liner. Score: 9/10 Conclusion Come from XX's, I was expecting a lot from the XXX's and they didn't disappoint. So far, they are better than the XX's in every way, and I am very pleased with them. I would recommend these skates to anyone considering buying a pair. They are the best skates I have ever worn, and I'm hoping for them to last me a couple years. Overall: 9.5/10
  8. Helmet-Bauer 8000 Cage-Itech Chrome Elbow Pads-Easton Catalyst Jr. long (about 6 years old) Shoulder Pads - Bauer Supreme (about 5 years old) Neck Guard - Bauer neckguard shirt Pants - Bauer Vapor 10 soon to be Bauer 8000 Shin Pads - Easton Z-Air soon to be Easton Synergy Jock - Hespeler Garter belt and cup (about 5 years old, best thing ever) Skates - Bauer Vapor XX getting a new pair soon might wait for Vapor XXX Gloves - Bauer Vapor XX Sticks - Easton Synthesis Easton Z-Bubble w/focus flex Easton Synergy w/focus flex Bauer Vapor XX
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