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  1. I play HS hockey and although the competition isnt quite that of juniorB or A the games are so much more exciting because the rink is always packed with students and fans.
  2. Is there any good video of him on Yotuube or anything? I can't really find much of anything video wise other than the superseries
  3. ACHA is generally alot of guys who are good hockey players but not good enough for "varsity" (d1 and d3) programs. There are kids who graduated from my high school who play for UVM, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and Tennessee.
  4. Juniors. and thanks pat! Are those pictures from the Junior Bruins tourney this weekend? I was there and the hotel I was in had a bunch of guys wearing Pheonix Polar Bear stuff.
  5. I live about 15 min. from boston and I know mass is one of the "Hockey hotbeds" but honestly Highschool hockey in Mass is terrible. We get huge crowds for my local teams games, but I have to go to prep school next year because the level of play at my highschool is so bad.(I'm going to be a freshman) i dont think your missing out on anything playing in Florida. I'm from Essex, Vermont. It looks like you play for Danvers. We played you guys in the winter. We won like 6-1 I think. Glouchester was pretty damn good though.
  6. O'leary went to my high school (2nd pic down)
  7. damn that's an awesome pickup
  8. Not really sure if you guys are into hip hop but: Surreal & The Sound Providers Surreal & DJ Balance Lightheaded I've also been playing the Method Man CD 4:21...The Day After in the car alot, great CD.
  9. I'm confused. Why are XIX's so expensive? Those are more than the XXX's at alot of places.
  10. That site is awesome though, I'm gonna be watching those videos for a few days
  11. Yea I'd love to watch this, but there is no coverage in the US. I remember seeing a site awhile ago that had torrents of NHL and Junior games. Anyone know of this?
  12. Yea its a candy caned Sl Grip.
  13. From a game early in the year: From the State Championship Game (We Won):
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