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  1. But who will ship you pads if she comes?
  2. The green are fairly thick and the base is really wide. If you can wedge them into your skates they will raise your heel quite a bit and take away a fair amount of the volume in your skate.
  3. I had the same problem with every true blade I used. Very light and very stiff but ever single one broke at the hosel, even the warranty replacement. Two of the four broke within the first handful of shots.
  4. The pants seem like a cool product for sure. I was hoping to see a third generation replacement blade. I really liked the stiffness weight and feel of the second gen, but every single one that I got snapped off at the base of the tenon after minimal use.
  5. If I remember correctly the dude went to West Point. Seems like a step towards credibility. ...
  6. I like the zippered palms idea. I picked up two sets of the current True 4 roll glove and really like them. Is there any difference in the new 4 roll style glove other than the palm?
  7. Quite a few years back my team was playing against Northwood university in the first round of the conference playoffs. About 15 minutes before the game some lady with a clipboard popped in to our locker room and read off the names of all of our players who were academically ineligible. Our leading scorer had to switch to netminder, and we skated like 8 guys. Northwood had one of the league leaders in scoring but we won by icing the puck almost every single time we touched it. It was very frustrating for them and we won with a shutout. They just couldn't get anything going or overcome the frustration of constant icings!
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